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Publication Order of Worth the Fight Books

Starting out as a writer at the age of thirty, the American author Sidney Halston has been writing successfully for some time now, with her commercially successful novels, as she creates stories and characters that are enigmatic and engaging, setting up situations and narratives that keep her readers hooked throughout, with more and more discovering her work every day. With an easy-going style and a breezy flow to her work, she has managed to build herself a writing career that is at once fun and creative, with characters that are easy to relate to, as well as being easy to root for too.

This has allowed her to carve herself a niche within an otherwise extremely dense industry, something which she has achieved by taking the genre and subverting it, turning its many tropes and cliches on their head and doing something highly unexpected in the process, something which her growing audience has also come to appreciate throughout the years. One great example of this is her ongoing series of novels ‘Worth the Fight’ featuring characters involved in the mixed martial arts scene, along with the women that they happen to get involved with. Whilst this might provide a certain level of escapism on the surface, it really manages to take the reader on a journey that they might not otherwise have had in this subgenre. Knowing her audience extremely well, Halston is a highly confident and competent writer who is a versatile author, creating a style and a tone that is entirely unique to her, something which is especially the case here.

Comprised of six titles in the series so far and counting, the ‘Worth the Fight’ franchise is definitely one that has an enormous amount of potential to continue expanding in the years to come, with a whole host of stories that can be taken from its initial premise. Whilst many of writers could easily fall into the trap of creating characters that are two-dimensional with such a concept, Halston has been able to build upon it and make them extremely easy to relate to, as they resonate with their readers on a far more personal and involved level. Showing no signs of stopping anytime soon either, it appears that this particular series will be continuing for many years to come, as there’s a lot more room to build upon it and a lot more potential to expand on the horizon.

Against the Cage

Originally published in 2014 on the 27th of May through the Loveswept publishing label, this was to be the first title in the ongoing ‘Worth the Fight’ series of novels. Setting up the initial premise of the series, it provides the reader with a good clear idea of what to expect from the series overall, and where it will be heading in the installments to follow. Allowing the style and tone of what is to be expected to shine through, it allows the reader to get involved, giving them a clear idea of what to expect as a whole from it.

With its concept firmly laid out it’s easy to get a clear idea of what this series is about straight away, as it lives up to its initial promise of the first few pages. Depicting characters who are very well drawn, along with a premise that’s extremely well done, it manages to draw upon a range of different ideas creating one main over-arcing concept. Set in Florida as well, it appears to be an area that Sidney Halston knows only too well, and this is something that clearly shows in the novel itself, as the location of Tarpon Springs comes to life, both in this book, as well that of the follow-up title.

Starting out with Chrissy Martin, it sees her getting involved in an altercation with a traffic cop, an altercation that sees he ‘accidentally’ punching him in the nether-regions. Luckily he’s also a mixed martial artist in his spare time, so this doesn’t phase him too much, and soon he finds himself highly attracted to her. With an obvious chemistry between the both of them, they soon embark on relationship that might have more obstacles in the way than first expected. Will they get together? Are they right for each other? What will happen when they find themselves against the cage?

Full Contact

Initially released through the Loveswept publishing house once again, this was first brought out on the 28th of October, just a short time after the first one. Set in the same location as before, it provides a whole new story with a completely new set of characters, something which allows the franchise to be completely reinvented each time. Following in a similar tone as before, it gives the readers with more of what they want and have now come to expect, whilst also providing some twists and turns along the way.

This time telling the story of Jessica Cross, it sees her initially in a relationship to the the violent and possessive Dennis Stavros, an individual who seemed so charming at first. Finally being put behind bars after aggressively attacking her, she finally finds herself in the arms of one Slade Martin, a mixed martial artist who obviously has feelings for her. It appears he has his work cut out for him, though, if he ever hopes to gain her trust so they can become an item, something which he is prepared to work for. Will she ever be able to leave the trauma of the past behind her? Can her and Slade ever become an item? What will happen when they make full contact?

The Worth the Fight Series

Creating an in-depth series that always leaves its readers second guessing as to where it’s going next, there’s a lot of fun to be had with this franchise. A witty, fun and entertaining read, these books are easy to pick-up at any point, with them only being loosely connected to each other thematically, allowing their audience to read them in no particular order. Showing a clear state of progression throughout, though, it definitely evident that she’s progressing as a writer, along with the concept building, something which will carry on into the foreseeable future for some time yet.

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