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Writing novels is at a stage where it is free from traditional genres and in a world where merging fiction and fantasy with fact and reality is ruling. With the young adults who are mostly big fans of unique pieces of works that are rich and innovative dominating the market, it is true that these thrillers are doing the trick. Despite the fact that many writers out there are great at what they do and how they do it; it is only a select group of these writers that show exceptional command of language and talent in innovativeness and creativity that completely takes writing of novels to the next level.

John Lescroart is one these authors. Since his first pieces “Son of Holmes” and “Rasputin’s Revenge” were successfully published in 1986 and 1987, his writing has been a great appeal to the readers. John’s popularity and writing grew proportionally and his pieces became more popular in US’s novel industry. The Wyatt Hunt series is another of John’s creations, with the theme of the series better described by the character’s name “hunt.” Wyatt Hunt, a private investigator based in San Francisco, is the character this crime thriller is revolving around. The series features three books – The Hunt Club, Treasure Hunt and The Hunter. Each of these books is dominated by the theme of the name “hunt” which of course is the last name of the character.

At first, The Hunt Club features only one member – Wyatt Hunt. However, many joined in later with a common interest of obtaining justice. They are not hesitant to include some fun along the way which is exactly what they are into in a San Francisco bar one late night in spring. However, one of the team members is not with them – Devin Juhle; a homicide inspector who has just caught a big case where a 63-year old federal judge has been shot dead alongside his mistress. Hunt is in no working mood as he is up hooking with Andrea Parisi – a legal analyst and TV star who he later escorts home. At first, this case looks something simple – kind of like jealousy and rage of a wife. But the investigations of Juhle reveal something different. It seems the judge had bought himself some enemies in the courts; some of whom he strongly links to this killing in one way or another. Meanwhile, Hunt’s involvement with Andrea leads to his discovery that her star power seems to be leading her to New York City for a job as a national anchor. But Juhle’s investigations discover that Andrea had a connection with the murder of the federal judge along with one of the judge’s clients who was willing to kill in order to prevent the judge from meddling in his affairs. As things continue to unfold, Andrea suddenly disappears. And she becomes Juhle’s top suspect. Hunt can’t swallow this as she feels Andrea is the woman of his dreams; he thinks she is a victim of a murder or kidnapping. The search for her intensifies and Hunt is willing to bend and break the rules with a bunch of loose friends he gathers; something that leads to a scary confrontation from which escaping seems a nightmare. And things start to get really gritty.

The Wyatt Hunt series continues in 2010 with the “Treasure Hunt” where another is dead in San Francisco – a star of a society page called Dominic Como and he is very well connected politically. Dominic was at the helm of one big charity in San Francisco and he has been cudgeled to death and the body found in plain sight in Marina District. Como’s widow, disturbed by her husband’s death hires the Hunt Club which is led by private investigator Wyatt Hunt. Hunt and his brother and associate Mickey Dade first see this as a simple task – but all this changes when the mysteriously beautiful Alicia Thorpe, a suspect in the case, slips her hands around the heartstrings of Hunt’s apprentice, Dade. Investigations reveal that even though power might be the greatest aphrodisiac, money is just as close as never before – and at the intersection of the two sits this stylish charity journey. It appears that many people including Hunt’s employers had a reason to want Dominic dead and they would jump to an opportunity to kill him. The suspects’ list grows even bigger, another murder follows, and things start getting nasty.

Another of John Lescroart’s writing featuring Wyatt Hunt came in 2012 with a dark and intimate thriller called “The Hunter.” This novel is something else. It revolves around the price we tag our families with as well as the terrible costs we can incur when we push too much for the truth. From a family of affectionate adoptive parents, San Francisco’s Wyatt Hunt was never interested in knowing who his real parents were. However, this changes when he receives a text message from an anonymous number: “How did your mother die?”

The answer to this question is murder. He is curious to find out this thanks to this mysterious message and he decides to take on the case that has been unsolved for years. The dark past of his family unfolds in lifeless ends. First, there is Child Protective Services who suspected of neglect but couldn’t prove it and were uninformed as well, then his real father is in hiding and has a record of two tries for murder but never convicted. Third, there is his mother’s friend who is a drug addict and nothing can be traced of her whereabouts. But still, the mysterious sender of the message is yet to be known how s/he is connected to Hunt. The message sender insists the killer is still at large but refuses to reveal their identity. And the cat-and mouse games begin taking shape, taking Hunt across the border and into a far more dangerous place. This thriller weaves a tale that is full of shock and suspense about skeletons that are locked in family closets and the danger that waits at the front door.

The Wyatt Hunt series is a thriller that circles around hardcore crimes which are motivated by hunger for by power, love and money – things that hamper the solutions to the cases as well. This Dynasty-like series relies on more than just melodrama to intensify suspense and it will for sure leave you emotional.

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  1. Linda Eekhof: 2 years ago

    I love the Wyatt Hunt novels and wonder if there’s a 4th?

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      Just the three at this time


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