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Publication Order of Worldweavers Books

Worldweavers is a series of Young Adult Fantasy novels written by Alma Alexander. The first book in the series is Gift of the Unmage published in 2008. The second novel Spellspam was released the same year as the first, and the third novel Cybermage was published in 2009.

Gift of the Unmage

This is the first book in Worldweavers series by Alma Alexander. The narrative introduces the readers to a 14-year-old girl named Thea. She is the 7th of the two-seventh children which implies that she is destined to be very powerful. All she wants is to attend the best magical university when she gets older. However there is something that is holding her back, she does not possess the magic touch at all. She is not even able to undertake any magical projects. She has a feeling that she is letting her beloved parents down too. They too have tried everything in their power to her find her magic nitch. However, there is one thing left to try, and her father will have to incur a huge favor to try it.

In her own investigations, Thea knows that her parents have some plans for her and if the plans underway and some private lessons do not work at all she will have to be sent to The Wandless Academy where the non-magical children go to school. The non-magical schools are meant for the minority, and she feels that she will be nothing in this magical world without powers.

Her world is a place where magic exists in a big way, and in many specialties as well as different levels. If you do not have magic, you are almost equal to nothing in this world.

The first novel in the series is an exciting young adult read. It is not one that you will expect to find lots of violence or lots of boyfriends or girlfriends romance. There is a lot of American Indian mythology usage in the book. The main character, Thea, starts off as just an ordinary teenage girl who in a way feels guilty and sorry for herself for lacking powers compared to her parents who possess magical powers.

Her relationship with her aunt is open and enjoyable. She is so close to her parents such that her lack of powers makes her feel like she let them down. Throughout this book, Thea matures with what she learns while with Cheverly. At school, she makes some wonderful and also unusual friends. Through all the teaching and the beliefs that Thea goes through, she learns that patience is the key and understanding come eventually- an important lesson that has to be learnt by both the adults and children alike.

You will love the authors writing style and the way that she puts her characters especially, Zoe, “smelling disappointment” and “seeing the wind” along with some fantastic magical mix-ups of the senses.


Book two in the series; it is the sequel to The Gift of Unmage. It is the next year, and everyone is back at Wandless Academy. A girl named LaTasha runs screaming from the library. According to Thea, the girl appeared like she had no skin on her face but just muscles. She investigates and finds the spam email that LaTasha read still on the computer; “guaranteeing clearer skin than you can imagine. Could there be a spell involved? However, here at the Wandless Academy no one can do magic, and is Thea the person responsible for all the spell spam since the principle understands what she is capable of doing?

Spellspam is an excellent series installment. It focuses more on the incredible story more than the setup of the magical world and the characters. The spellspams is fun to read, and the way that the author puts them will make you keep guessing.

Thea and her good friends are just curious about what exactly they did with the computers last year since they are a group of magicless kids in a world that is full of magic and last year seemed and felt like magic.

They start investigating more and more into the unique computer magic. Thea only thought that she was the only person who could touch computers in some magical way but the rise in new spell spam leave her wondering whether there could be someone like her in the school.

In this second book, Thea’s powers begin to grow. You will love it when Thea finally manages to “stand on her two legs” when it comes to her superficial magical abilities. She is beginning to get a good control of whatever she can do when to seek help and whom she can find from. She is a young girl and starting to grow up as a character. A new door to more danger opens up when she steps out of her the Wandless Academy. You will love the characters featured in this novel and the way they interact with each other.


This year, everything at the Wandless School feels all wrong for Thea. Her friend, Magpie does not give her attention at all. Of late, Ben has been moody and also dismissive. Moreover, since when did Tess get herself a boyfriend? Moreover, why is Humphrey May working as an agent for the Federal Bureau of Magic and wandering around the Academy?

Thea is out of sorts- in every way, magical and otherwise- and that is before she finds out that she is an elemental mage, a category of a magician so rare to find such that only four others are known to exist.

Now the Federal Bureau of Magic wants her to help unlock some mysterious white cube- the same cube that was found over the summer in the professor’s house and the same cube that the deadly Alphiri are still after. Moreover, stay one step of the FBM and the Alphiri, Thea needs the help of her friend- all of them.

Cybermage the third novel takes the Worldweaver series to the next level. Thea is coming to terms with her own powers, and the world around her is changing rapidly. She has got much to learn but also too much to teach. The author weaves an intriguing fantasy that will keep you hooked from the first page the last.

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