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Publication Order of WWII Books

David L. Robbins is the author of a series of gripping World War II fiction stories. David is not a stranger to the war, although he was born ten years after the war. He vividly lived through it. Born in Richmond Virginia, in 1954 Robbins grew up in a small town, near the airport in Sandston. His parents were war veterans His father experienced the action from Pearl Harbor. I think the war stories from his parents compelled him to his writing passion, the almost surreal fiction war stories. David L. Robbins is a critically acclaimed novelist for his deeply researched World War II chronicles. He creatively crafts brilliant scenes of the most horrific and most organized battles of our time. David got inside of Hitler’s brain and fused the terrorists’ desperate motive to obliterate the Jews and take over Russia. Let’s look at some of the finest war fiction tales by David L. Robbins

World War II Series

The “Last Citadel” is a story highlighting the lives of two German soldiers, a German intelligence officer a tank commander, and Russian spies. It also details a Russian Cossack Tank commander, his father, the truck driver, and his sister, a Bomber pilot. He paints a dramatic picture of the characters lives during the war; the battle of Kursk. David adroitly delivers significant technical leverage as well as setbacks for the opposing enemy that helps us understand the battle effect and the sacrifices each side made to achieve the outcome. It is a solid story with well-built and credible characters. The author’s writing style makes the read persuasive and thrilling as well.

Spring, 1943 West Germany seized its hold on France. Deep in the southern lands, an allied invasion looms imminently. However, the biggest threat to Hitler’s dream lies east, where his forces are rutted in deadly combat with a Russian enemy resolved to go to any lengths to defend the motherland. Hitler places his bet, sending his most trusted and powerful SS forces, combined with the new German war weapon of destruction, the Mark VI Tiger tank, in a desperate offensive, labeled in code – Citadel.

The Red Army around Kursk is an extensive assortment of scores of soldiers, armor, fighter planes, and delicate bombers and a powerful group of female pilots flying obsolete biplanes; who lunge over the Germans in the dark, the “Night Witches” as they’re commonly referred. On land, Private Dmitri Berko runs his tank, the Red Army’s agile T-34, like a Cossack stallion. In the tower above Dmitri his son, Valya, a Russian sergeant delivers his father’s commands while the war separates the distance between the two of them. Dmitri’s daughter, Katya, keeps the night watch, with the German Night Witches, until she joins a vicious band of communist supporters in the forests in Kursk. The Berko family, Like Russia itself, is suffering the devastation of history’s worst huge battle while fighting to protect what is sacred–their motherland, and each other– Meanwhile Hitler unleashes his most powerful armed force.

The war has exhausted many soldiers and victims alike. It is relentless and overwhelming. A lineup of Mark VI Tiger fighter tanks is under the commands of an SS officer, a Spanish fellow la Daga, the Dagger. He was terribly wounded while captured by the despicable Russians. He has made a comeback and is seething with rage as he plots his vengeance on the unrelenting Russian soldiers. The Citadel is an exciting book detailing men at war, their fears, betrayals, and the rumbling sound of battle tanks of 1943. It’s an unforgettable long tale of bravery in the face of death.

War of the Rats

This is a work of fiction, entwined with facts about World War II. The creative mind behind the real encounters as witnessed during the war makes it a compelling story the Battle of Stalingrad and the lives that were lost during its destruction. A combination of grueling death encounters, suffering beyond our human comprehension reveals a dark contrast with the action packed scenes of the novel. The requirements of the pro-Soviet opinionated pit of the Russian sniper in combat with a Nazi “killer” that stalked each other through the rubble makes a great read. With nearly five hundred thousand Red Army soldiers that died during the war, political warlords like Khrushchev, consider the capture of Stalingrad his most proud moment.

1942, for six months Stalingrad is at the center of a long and tiresome battle between the German and Russian armies—the bloodiest war the world has witnessed in the history of war and political espionage in humanity’s quest for power and absolute madness to wipe out a single race from the face of the earth. The outcome of Stalingrad is critical. If Hitler’s forces advance, Russia will collapse, and they must defend the motherland with every ounce of power and intelligence they can master.

Rattenkrieg (War of the Rats) is a horrific battle, to say the least. Scores of soldiers die in the trenches and smoking cellars of a city in ruins. Based on real war events, this is the traumatic tale of two enemies entangled in war.

The End of War

This book accounts for the last days of World War II. The war is explained in the eyes of two victims. German women under pressure to carry on in a ruined Berlin and two Russian Soldiers dispensed to a penal division. The war is also explained through the eyes of Russian allies Churchill, and Roosevelt.

Berlin, January 1945.The war is over, but there is no home to return to. Everything is in shambles. As the Allied commanders and leaders surround the defeated German Nazis and its Nazi military machinery, decisions have to be made, strategies laid out to complete the mission and ensure it never regroups to attack once more. Roosevelt is brewing up some significant stakes to hand over Berlin to Stalin, and Russia. Meanwhile, an American photojournalist gathers stories of the rubbles and the people left behind. The struggle continues as both Russian and German citizens try to stay alive, this time not from bombs and guns, but from starvation, depression, madness, and an unnatural helplessness.

This is no doubt, a series of hard, emotional, and horrifying stories one can comprehend in a single read. The author turns around the stories we know to reveal how Germans suffered through it all, and not just the Russians and Jews.

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