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Wolves of the Beyond Books In Order

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Publication Order of Wolves Of The Beyond Books

Wolves of the Beyond is a series of fantasy novels written by an American author of fiction, children’s and history book Kathryn Lasky. The series is a spin-off from the Guardians of Ga’Hoole series. Kathryn began the publication of Wolves of the Beyond series in 2010 when Lone Wolf the first book in the series was published.

Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf is the first book in a series of books detailing the adventures of a young wolf named Foalan. The story tells of a young wolf who is exiled from his pack due to his “different” nature. Alienated from his parents, he is left for the death. According to the laws of the pack, if there is a deformity in a pup, the pup is usually taken to someplace where death is certain, and the mother to the pup is banned from the pack or forbidden from returning so that the pack bloodline is never corrupted again.

However, when the Obea leaves Foalan in respect to the wolf laws, he ends up washing up on the shore before his grizzly mother is overtaken by grief and ready to do away with her life. Foalan mother had lost other two cubs to a ruthless male wolf that killed them just for the sake of mating with her.

The first book in Wolves of the Beyond series is an easy and simple read. Kathryn Lasky does a beautiful job of crafting every aspect of the novel beautifully. The characterization is brilliantly done, especially with the main character Foalan. He is active, scary, fast and of course sneaky. Additionally, he is the kind of wolf who knows how to make all sorts of friends, and he can endure all types of abuse. He takes all kinds of challenges positively, like the name calling as well as surviving the wild animals and being hurt by many other things like the wolves of his kind. The author does a great job of detailed explaining each of aspect of the novel to the latter without distracting the characters and the main plot.

Lone Wolf is apparently the start of a wonderfully epic animal fantasy series a resemblance to Erin Hunter’s novels. Even though a spin-off from the Ga’Hoole series, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve read the Ga’Hoole series as it does not hinder Wolves of the Beyond series in the least. Even though Wolves of the Beyond series takes place in the same place as the other series, it features new beautiful characters.

There are three aspects of the Lone Wolf that make it stand out from the rest of animal fiction books. First is the animal fiction part, it’s interesting how the author manages to get into the head of the wolves and describe their instincts, emotions, and aggression in such a beautiful as if she can genuinely read their minds. Secondly, the world building in this story is phenomenal. Kathryn Lasky has created such high fantasy word for her animals to live in. Lastly, an immense plot development that is required to makes the two epic series intertwine proves that Kathryn is a respectable author.

Shadow Wolf

The second in Wolves of the Beyond series is picks up from when the first in the series left off. Foalan was born with a minor defect that forced his clan to desert him in the forest so that he can die. However, with the aid of a grizzly bear, Foalan is raised into a big wolf.

Now that he has finally made it back to his wolf pack as a gnaw wolf, also known as the lowest ranking of a pack member, and the hardships are just starting. Foalan meets another gnaw wolf named Heep who is also jealous of him and who sets him up for failure. As if all these humiliations are not enough, Foalan is also framed for the killing of a wolf pup. But before he can be exiled once again, Foalan must catch the murder in the shortest time possible and prove that he deserves to be a full member of the clan.

Foalan has a great heart, and some other wolves know that there is something special about him. Some respect and appreciate him while others view him as pure evil to their pack and are superstitious about him. But Foalan seems to be making mistakes as a result of not being raised in the pack. But now he has an opportunity, one that seems threatened by one of his own.

Watch Wolf

Born with a twisted paw, Foalan is deserted as a wolf pup and left to die. But not only did he survive but also managed to make it back to the wolf clan that had once abandoned him and proved himself worthy to be part of the pack.

But just as he is about to assume his place as one of the treasured Wolves of the Watch, a fellow wolf vanishes and Foalan is sent to find her whereabouts and makes a shocking discovery- she has been abducted by bears and battle is coming between the bears and wolves and only he can stop it.

In the previous book in the series, Foalan played the role of the main character, however in this book he steps back and Edme steps forward as the lead character. She is unlike any wolves of the Beyond – she is kind, cheerful despite all the sorrows that she has suffered and yet she is brave and strong enough to deny the rule of MacHeaths.

Also, we also get a better glimpse into the life of the Sacred Watch who is first introduced in the Guardians of Ga’Hoole series but in this book we only see a side of them that is hidden from the other clans. How they carry out their guardian activities, how they train their members and the companionship and the friendship they share.

Kathryn Lask is a wonderful storyteller, the fictional world she has crafted, wolves share that, owls and bears of the beyond will surely capture the imagination of the readers. The shift of focus in Watch Wolf helps the readers get a better view of the wolf packs from a different perspective.

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