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Publication Order of Wrecked Books

Reckless Memories (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Perfect Wreckage (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wrecked Palace (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Reckless Refuge (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beneath the Wreckage (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Wrecked” series of novels is a set of paranormal suspense novels by Catherine Cowles, a bestselling paranormal suspense author. She loves to describe herself as a drinker of diet cokes, writer of words and lover of all things furry and cute, particularly her dog. She has said that she always was to be found with a novel in hand ever since she could read. She published “Reckless Memories,” the first of the “Wrecked” series of novels in 2020. When she is not writing her novels, she can be found searching for her next book boyfriend, listening to true crime podcasts or exploring Oregon her home state.
Catherine Cowle’s love of books came from her parents who would always take her to bookstores to get books. She has always been a huge reader and fell in love with romance novels following a back injury she sustained. She had a long period when she could not do anything else other than watch TV and read as a form of escape. She started reading up to two novels consecutively and fell in love with the beautiful stories. Cowle loved that despite the difficult circumstances, the couple always found a way to prevail.

The “Wrecked” series of novels is set in Anchor Island where the author brilliantly captures the exquisite surroundings and transports us to another world through her characters. The debut novel of the series is about Isabelle Kipton, a woman who has been left devastated after the man she called her best friend left town. Ford had left town after a tragedy as he could not afford the memories. But ten years later, he is back and things between them get very interesting. The second novel of the series tells of successful accountant Kenna who had a terrible past though she cannot leave the island. Her life becomes interesting when she meets successful lawyer Crosby who recently set up shop in town. Happy go lucky and carefree, he hides a world of pain that has made it difficult for him to settle down or love. The third novel of the series is the story of Griffin, a man who has always felt guilty about past mistakes who falls in love with struggling but honorable Caelyn. She is a woman who has to take care of her siblings and seeing her do this melts Griffin’s heart and triggers his protective nature.

“Reckless Memories” is the first novel of the Wrecked series of novels and is the story of Isabelle Kipton. For much of her life, she has been living on Anchor Island but has always had a strained relationship with her parents because of her progressive ways. She has a job at a bar and restaurant known as The Hardy’s and her employers have become something of a family to her as compared to her real family. More than ten years earlier, tragedy had struck turning the then sixteen year old’s life upside down. What could have provided solace and hope was her best friend but he had left town as he was also in pain. The pain and memories had been too much for Ford Hardy and he had left town aged eighteen. He is now the owner of several successful businesses in Los Angeles and rarely comes home since it is not a place he wants to come back to again. But several years later, his family’s bar and restaurant is in danger of going bust and he comes back home to help save it. Bell is not happy to learn that the man is back but now they are forced to work together. Soon enough, the truth of what had happened all those years past comes out and their friendship soon evolves into something more.

“Perfect Wreckage” the second novel of the series opens to Kenna having lost someone very dear to her. She had been shown care and unconditional love but now her benefactor is gone. She is struggling to deal with the new reality when she gets some unexpected but welcome news. But then her slimy ex comes knocking on her door and he is not very friendly. He wants something only she can give him and will not go away until she says yes. But he has greatly underestimated Kenna who he has not seen since they were in their teens. Meanwhile, Crosby feels a strong need to ensure Kenna’s safety. He has had his eyes on the beautiful woman for a while now and learning of the complications in her life, his protective instinct had kicked in. He had always given her a bit of stick whenever he saw her at the local bar but it was all in good fun. She is a woman that lives a very ordered lifestyle and is not known to take many risks. Crosby intends to show her that taking risks and being spontaneous can be fun. He intends to break down her walls even if she is living a very complicated life at the moment.
“Wrecked Palace” the third novel of the series is the story of Caelyn a woman who was forced to become guardian to her brothers and sisters after her parents became drug addicts. She works two jobs and can still hardly afford keeping the all fed and housed. But then she gets a job offer from Griffin, a man she has always had a crush on but had never spoken to him about her feelings. The man had been a loner ever since he lost all his family in a tragic accident. He had become gossip fodder for years given that his family had been famous and well known. After many of his friends abandoned him, he had become a drifter until he was informed that his family home on Anchor Island had been targeted by vandals. He decides to go back home to the island and fix up the house even as he comes to grip with his past. Even though He has known Caelyn for several years, he had never seen her that way until they all find themselves in danger. He is prepared to do anything to ensure they are all safe.

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