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Women Who Won the West Books In Order

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Publication Order of Women Who Won The West Books

Tempest of Tombstone (1982)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dodge City Darling (1982)Description / Buy at Amazon
Duchess of Denver (1982)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lost Lady of Laramie (1982)Description / Buy at Amazon
Flame of Virginia City (1982)Description / Buy at Amazon
Angel of Hangtown (1982)Description / Buy at Amazon
Belle of Fort Smith (1982)Description / Buy at Amazon
Princess of Powder River (1982)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Women Who Won the West is one of the highly well known series based on the western and women’s fiction genres. This series is written by Lee Davis Willoughby, which is the combined pen name of the authors William L. DeAndrea, Richard Deming, and Richard Laymon. This series is set around the lives of all those women who have helped to pave the way in Western US at the time of the 19th century. The series is comprised of a total of 8 books, all of which were released in the year 1982. Each book serves as a story in itself. Author Richard has said that the books of this series can be read in any order by the readers. The series started with the book, Tempest of Tombstone, and came to an end with the novel, Princess of Powder River. As three authors were employed to create the series, the books were completed in a single and published accordingly.

One of the popular books written and published in this western series is titled a ‘Flame of Virginia City’. Published in 1982, the story of the book describes the life story of Mary Vere. Author Richard has depicted her as a girl with a strong will. Mary Vere was determined to leave her job as a servant girl and wished to become a respected lady. Another thing that Mary wants to do was to put the pieces of her troubled past together. Eventually, she decides to change her name and takes to be called as Monique Vaudreuil. Being young and beautiful, she knows that she can have many opportunities to succeed in life if she moved out. Therefore, Mary Vere leaves her home in Alabama and heads towards the bustling and happening silver town of the Virginia City in Nevada. Mary Vere opens a bordello. However, with new opportunity and success come many other controversies and problems in life. As Monique Vaudreuil achieves prestige and power, she gets haunted by scandal, murder, and a new controversy. Monique’s life gets locked in a difficult struggle with a self styled king in Virginia City. This makes Monique feel that her life has been tightly intertwined with the new Nevada state’s fate. The other thing with which her life gets intertwined is the life of the man, who always ignites a perfect and a blazing passion inside her. This book was highly praised by one and all because of the excellent depiction and the unique style of writing of author Richard. The critics and reviewers gave immensely positive reviews to the story and also applauded the author for the development of the characters and the plot. All such reviews helped the book to reach a wide range of audiences and readers all across the globe. This enabled it to come extremely successful. In many foreign countries, the book was translated into the foreign languages, which allowed the publishers to sell numerous other copies in the non-English speaking regions. This effort from the author and the publishers enabled them to gather a huge number of readers. Even today, the book is regarded as an important contribution to the western genre of novels. All these factors helped to add to the popularity of the novel even more. It also acted as a boon for the future novels of the series as the readers began to wait in anticipation for the other books to get published soon.

Another well written book of the popular series is entitled as ‘Angel of Hangtown’. It was released by the Dell publication in 1982. Author Willoughby has mentioned the story of a woman named Narcissa White. She lives in a city called Hangtown, which is referred to as a Hell. In fact, the author has stated that there is no hell like this city. At the start of the book, it is shown that Hangtown was one of the turbulent cities, which was mainly dwelled by ruffians, sinners, and miners. The city did not have any decent woman, as there were governing rules laid down by the officials. Due to this, the crime rate was always on the rise and the situation was very difficult for women to live. However, things began to change for the better when Narcissa White arrived in the Hangtown city. She tends to put up a great fight to bring back religion in this western city. Narcissa also looks after the upbringing of the children of her brother, who is no more. When she was on the way while reaching Hangtown, Narcissa White was raped by some forceful men. This broke her from inside and reduced her wish to live. But, the thought of the small children helped her gain strength and put up a fight to live a better life. Narcissa decides that she will not let anything like that happen to her again and therefore, she prepares herself to face any challenge in life. As she seeks safety, she comes in contact with a notorious man named Walter King. Narcissa White did not know that Walter King was not the one to be trusted. And when Walter sees that she is beautiful and young, he wishes to make love to her forcefully.

Walter knows that Narcissa does not have anywhere else to go after falling in his clutches. Therefore, he begins to plot schemes so as to enslave Narcissa White and destroy her. He also uses the children with Narcissa to force her to do what he wishes. And with the passage of time, Walter King turns the whole town against Narcissa White. He spreads false rumors against her and forces her to get driven towards her last confrontation with the devil incarnate of Hangtown. Similar to all the other novels published in this exciting series, this book too received great reviews and ratings. The readers liked it very much and praised the author for his excellent work. From the day of its publication, the publicity of the book did not stop and kept on increasing day by day. Even the critics enjoyed the book a lot and stated that they had not come across such an interesting book in many years. Such praises proved to be of great help for the book’s publicity and success. The success also provided a lot of motivation for the author and boosted his confidence to work on numerous other novels just like this one. On the whole, the story turned out to be a better read because of its well written plot and interesting characters.

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