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Wolves of Willow Bend Books In Order

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Publication Order of Wolves of Willow Bend Books

The Wolves of Willow Bend series is a series well known hot romance books written by one of the national bestselling authors from the United States named Heather Long. This series consists of 9 novels and 6 novellas in total, which were released between the years 2014 and 2016. All the books in this series are filled with charming heroes and sexier heroines, who get tangled in a sensual romance with each other in the hot Texas background. Just like all the other successful novel series written by author Long, this series too consists of characters that drive the stories in the books. Author Long has said that she enjoyed the world of her characters while writing the books as much as the readers would enjoy reading them. One of the most popular books written and published in the series by author Long is titled as ‘River Wolf’. This book was released in the year 2015 as a Kindle edition. In this book, author Long has described the story of Brett Dalton, Luc Danes, and Colby Jensen. As the story of the book begins, Brett Dalton is introduced as an Alpha wolf of the Hudson River. He remains isolated from his pack of wolves decidedly since he was betrayed by one of the wolf mates from his pack. Once upon a time, Brett Dalton was considered to be an easy-going Alpha make, but now he seems to have become remote, unforgiving, and taciturn. Due to this large scale change in his behavior, his pack begins to worry for him. However, the pack too suffers a huge blow when they come to know that a few members of their pack have decided to leave the pack in order to join the Three Rivers pack. Due to this, the pack faces the danger of getting dissolved. But, they experience some respite when the Lone Wold and Brett Dalton’s best friend named Luc Danes returns to the Hudson River pack. He is accompanied by a young and beautiful woman.

Everyone else seems amazed by the beauty of the woman, but Brett finds something very strange about the woman. He begins to wonder whether Luc Danes has returned to help the pack regain their unity or to take away the whole pack from him. The beautiful woman is introduced by author Long as Colby Jensen. She is depicted to have spent thousands of hours in the community service. She used to work at a hospital located in Maine. It was at that time that she came across Luc Danes when he arrived at her hospital in an injured condition. He rolled through the entrance and looked to be in a very bad condition. However, his charm was driving all the nurses crazy. Seeing the dedicated efforts of Colby in helping him recover from his injuries, Luc offers her money without any strings attached and asks her to take him to New York. Colby agrees and accompanies him to his pack. However, the last thing that she expects is to reach in a small town in the Westcheter County and meet the crazy members of the Luc Danes wolf pack. She seems particularly startled by the devastatingly handsome Brett Dalton. A part of Colby Jensen wants her to go back to her hometown and the rest forces her to stay in the company of Brett Dalton and make him feel happy. But, she finds that he keeps making numerous excuses to stay far from her. Shortly after, Colby gets to see the wolves and the exposure leaves her shocked as she had never imagined in her life to come across something like this. Colby also fears that if Brett comes to know about the secret that is keeping with her, nothing will remain the same again. In such a situation, she finds herself torn between an unusual world that he is not able to understand and a man who has held hostage her heart.

This popular book was followed by another famous one in the series which is titled as ‘Desert Wolf’. It was also published as a Kindle edition in the year 2015. Author Long has described the story of the main characters named Cassius and Sovvan Stark. As the novel begins, Cassius is introduced as an Alpha belonging to the Sutter Butte. He is known to lead the most dangerous and ruthless pack in the whole of America. His pack is comprised of all the misfits who were not able to fit in their original packs. They were cast off and discarded by their previous packs. All such forgotten wolves had risen together to create a pack around a century ago as it was the only choice left with them. Cassius sometimes becomes cruel and pitiless in his attempt to achieve for his for his people more than just a yearly bloodbath. His pack looks for a new place, which they find better in the pecking order. If Cassius thinks of changing the pack, he will have to first change himself. And in doing so, he will face rebellion from all sides, one of which is his own heart. Sovvan Stark is introduced by author Long as an Omega from the Delta Crescent. She is shown living a beloved and cherished life in the middle of her pack.

Sovvan thinks that she has won a hard and delicate battle by being able to achieve such a state for herself in her pack. There are other Omegas also in the pack, but her experience is more than all the others. She has seen the tremors of the pack upset at the times when there is a shift of power from one Alpha to another. When Sovvan’s Alpha comes to her with a request for his Sutter Butte, she considers his request for a few months. It seems that she Sovvan Stark might be holding the solution for helping the Alpha of Sutter Butte. But, there is also a possibility that she might get killed in the process and Sovvan does not wish to take such a big risk. However, Sovvan sees a certain spark in Cassius that makes her willing to help him out with his problem. She sets out on a journey for helping Cassius and is accompanied by only one Hounnr. Before helping Cassius in rebuilding his pack’s foundation, she will have to change him first. And she seems more than willing to do both the things. Sovvan also looks to enjoy the company of Cassius and feel the love of an Alpha that her heart always craves for.

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