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Griff Hosker is a British author born in 1950.

Hosker was born in St. Helens in Lancashire. He went to grammar school at an early age at Cowley Grammar School. He went to school to become a teacher and successfully met his goal. He would go on to teach drama as well as English in England’s North East area for a few decades, an incredible total of time that adds up to thirty-five years.

He not only was a teacher but also dabbled in writing musicals. Along with someone else, he was able to put pen to paper and come up with a variety of musicals. One was titled Shakespeare the Musical. Another was put on in 2000 at a place called the Millennium Dome and is titled The Journey.

As one might suspect from an author that writes many historically influenced books, he has a huge interest in history. When it comes to learning about history, Hosker is enthusiastic and the details that he finds out from his research get put into his books. Besides his hobby of history, he also likes to read novels that are historically based and even takes the time to visit castles when he has the free space available.

The first books that he wrote are placed in the first century (A.D.) in England in its northern half. These are the Sword of Cartimandua series. The path to creating and coming up with the series was an interesting one. He was teaching for a while but eventually made the decision to stop and try something new. The result was that Hosker decided to set up his own independent consultancy firm.

Through the firm, he worked in a variety of colleges and other schools serving as an adviser. These were all principally in England’s North East region. Even though he was doing well, a 2010 financial crash proved to be a major game changer and effectively put his time working in consultancy to a close. That year he found himself having a lot of time to spend and not that much to do, something that he was not used to since he had been steadily working ever since he was a teenager.

Hosker did not like having so much time but without work to fill it up with. As a result he decided to do some historical research and look into Britain’s famed invasion by the Romans. The research was inspiring and he started writing a book that was based upon all that he had found out. This would go on to become his first book, The Sword of Cartimandua. The series would continue with over a dozen well liked books making up this series.

The author has also published a ‘KS3′ novel that goes by the title of Great Granny’s Ghost. Schools showed interest in the book and purchased it, so Hosker also goes to the schools that have purchased the novel sets and does his own author days speaking with the students. He also does some public speaking, something that he was prepared for having put on a few award ceremonies.

He is the author of multiple historically influenced series with plenty of novels in each series. He says that when it comes to starting writing, it was one of the best decisions that he has ever decided to make.

Griff Hosker is the writer and the creator of the Wolf Brethren series of fictional novels. This series kicked off in 2013 with the publication of the debut novel in the series, which is titled Saxon Dawn. It was followed up by the sequel, titled Saxon Revenge. There are numerous books in this compelling series and the tenth book in the series is titled Saxon Sword.

Saxon Dawn is the exciting first novel in the Wolf Brethren fictional series of books by author Griff Hosker. Check out this first book in the series and see what you think!

This is the tale of a young warrior that is growing up in a time where legends are being made. He’s in the process of going from a young man into his time of manhood. Little does he know that in the course of this process he will become a man that is able to light a final light just before the hour of darkness comes upon them.

The story is set in the sixth century towards the end of it. This is the tale about how the last resistance stands up against Anglo-Saxon invaders. The time of King Arthur may have passed and the Romans may have long since been gone from the land, but a king by the name of King Urien continues to fight.

Things get interesting when his group of warriors are joined by a trio of three orphans. It is not too long before their fortunes begin to turn and things start working in their favor. Even though they are up against incredible odds, the warriors continue fighting and start to push back and win over the Saxon hordes.

This book is based on period history and has tons of action and adventure. With well written characters, exciting battle scenes, plot twists and more, be sure to pick up a copy of this book for yourself so that you can find out all about what these warriors do and whether they will win in the end.

Saxon Revenge is the thrilling second book in Hosker’s Wolf Brethren series. If you liked the first book be sure to read the sequel!

The time period is the ending of a Britain overseen by Romans. King Aella is in the middle of an epic struggle against Britannia’s last kings. The Wolf Warrior, as Lord Lann is called, has an epic track record and is going undefeated.

Even so, within the allies’ ranks, there is plenty of betrayal and treacherous behavior going on. This book is the tale of the various huge battles that ended up being indispensable to the Saxons finally being able to take over Britain. Want to find out what happens? Read this book to the very end and find out for yourself!

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