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No Graves As Yet (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shoulder the Sky (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Angels in the Gloom (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
At Some Disputed Barricade (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
We Shall Not Sleep (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon

Born in the year 1932 as Juliet Marion Hulme, Anne Perry is a renowned English Writer, who is exceedingly famous for the role that she played in historical detective fiction works. Perry is also exceedingly famous for her contribution to two book series, William Monk and Thomas Pitt series. When she was only fifteen years, Anne Perry was convicted for allegedly killing the mother to her friend. After serving her sentence, Juliet Marion Hulme had no option but to change her name after she was released. Her early life began in the town of Blackheath, an exceedingly small town that is located in the Southern East part of London. Anne Perry’s father was one Dr. Henry Hulme, a well-established physicist, who not only researched but also studied on various facets of physics. As she was growing up, Anne Perry fell ill, and after some tests, she tested positive for tuberculosis.

Anne was later on transferred to South Africa so that she could stay with her relatives, while hoping the warm climate of Sun-Saharan Africa will play a vital role in her recovery. It did not take long before her father was selected as a Rector of the renowned Canterbury College and was posted in New Zealand. It was at this time that Anne Perry had the opportunity of re-joining once more with her family and at this time she was only thirteen years of age. After completing her primary education, Anne Perry joined Christchurch Girls, which is located in Christchurch town in New Zealand. In the year 1954, when she was only fifteen years of age, together with her close friend murdered one Honorah Rieper, who was Pauline’s Parker’s mother. During this period as well, Anne Perry’s parents were faced with various domestic issues, which eventually led to their separation. The separation, in turn, forced Perry to relocate to South Africa, where she would live once again with her relatives. The two girls who had managed to create a fantasy rich life had no option but to go separate ways.

Perry and her friend had James Mason and Orson Welles as their role models. In the year 1954, the two decided to go for a walk with their friend’s mother in Victoria park. Upon reaching an isolated path, Hulme was expected to drop an ornamental stone, and as their mother would bend over to pick it, Pauline would make use of the brick that she had wrapped in a pair of stocking and hit her with it. The girls believed that a single proper hit was going to do the work, but they, in turn, had to hit Honorah more than twenty times to kill her. Both Hulme and Parker faced trial in the same year and were found guilty. Because at that time the girls were exceedingly young to face the death penalty, they were first convicted and were then to be detained at the pleasure of her majesty. This, in turn, meant that the girls were going to be detained in discretion. After serving five years in jail, the girls were released separately. After the trial, it is believed that both these friends lost each other’s contact and from then henceforth they never communicated.

These turn of events led to the creation of the film, Heavenly Creatures in the year 1994. In the movie, Melanie Lynskey played Pauline Parker, while Kate Winslet played the role of Juliet Marion Hulme. When the movie was officially released, not everyone knew that the character who Kate Winslet played had already grown into a well-established author. A few after the movie was released was when her identity was made public. There are individuals who speculate that the relationship between the two girls may have been a sexual relationship. However, upon hearing the speculation, Anne Perry came clear that the two have never been lesbians. Once she finished serving her sentence, Anne Perry relocated to the United States, where she served as a flight attendant. In the year 1968, Anne Perry became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, while residing in the United States. It did not take long before Juliet Marion Hulme decided to change her name to Anne Perry. Anne got the name Perry from her stepfather.

The Carter Street Hangman was the first novel that Anne Perry ever penned down. It was published in the year 1979. The Carter Street Hangamn became the first book in a series that featured a wife and husband team, Inspector Thomas and Charlotte Ellison Pitt. Inspector Thomas and Charlotte Ellison Pitt would, later on, become common characters in some of the novels that Anne Perry penned down. In all the book series that feature Inspector Thomas as the protagonist, Anne Perry uses the real street and neighborhood names in London as the title of the books.

World War I Series

Through the author’s novels, millions of readers have enjoyed the intrigue and pleasures of a bygone age. Set on the brink of war, No Graves As Yet is an exceedingly detailed and dense read, where every psychological nuance of the character is excavated. In this book, the author introduces the readers to Joseph, a Cambridge University theology don and Mathew Reavley a member of the intelligence service. Both of these characters are not only well educated, but they are also the epitome of a class bound of masculinity, centered on ethical responsibility and masculinity. Joseph Reavley and his entire family have their world shattered when both of his parents are killed in a car crash. After some time, the two brothers discover that the accident was not an accident but rather something else. Initially, Joseph had received a call from their father, who had informed him that he was heading to London, with a document that was not only going to change the future of England but that of the world as well.

A few days later, Joseph’s most talented student is killed after a speech. It is at this point that Joseph decides to find out whether the two deaths are connected. With that said, Anne Perry is an excellent writer, who possess exceedingly unique writing skills. No Graves as Yet is an elegant book and a historical mystery as well.

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