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Helen Hardt is a best-selling American author of fiction.

Helen has done quite well for herself in the book world, reaching the tops of best-sellers charts for publications such as the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and the New York Times.

Her passion for writing first began when she was young, and her mother would read her books at bedtime. When she was six years old, she penned her first story and has not stopped ever since that time. She is an author of romantic fiction, has won awards for her work, and is also many other things in addition to this. She is a mother, an attorney, a geek about grammar, holds a black belt in Taekwondo, loves good red wine, and enjoys Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

She resides in Colorado, where she lives with her family and writes from home. She also enjoys hearing from her readers, so if you’re ever on her home page, be sure to reach out!

Helen Hardt is the creator and the author of the Wolfes of Manhattan series. The series first got started in 2020 with the publication of the first book in the series, Rebel. This was followed by the release of the second book in the series the same year, Recluse. The third novel was also released in 2020 and is titled Runaway. The fourth novel came out in 2021 and is titled Rake. The fifth book also came out in 2021 and is titled Reckoning.

Rebel is the first novel in the Wolfes of Manhattan series by Helen Hardt. If you have been searching for something new and unique to read, check this book out!

Rock Wolfe had an incident when he was just fourteen years old and attempted to kill his own father. Now two decades later, it appears that someone else has had the same idea–but has finished the job.

As a result, Rock is coming back to New York so that he can be present for the reading of the will. His father was a billionaire, but Rock does not think that his father Derek Wolfe left anything to him. He may have been his oldest son, but Rock did try to kill him when he was himself a teen. It only stands to reason.

However, Rock’s brother says that his presence is required at the reading of the will regardless. Then there’s Lacey Ward, an estate attorney who is not at all looking forward to this reading. She suspects that none of the children of Derek Wolfe will be pleased with the reading, especially his oldest son.

But when Rock comes into the conference room and Lacey is there, she is almost speechless. She’s stunned by the appearance of the eldest in the family. Rock is a rebel biker man, fitted out with muscles underneath all of that black leather. The man looks gorgeous, and she is hooked. Now the estate attorney knows that this reading is not going to be easy at all, mostly since she cannot take her eyes off of the chiseled hunk.

When the reading starts, Rock is having a hard time paying attention. He’s interested in the results but cannot take himself out of a fantasy that is playing out in his head. This fantasy involves taking the hot attorney of his father and bending her over a desk to have his way with her. The only thing messing with his fantasy is the knowledge that this is the type of woman that wants a white picket fence and all of the trimmings, and he’s just not that kind of guy.

He can’t deny that this woman is seriously attractive, however. But Rock knows himself too and this is only a fantasy. He’s not the type of guy to spring for commitment or to be in a relationship, so there’s that. However, nothing is getting in the way of him having a simple fantasy that doesn’t harm anyone. Rock also senses that she might be into him since there are sparks invisibly flying back and forth between the two of them. Maybe their natural chemistry is born out of something after all.

Even though the two are definitely interested in each other, there is still the murder of the eldest Wolfe hanging over everyone’s heads and running through the back of their minds. Rock thought that when it came to his family, he knew all about their secrets. Now he’s starting to become less sure about that.

It seems like mysteries are hiding everywhere. They could not only threaten his future, but Lacey’s and even a potential romantic future between the two of them as well. This particular mystery could even threaten their very lives. Will Rock be able to escape from the secrets and the mysterious threats out there that await him? Does he have a chance of being with the gorgeous Lacey? Anything’s possible in this romantic suspense story! Pick up a copy to find out what happens!

Recluse is the second novel in the Wolfes of Manhattan series by Helen Hardt. In this follow-up story to the debut, the reader gets brought along for more adventures with different members of the Wolfe family.

Roy Wolfe has a secret trapped in the deepest parts of his mind, and it is slowly making him drown. Then there’s Charlene Waters, who works as an assistant. When her boss married the newly appointed CEO of Wolfe Enterprises after a quick but wonderful romance, she decided she would bring Charlie along with her.

Now Charlie is enjoying a great new job at the company and is happy about starting a new venture. She didn’t plan on meeting someone, but you never know what will happen.

Roy Wolfe is known for being reclusive. He hasn’t ever actively been involved in his family’s business and doesn’t want to start now. He’s just come to the office to contend with all of the things regarding his father’s murder– in which he was implicated along with the rest of his siblings.

When Roy meets Charlie Waters, everything gets more complicated. The two of them spark immediate chemistry. At the same time, he thinks that she doesn’t deserve to have to deal with someone like him. Roy believes his father was hiding something sinister, something he saw long ago but can’t recall.

Roy knows he has to try and remember, to defend his family and even Charlie, or else they all might pay. Can he recall? Will he and Charlie ever be together? Read this romance to find out!

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