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Publication Order of Wizard Twins Books

Menage a Magick (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
When Wizards Rule (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Twin Passions (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Wizard Twins is series of erotic/fantasy books written by an American author of romance, literature & fiction and mystery and thriller novels Lora Leigh. The series is set in a realm where in order to fight the dark magic, the Covenani Sorceresses must join forces with the Wizard Twins and it is the only way to protect their home planet called Sentmar.

Lora began the publication of Wizard Twins series in 2003 when Menage a Magic the first book in the series was published.

Menage a Magick

Menage a Magick is the first book in Wizard Twins by Lora Leigh. For millions of years, the Covenani Sorceresses from planet Sentmar has been divided from Cauldaran Wizards their mates. However, lies and blood have obligated a reunion between them while passion and destiny have forced a strong bond. Brianna is the youngest of Covenani and will be a mate to two sexy, handsome, virile Wizards.

Will the alliance be made in desire and love or will she deny this union as well as the two men who are destined to be with her?

The first book in Wizard Twins series is a beautiful read. For some reasons, it rests solely upon Brianna one of the three princesses of Covenant to repair the divide between Covenani witches and their mates known as the Cauldaran Wizards. Her mother has agreed on the union of Brianna and Drago and Lasan. Apparently, they are twins, and in this world two whole parts of a whole are inseparable. Even though Brianna is attracted to them both, she is scared out of her mind because her evil nurse tells her scary tales of how the twins. Being naïve, the young Brianna believes every single word she is told even though everything she has seen and experienced of the twins tells her something different.

When Wizards Rule

Desperate to avoiding enlisting with the sexy, cute Sashtain Twins brothers, Marina flees from them at every single turn. Untiring, they plague most of her days and haunt her in her wickedly erotic visions that make her sexy body shiver with the assurance of impulses revealed and a burning sexual tension that will send her up in flames.

However, when the Seculars acquire some strengths and dark magic plots an evil, invisible threat to all those Marina holds dear, she soon discovers that there is more to be gained by aligning her abilities with the Sashtain Wizards than she ever imagined. Caise and Kai’el Sashtain concentrated on convincing the innocent young Sorceress to unite with them, but they end up getting more than they anticipated.

Unknowingly, Marina weaves her magic spell on them, a spell that pulls them into a world of churning emotions forcing them to make decisions that could ultimately change their lives. When Dark Magic is terrorizing their world, no one is safe, everyone becomes a suspect and trusting the twin wizards with her body, heart, and soul is a lesson that Marina will have to learn before all is lost.

The second book in the series is a wonderful read. Kai’el and Caise have never known any attraction to any woman as powerful as the one they feel with Marina. Having witnessed with their own eyes, the alignment of their magic alongside with that of Marina’s they begin to suspect that she is the woman they have been waiting for for the last one decade and literature the Consort of their dream.

However getting past the barricades, Marina keeps on barricading them, and this is about to bring them to an end of their ropes. So when an evil form of magic starts invading their world, the castle of Sellane and the places where Marina and her sister Serena live, little do they know that the actions they will take will bring the woman they both love into their arms forever and take them to unexpected heights forever.

The characterization in the second novel is wonderfully done. Marina is a beautiful woman but stubborn to the point of almost getting herself killed in action. She doesn’t seem to agree with the fact that there are situations that she can never handle on her own. She is also caring, compassionate and very loving. She is also the keeper of the Land, and this is vividly portrayed in her actions with the people and animals of her kingdom.

Twin Passions

In the third book in Wizard Twins series we meet Astra Al’madere, a woman who betrayed all that she ever loved, all she ever swore to protect just for the Dark Wizards whose passion and desire she could not run away from. As a sorceress, she can sense her mates, the men she is fated to join her magical powers in order to reignforce the planet of Sentmar.

But there was one thing that she had sensed for a while- that the Delmari were hers and she could never turn her back on them, offer justice to them even though they had turned her down many years ago. On the other hand, Rhydan and Torran knew that the road to claiming their mate would never be an easy one; after all, an aching lie had sent her away causing her to believe that the Delmari did not burn for her and were not consumed by her. However when she decides to save them rather than honoring her duty these two wizards understand that they have a chance to show her that she has been the only woman they desire.

Reluctant Consort

In the fourth book in Wizard Twins series we meet Arabella da’Alistair who is already aware of her fate. As the child of an evil king, she is aware that she must be sacrificed and the people fear that she will ultimately become a creature of Magick. However suffering at the hands of her beloved father is more than she can bear and all she wants is being wrapped at the hands of the warriors she has been meeting secretly, warriors who have no idea of who she is.
Once again, Lora Leigh has done an excellent job in crafting Reluctant Consort, the fourth book in Wizard Twins series.

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