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Wrath of the Dragon Books In Order

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Publication Order of Wrath of the Dragon Books

Wrath of the Dragon (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wrath of the Dragon 2 (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wrath of the Dragon 3 (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wrath of the Dragon 4 (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wrath of the Dragon 5 (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wrath of the Dragon 6 (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Wrath of the Dragon Series

Eric Vall is a well-known author of fantasy literature, having written over 100 novels to date and counting. His writing is praised for its focus on character-driven stories and protagonists that are humorous and delightful. His gift for crafting stories that draw readers in with fascinating narratives and engaging themes is renowned.

His accomplishments in writing have earned him a faithful following and a place in the fantasy genre. He has a talent for taking readers on a journey through his imaginative realms, complete with captivating characters and exciting plots. His stories are both pleasurable and meaningful, giving readers something to consider besides the storyline. He has managed to win the hearts of readers everywhere, enthralling them with his creative writing style and fascinating stories.

Vall’s Wrath of the Dragon fantasy series has been captivating readers since its debut in 2021. All written by Eric Vall himself, this six-book series follows the story of Arizona firefighter Ryan, who finds himself in the fantasy world of Dracorie after a single fateful fire.

Ryan is forced to navigate his way through this new world while also coming to terms with his own newfound powers. With the help of beautiful angels, he battles a variety of deadly foes. The series is intended for adults and includes some intense and passionately charged scenes.

Wrath of the Dragon

Eric Vall’s ‘Wrath of the Dragon’ fantasy novel was released to the public on October 22, 2021, and was published via the Kindle platform. It was the first installment in the series and introduced readers to a new world of thrilling adventures. Fantasy fans had been eagerly awaiting the unique experience that ‘Wrath of the Dragon’ promised.

Ryan, a firefighter from Arizona, was ready to give his life fighting a fire in Tucson, but instead found himself in the magical realm of Dracoria with an angel by his side. His mission was to make his way through the Night Lands on a rescue mission. The more intimate Ryan became with the angel, the more he realized something powerful was awakening within him.

It was soon revealed to Ryan that he was the dragon and his powers were growing with each new angel he encountered. Nothing could stop him from saving the world and ruling it.

Wrath of the Dragon 2

The second book in the captivating fantasy series, ‘Wrath of the Dragon 2’, was published on December 31, 2021 via the Kindle platform. Readers were promised an immersive world and gripping plot, sure to enthrall fans of the genre.

Ryan was informed that it was time to venture into the unknown of Dracoria. He realized that the demons of this realm presented an unparalleled challenge, but a night angel offered to join forces with him, granting him the power of two dragon forms. With newfound courage and strength, Ryan set out to save the water angel and liberate the Water Lands.

Wrath of the Dragon 3

The much-anticipated fantasy novel, ‘Wrath of the Dragon 3’, was released on January 28, 2022 via the Kindle platform. It was praised for its intricate worldbuilding and character development, sure to be a thrilling read for fans of the franchise.

Ryan had the goal of freeing the Crystal Lands from the grips of a mysterious dark magic. He was determined to rescue the legendary crystal angel who was being held captive, and to do so he had to assemble the pieces of his one opportunity before it was too late. Unfortunately, the power of the demons was taking a toll on the angel warriors.

Thankfully, Ryan was able to enlist the help of a dragon man who could restore the three celestial beauties and their strength each time. Ryan was determined to complete his mission and free the Crystal Lands.

Wrath of the Dragon 4

The fourth title in the series, ‘Wrath of the Dragon 4’, was released on April 18, 2022 via the Kindle platform. Readers could look forward to further character development and more of the worldbuilding that the series is known for.

Ryan had been recently acclaimed as the Dragon King of Dracoria, but his triumph was short-lived. Unexpectedly, fire demons began to cross the voids left behind by the gods, causing chaos throughout the land. He and his fire angel Cyra had to discover the origin and purpose of the demons, so they set out to the smoldering land to enhance Cyra’s powers and Ryan’s status as Dragon King.

Wrath of the Dragon 5

The fifth installment of the ‘Wrath of the Dragon’ series was released for the Kindle platform on September 30, 2022, and fans of the series were eagerly awaiting the new adventure.

Ryan had worked hard to attain the title of Dragon God of Dracoria, and was surrounded by angelic allies. Together they intended to take on the forces of the Jungle Lands. However, their enemies united to try and stop Ryan’s reign. Fortunately, Ryan had the chance to explore new lands, gain new dragon forms, and unlock powers even the Old Gods hadn’t known. Despite the challenges ahead, Ryan was determined to succeed in his mission.

Wrath of the Dragon 6

The sixth installment of the ‘Wrath of the Dragon’ fantasy series was released on December 9, 2022, published via the Kindle platform. Readers were promised an exciting and immersive journey, with characters and plot continuing to develop.

Ryan had been chosen by a mysterious figure to become the Dragon God of Dracoria, granting him immense power over all the realms. He united a force of powerful demons and angels, and set off to save the world from the tyranny of evil. With a desire to acquire the perfect weapons from Earth, Ryan armed himself and his army for the ultimate battle.

Throughout his journey, Ryan found new dragon forms and saved countless angels, creating a life full of adventure and excitement.

The Wrath of the Dragon Series

The Wrath of the Dragon series is a thrilling adventure with a captivating story. Its characters and plotlines are both entertaining and meaningful, making it a must-read for fans of fantasy. With each book, Vall continues to surprise and delight readers, and it’s no wonder that this series has become so popular.

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