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Publication Order of World of the Lupi Books

Publication Order of Lupi Short Stories/Novellas

Many of the voracious readers would have come across the unrelenting splurge of fictional content that include an overwhelming amount of concocted werewolves and vampire stories. You feel your head stuffed with the overdose of entirely unrealistic versions of werewolves’ accounts. It is therefore pleasant when something relatable to reality actually appears and you get entirely bowled over by the fresh and almost visceral account of the book. “World of the Lupi” by Eileen Wilks is one such series that craft-fully integrates the elements of both fantasy and paranormal experiences in such a subtle manner that you are left craving for more. What essentially is different in this series from its contemporaries is its ingenious approach towards including the paranormal concepts into the reality and not overemphasizing one concept over the other.

The series start with the “Tempting Dangers”, which introduces the reader to a dark and magical alliance of both paranormal and mundane. The series introduce us to Lily Yu, who is a San Diego police currently on hunt tracking down a serial murderer who in a twisted manner seems to be a werewolf. She introduces us to Rule Turner who is a Lupi prince. The story then proceeds with delightful turns that keep on increasing the romantic overtures between the two protagonists. Even though Lily senses the danger but can’t control her increasing feelings towards the dark and mysterious Rule. The story on the front mainly deals with the search of a threatening murderer who is dangerous and needs to be taken down immediately to avoid further mishaps.

The urban fantasy with right delicacies of romantic episodes turns out to be an exciting read. It has right elements for all genres of readers. Lily is shown as a strong female character who reminds us how practicality is mixed with subtle weakness. Rule, on the other hand, is the typical archetype of dark werewolveness, handsomeness, masculinity and chivalry. The combination of two comes out to be exciting and exhilarating. The dominant female role of Lily though seems to be shadowing the whole book. But on the whole it is a great read with an eclectic mixture of strong feminine tone, urbane myths and suspense. A perfect roller coaster ride! In the subsequent novels of the series too, you will witness the affectionate feeling between Rule and Lily blossoms but it is n’t emphasized much.

The second book in the series, Mortal Danger, deals with the feelings of developing love between Lily and Rule. But Lily is unsure about the extent to which she can trust Rule. She comes to know about his identity of werewolf and is uncertain whether the growing feelings will lead her to. The relationship development in this book is more pronounced than the earlier one and with subtle nuance the acceptance of fate by Lily is shown. The underlying apprehensions of Lily regarding her relation with Rule are voiced and then assessed over the whole length of the book and the reader finds himself happy with the progress that has been made despite overright hurdles in the start of their eccentric relationship. Even though you may be duped into believing after reading this book that it is all about the romance development between the two protagonists but Eileen Wilks’s series has more substance to it then you can imagine. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but then again, this is so because it approaches the whole human-werewolf relation with a different touch. Urban fantasy is the dominating theme of the series and the second book in the series serve as connecting bridge to understand the protagonists’ character development. You will come to love the Lupi clan’s political machinations and plotting. The urban portion of the entire series though will look to be hastily written. Although since the series is dominantly fantasy based, it is unsurprising that more attention and detail are given to that part. But you will especially appreciate the depth and the intricacies with which the two worlds are conjoined to present you with a fantastic series.

The graphic audio productions of the book have further added to real life visualization and appreciation of the characters. The sassy and witty audio casting sweeps you right into the world of Lupi clan and Lily. The books may have a slower pace as compared to other contemporary novels of this genre but this is so to familiarize the readers with the two very contrasting world of Rule and Lily. The adaptations they both have to undertake to fit into each other’s life are so vicariously jotted down that you feel yourself breathing the very air. The heady mixture of both elements and worlds will leave you flabbergasted and wanting for more.

Throughout the whole series, you will understand what sets the novels apart from other celebrated ones in the category. The novels are beautifully written with much attention to developing interesting and intelligent plot lines that do not seem to overweigh like other werewolves and vampire series. Uptil yet there are fourteen books published in the series and the fifteenth one is set to be released by November, 2015. The initial two books, “Only Human” and “Originally Human”, are just the precursor to the plot of the series and are not considered the starting novels in the series. These two books actually setup the introductory plot for Tempting Danger. Tempting Danger and Mortal Danger are different in every aspect. What you expect after ending Temoting Danger is completely shelved away after reading Mortal Danger. Eileen Wilks’s series has been a top seller and each new novel breaks the record previously set by other novels. The best selling urban fantasy series will have you addicted to all novels in the series. The magical realms are finely crafted with minute attention to finer details. Each novel in the series separately deals with a whole story but even then it is important that you take care to read the novels in correct succession. The character development of the protagonists will be compromised if you alter the order of the novels.

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