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Publication Order of The Wormling Books

By: Jerry B. Jenkins, Chris Fabry
The Changeling (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Book of the King (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sword of the Wormling (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Minions of Time (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Author's Blood (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

Wormling is a series of books written by American novelist and biographer, Jerry B. Jenkins also the co-author of the Left Behind series with Tim LaHaye. Jenkins is the author of more than 185 novels including historical fiction, mysteries, cop thrillers, biblical fiction, children adventures, spy thrillers as wells as non-fiction books. His books feature Christians as the main characters.

Jerry B. Jenkins began publication of The Wormling series in 2007 when The Book of the King was published. The series lasted five novels concluding in 2008 when The Author’s Blood was released.

The Book of the King

The Book of the King is the first novel in Wormling series by Jerry B. Jenkins. Nothing special is the only way to represent Owen Reeder, at least that is what he has been told his entire life. When a mysterious man visits his dad’s bookstore, Owen’s normal life goes out of control and jumps right into the world he did not know even existed. Owen believes that the only gift that he possesses is the ability to read books quickly, but he is about to be thrust into a war that will ultimately affect the two worlds, his world and the strange world of the Lowlands.

The first book in Wormling series is a fantastic read. Jenkins has the incredible talent of intertwining together a novel of supernatural, fantasy and the story of a humble modern-day teenage main character. This is the story of good and evil battling against each other. There are no scenes of spells or magic in the story and Owen, the main character recites words of power from the Bible, and at times he hears little words of positivity and encouragement from the Holy Spirit. While Owen is attracted to a girl named Clara, there is nothing that happens between them; there are no impure thought of him towards her or any other characters thus making this novel a good read for young readers.

This is a fantasy novel, and yes there are a couple of many bloody battles and weapons in the story. The story also deals with the spiritual illustrations of good versus evil (God versus Satan), and there are a couple of unfriendly people.

Jenkins does a beautiful job in creating all the aspects of the novel. The characterization is beautifully done from the main character Owen to the other supporting characters, both the good and evil. Owen is a boy with a destiny. However, the only problem is that he has no idea of that destiny and as far as he knows, he is just an ordinary boy with uncaring dad and an unknown mother, and a bookstore full of books as his only friends. He is a small boy and unpopular and has problems at school but finds comfort within the pages of the books. But that is until one day when he is introduced to a book like none he has ever seen in his life. Compelled by the book’s message, Owen takes the book, and unknowingly he unlocks the mystery of his own destiny. A far world that is peril at every turn, can the simple boy conquer his own fear to complete the quest set before him?

The Sword of the Wormling

In the second book in Wormling series, Owen, the once timid teenager who never once lived any kind of adventure except those he read in his books is now thrust into another world through the power of a book. After taking on the mission to find the King’s son, Owen is subsequently transported via a Mucker from the highlands to the Lowlands.

In the Lowlands of Shoam, he is quickly introduced to a death and battle when Bardig, one of the residents of Lowlanders waiting for the king’s return dies while protecting Owen. Immediately after Bardig’s dies, his son Connor makes an arrival to fight Owen in order to avenge his father’s death. However before they can fight, the Dragon sends enormous mountains waves of water cascading into the valley as a punishment for killing Dragon’s assassin, Deadwart.
Then Owen guard and guide named Watcher alerts the townspeople to the oncoming danger, but many of them deny to listen and perish as Dragon’s wrath swallows the small town.

In the middle of this copious downpour, Owen and his guide are swept away and embark on a journey in search of a person who can kickstart Owen for his quest. They venture into the desert where the fight lizards of the deadly Badlands while heading to Mirantha Island, where Mordecai the persona non grata will try to help and train our hero to accomplish his quest. Together, Owen and his guard develop both outer and inner strength; they battle Dragon’s prison warden and set all the prisoners free. Owen subsequently grows more skillful with the weaponry he discovered in the Book of the King, and by way of the sword, he utilizes the two weapons.

After the two become war-weary, they discover that their destiny is driving them directly into the Dragon’s donjon, the castle where the King’s Son was abducted. But finding their way inside is a more significant problem than they anticipated and yet people who at first appear to be adversaries rescue Owen and his friend, offering them aid and encouragement when they least expect it.

The Changeling

As Owen and his guardian continue their search for the King’s son, they come across the Changeling- a creature with the ability to transform into anything and even to transform to even other people. Will Owen and his guardian be tricked by the changeling to abandon their mission? How can Owen know who to trust?
Owen has since his childhood believed his only special ability is to devour the books, but the war he finds himself tossed in will affect two different worlds: his world and the lowlands.

The Minions of Time

Throughout his thorough search for the King’s search, Owen has been eager to see who will be the one to unite the Lowlands and the Highlands. Once he discovers his identity, will the King’s Son be ready for the challenge? Will he be ready to battle the Dragon and win?

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