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When Revelation Comes: A Journey Across the Sacred Links of Scotland (By: Michael Bamberger,Jim Hartsell,James Sitar) (1970)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Cost of These Dreams (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pappyland (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Barn (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Best American Sports Writing 2015(2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Wright Thompson

The American sportswriter Wright Thompson is highly regarded for his unique and incisive commentary surrounding sports. This commentary has seen him look at sports games in various different forms, speaking out about it and making a name for himself. Providing a unique look at sports in general, he’s hugely talented, making his writing accessible to many all around the world. Writing for many various different publications too, he’s provided a lot of insight over the years, becoming a huge name in the field.

Often found working for ESPN over the duration of his writing career, he’s written about a range of different sports and games. From basketball, to football, to baseball, to racing, he’s an extremely versatile writer with a lot to say on a range of subjects. He’s also voiced opinions on various different subjects surrounding sports, including inspiring a documentary about segregation involved in historical games. This has seen him become a respected member of the sports writing community, offering a professional and articulate voice.

Whether it’s stories or commentary, Wright Thompson is always on hand to provide his own idiosyncratic viewpoint. Writing for a number of different publications both online and off, he’s got a huge level of presence within the world of sports journalism. Conveying the game and what it means, he articulates in both a straightforward and highly direct manner that immediately gets straight to the point. Setting himself apart from other writers within his field too, he really manages to saying something wholly unique and original.

Covering several big name events over the duration of his writing career too, such as the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2011, he’s regularly travelling for his work. This profile of his has led to him becoming a hugely sought after name, with him working for a variety of different outlets. Over time he’s also begun to write books as well, many of which compile different pieces and writings of his in one single compendium. With lots more to come still, Wright Thompson is a gifted writer who will continue growing from strength-to-strength as the years go on.

Early and Personal Life

Born on the 9th of September in 1976, Wright Thompson was born and raised in Clarksdale, Mississippi, to May and Walter Wright Thompson. Growing up with a keen passion for both reading and writing, he would develop a love of the craft from a very early age. His father, a leading Democrat, would invest his time heavily in the local blues scene whilst Wright grew up, transforming Clarksdale into a tourist destination. Interested in sports from early on too, Wright would feed this interest back into his writing and his work as time went on.

Attending the University of Missouri based in Columbia, he would go on to develop his voice as a sportswriter during his time there. Covering Missouri sports as a journalist, he would become a columnist for the Columbian Missourian as the School of Journalism. Interning at the Times-Picayune based in New Orleans, he would become the LSU beat writer there, before moving on to work at the Kansas City Star. Currently still writing to this very day, he’s got a lot more to come yet, as he continues looking for new and exciting ideas.

Writing Career

Often found writing about both society and sports, Wright Thompson is largely known for his work as a leading sportswriter. One of the leading figures within his field, he definitely has to a lot to say, working not just for ESPN, but writing his own books too. Writing articles on contemporary sports, such as boxing, baseball, and horse racing, he also writes numerous pieces on sports history as well.

Producing long-form non-fiction books too, he’s also written such works as ‘Pappyland’ in 2020, and ‘The Cost of These Dreams’ in 2019, compiling many classic pieces together. He’s also contributed to various other non-fiction compendiums alongside other fellow sportswriters over the years too. Still writing regularly for ESPN, he’s a familiar fixture for many, often speaking at various different events as well.

Pappyland: A Story of Family, Fine Bourbon, and the Things That Last

Initially brought out through the ‘Penguin Press’ publishing label, this would first come out on the 10th of November in 2020. A true life account of a real business, Wright Thompson uses his skills as a journalist to follow the story of Kentucky Bourbon whiskey. It’s a stand-alone piece of non-fiction, charting all the details, whilst also ensuring that it’s easy to relate to and follow.

Looking at the story of Julian Van Winkle III, this follows his life and career as he covets the legacy of the family brand of Kentucky Bourbon whiskey. Hoping to contain the taste of his forefathers, he manages to preserve his family’s business, as he comes to be known as the ‘Buddha of Bourbon.’ Following his journey and career path, it sees how he’s handled the company, managing the business of the $5,000 a bottle firm. Hailed by many as the greatest whiskey in the world, he must now preserve the taste for a new age and a modern society.

Well researched and equally well related, Wright Thompson does an excellent job of getting to the heart of the matter. Telling a real-life story, he really portrays a deeper understanding of everyone involved, letting them essentially tell their story. The world is fully realized too, allowing the reader to feel as if they’re really there, with its deeply immersive and compelling narrative.

Sports Writing

Over the years Wright Thompson has written a number of different articles for a variety of different sports outlets. One such outlet is that of ESPN where he has covered various events since 2006, with his producing a lot of of articles and coverage for the organization. In 2012 he also inspired the documentary ‘The Ghosts of Ole Miss’ for the ’30 for 30,’ based on his 2010 article ‘Ghosts of Mississippi,’ which would be based on segregation in 1962. He’s also narrated another ’30 for 30′ documentary titled ‘Roll Tide/Eagle War,’ making him a regular fixture within the media, with more to come still.

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