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Publication Order of Worldwar Books

In the Balance (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tilting the Balance (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Upsetting the Balance (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
Striking the Balance (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Colonization Books

This mind boggling series has a way of completely engrossing readers in its gripping events. The alternative history science fiction series completely flips history as we know it on its head. The author is known for pushing the envelope quite a bit but it is this same aspect that provides readers with a gripping yet completely unique series of events. The series completely strays from the convention in its category of books and brings in an unexpected aspect of an alien invasion, making it more of a war of worlds.

The World war series is set in the midst of World war two in May 1942, while in the background the earth is on the brink of an alien invasion by a reptilian species known as the Race. The child sized humanoids reach the earth’s orbit in December 1941 but are faced with an unexpected series of events that delays their mission which is to claim the Earth for their empire.

The rate of human development is the main set back the Race faces, as it is not only faster than any race they have previously conquered but also their own. Information collected by a probe in 12th Century AD is what formed the basis of the Race’s invasion; when humans rode horses and wielded swords. Despite possessing technology slightly more advanced than 20th Century technology on Earth, the Race faces a dilemma and considers abandoning their now daunting mission all together.

Focus on technology and fantasy are typical in the science fiction genre but the series true to its unconventional nature focuses on both the political repercussions of allying with the enemy and the impact of the Race has on the human society. The series provides readers with science fiction that is believable while also providing emotionally gripping tales of both human and Race characters and the dilemmas they face.

The world war tetralogy provides readers with insight on the war itself, negotiations between the races and the Race’s struggle to establish control over the earth. The entire series was released in a span of two years from 1994 to 1996, with the first two books being released a year apart and the last two with in the span of 1996.

In the balance

The book details the awakening of the Race’s conquest fleet upon arrival in the Earth’s solar system bringing to an end their twenty year journey. The subsequent revelations they receive on the human race’s advancement, the six month reconnaissance period, struggles and subsequent decision to carry on with their mission are elaborately featured. The readers get an in-depth look at the attack on the human defenses and troops and the subsequent push back they receive from the human race. The humans are faced with their own set of struggles as they turn their attention from battling each other to resisting the Race’s invasion in their various territories. The Race and humans are both faced with struggles and are forced to adapt to changing situations in an effort to win the battle.

Tilting the balance

The second book aptly named tilting the balance narrates the power struggle between the humans and their nemesis the Race. In the beginning of 1943 the Race has control over a big chunk of the world and is engaged in a fierce struggle to gain control over the rest. The humans on the other hand are doing all it takes to keep their homes. Combat is keeping the Race back at the moment but the humans know they cannot keep it up for too long, as the Race steadily advances into the major strong holds. They turn to science as the last result in hopes of defeating the Race. The scientific solution seems fleeting as it is plagued with failures. The humans, being quite a resourceful race manage to come up with a solution that might just tilt the balance of the battle in their favor.

Mordechai Anielewicz

True to the Alternative History genre, Turtledove features actual historical characters in his book and Anielewicz is one of them. A Polish Jew, Anielewicz was imprisoned and suffered under the hands of the Nazi along with fellow Polish Jews. The Race grants him and his fellow prisoner’s their freedom. Indebted to the Race, Anielewicz is faced with a dilemma on whether to join his imprisoners and fight for the freedom of his race or join the Race in gratitude for his freedom.

Anielewicz’s bravery is widely displayed throughout the book in his attempt to do the right thing. A natural leader he is, displayed by his ability to rally people into fighting for a cause. Anielewicz has a strong conviction on right and wrong, prompting him to fight for a just cause. He also has a strong sense of loyalty shown by his conflicted feelings on the Race and the human race.

Fleet lord Atvar

Atvar is the commander of the conquest fleet charged with the acquisition of the Earth otherwise known to them as Tosev 3 for their empire. The blow they are dealt upon arrival on Earth reveals his fear of failure as he hesitates and would rather turn back than lose. Customs seems to be hugely embedded into Atvar’s way of thinking and reaction to situations, witnessed in undertaking the invasion despite reservations in a bit to not be disgraced. Adapting to changing situations, despite their culture and customs the commander as well as the whole host of the Race conquest fleet had to change their ways during the war.


The series diverges from the norm, while there are many aspects that stand out two aspects bring an allure to the series. The first being its believable science fiction while also focusing on the struggles and repercussions that both races face while trying to preserve themselves. Secondly, the series is not entirely fixated on running parallel to historical events, rather it lets events run a more natural course. The book incorporates a large host of characters, ranging from soldiers to housewives, providing a different and intriguing perspective on a war ridden environment. The concept of the book combined with the two reasons strongly laid out provide readers with delightfully gripping read that is guaranteed to keep readers on edge.

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