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Publication Order of Wolf Tales Books

The “Wolf Tales” series by Kate Douglas is a series made up of novels and novellas (that are called “Chanku”); both make up the overall series and the stories are connected from one book to the next. This makes it necessary to read the books in which they fit into the time line, not necessarily when they were released.

This series is set in the world of Chanku; these are shape shifters. These shape shifters originated many moons ago on the rugged Himalayan steppes. A lot of their history has been lost, they do not know if they have evolved or if they have been planted here by an alien culture. The little that they do know comes from ancient writings that were found later on by Anton Cheval (who is the uber alpha of the combined packs). Throughout the series, they learn more and more about their own history.

A lot of the history got lost over time, as the Chanku left their birthplace in Tibet and spread out. Most of them live among the humans and are completely unaware of what they carry in their DNA. Their mothers past the shape shifting genes on to them.

The Chanku have a powerful libido that is strong after they shift into their wolf form. That being said, they are affected by the highly sexed natures that this race has; and that is way before they ever even shift. This potent sex drive is the thing that drives them in many ways. Some of the women have turned to being hookers so that they can survive, which has been something that works for them.

In order for them to shift, they need certain nutrients that are found only in grasses. These are grasses found in Tibet, without these they never feel like they fit in with other humans. They feel like they are far too different to fit in. Until their ability to shift has been activated, they are vulnerable to some of the diseases that many humans are. Once they have activated their shape shifting capabilities, they are no longer vulnerable to getting HIV/AIDS, the common cold, cancers, and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Some are telepathic before they shift, something that gets stronger after they have become Chanku. Telepathic powers are important, and an essential aspect of the mating bond; as it creates a powerful mental connection that opens up everything in their minds (like their memories) to whomever thy are mating with. It is so powerful, that it is a link that lasts for life. Strength of the pack that they are in is something that guides them on their journey, and the bond that they have with their mates is something that makes them whole.

The series started in the year 2006 with the release of “Wolf Tales”, the first novel in the series. The year 2006 was a big year for the series, as the first two books in the series came out that year.

“Wolf Tales” is the first novel in the “Wolf Tales” series and was released in the year 2006. Alexandria is driving in a blizzard and her car goes off the road. She is rescued by someone powerful, and it starts a sexual awakening for her that brings her ecstasy. Alexandria did not know this going into things. She feels absolutely no fear when she wakes up in his (Stefan) muscular arms, feeling his body heat pressing into her. Xandi allows him to take her, he is more than a man and he has a primal nature that is very near to him. They grow closer together, and Xandi loses her inhibitions, allowing her to feel things (pleasures, mainly) that she never thought was possible. At the same time, she is drawn into Stefan’s world more and more; she meets Keisha (who is an alluring beauty) and Anton (who can be ruthless and commanding). Anton can also have any woman or man that he wants, in any way that he so desires.

Fans of the novel found this to be a very sexy read and readers are able to feel the emotions that each characters go through. One characters’s emotional agony that she goes through is something that will break readers’s heart. This is a unique read, to some, it stands out as more than just a smut novel but something that can be taken seriously. Some felt that they could not wait for more books in this series, finding that this one was a hot and steamy read, with some things that gave the novel some depth.

“Wolf Tales II” is the second novel in the “Wolf Tales” series and was released in the year 2006. Tia is both alluring and very experienced woman, young in years. She does not know where she comes from; she is Chanku. This is a highly sensual and ancient race of shape shifter. Luc Stone’s job is to show her her feral birthright and the thrilling rituals that come along with it. Luc is Chanku too, and special agent in heir cadre (or the Pack). Tia is everything that Luc wants in a mate. Their attraction is instant, and they cannot seem to quench the thirst that they have for one another. Luc takes her closer and closer to her destiny, and gets ready to introduce her to the Pack. In the Pack, her favors are going to belong to the other members, too. Not just to Luc. Tia will prove how Chanku, how adventurous, and willing she is, with one more experience left for her.

Fans of the novel found that Kate Douglas is able to bring the passion and love to this story that is present in a relationship with a poly amorous angle. Some felt that this novel was a better book, finding that there is more of a story this time around and that it brings all of the characters together. This story goes deeper than just being a smut book, but it even features some things for the soul, as well. The characters have been well thought out; they are not perfect, they have flaws, and readers are able to relate to them very easily. Some are itching to get their hands on the next book to see what happens next.

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