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About Won-pyung Sohn

The South Korean novelist Won-pyung Sohn is fast becoming world renowned due to her many highly compelling books. A film director as well as a screenwriter, she’s a hugely gifted and talented artist, making her one of the leading creatives in her field to date. Producing novels and films, she definitely has a lot to say, making a strong name for herself as someone with a clear message. Winning numerous prizes for her work, she’s found a voice for herself quite unlike any other, and one that’s appealed to many around the world.

With her work being translated, she’s become an intelligent and erudite author whose stories resonate with readers regardless of where they’re from. Looking at topics of human growth and existence, she has managed to craft her own unique narrative individual to her. Creating vastly immersive worlds too, her writing is wholly realistic, allowing her to resonate a lot more easily. Her plots and premises are known for developing at a rapid rate as well, moving forwards fast, and keeping her readers hooked.

Winning numerous literary awards for her work too, Sohn has really managed to achieve a high level of fame in a relatively short amount of time. Her characters definitely stand out from the page, essentially becoming real living people in their own right, as they speak directly to the reader. Leaving a strong impression upon the reader, they stay with the audience long after they’ve put the book down. With lots more expected to come still, it definitely appears that she won’t be finishing her writing career any time soon.

Early and Personal Life

Born in 1979, the future author to be Won-pyung Sohn would grow up with a strong creative streak, as she would come to refine her voice. Her father was the Korean politician Sohn Hak-kyu, and she was the second daughter, growing up with a passion for both reading and writing. Attending college she would study sociology and philosophy, gaining a major in both of them, something which she believes is conducive to her writing novels.

While she would always dream of becoming a novelist ever since she was a child, Sohn would precede to head into the film industry. She would proceed to win a Film Criticism Award in 2001, which she would gain from the film magazine ‘Cine 21,’ thus making a name for herself. These were just a few of the awards she’s won, and she continues to produce work regularly with a lot more to come yet.

Writing Career

It was in 2013 when Won-pyung Sohn would begin applying herself seriously to her writing following the birth of her baby. Prior to this she had applied to numerous literary awards, but without success, and it was only with her debut novel that she would find it. Releasing her first novel ‘Almond’ in 2016, she would fast rise to prominence as a world renowned author with something to say.

Her first book would be translated into English as well, with her second book, ‘Seoreunui bangyeok,’ being released in 2017. In 2018 she’d see ‘Saworui nun’ published, which would be ‘April Snow’ in English, with it also achieving a worldwide level of success. Winning awards for these books, she now has critical acclaim as an author, along with commercial success all around the world as well.


Originally brought out through the ‘HarperVia’ publishing label, this would first be released on the 31st of March back in 2017. Working entirely as a stand-alone novel, it would be the literary debut for Won-pyung Sohn, setting up her writing career both nationally and internationally. Whilst it would be self-contained with its narrative, it would also manage to setup many of the larger themes and ideas to come from the author.

Born with a brain condition known as Alexithymia, Yunjae has difficulty feeling emotions such as anger or fear. Dealing with the condition that consists of two almond shaped neurons within his brain, his mother and grandmother continually remind him when to smile and laugh. That’s when a shocking act of violence happens upon his sixteenth birthday, which is then followed by fellow troubled teenager Gon coming to stay with them. Will they both be able to get over their differences, can Yunjae step outside of himself, and what will become of the almond?

This would be a great opening novel for Won-pyung Sohn, as it would establish many of her core ideas in an excellent style. Getting straight to the point, it definitely has a sense of immediacy to it quite unlike any other, really pushing its main story forwards. With well written characters who feel wholly believable as well, the book really stands out as the perfect example of what the author can manage.

April Snow

First released through the ‘Asia Publishers’ imprint, this would initially come out in 2018 and would be her third title released. It would also be Sohn’s second book to be translated into English, once again finding her a huge audience of readers worldwide. Also working as a stand-alone, it manages to operate as an entirely self-contained novel once more, with its easily accessible story.

Distressed with losing their baby as a stillbirth, a couple meet Mari, who is otherwise a completely different nationality, generation, and race. Suffering herself, Mari is disturbed by something herself, as she begins to empathize with them and their plight, giving them advice. Providing the solace they much needed, they help each other, in what proves to be an otherwise unexpected event for them all. This turns all their lives around, as they’re there for each other when they least expected it, much like a blizzard with April snow.

This is an extremely heartfelt book with a lot to offer, as it really has a sense of empathy and compassion running throughout. The story itself is well told, with strong characters once again really bringing the story to life upon every single page. Dealing with issues of pain, loss, and hope, it’s a well told story that sorts through a number of core issues and big ideas for what is an all round wonderful story.

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