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Publication Order of Wyatt Books

Garry Disher is an Australian author of fiction. He was born in 1949 and enjoys writing in a variety of genres and creative mediums. His books have sold all over the world and Disher is particularly well known in his home island nation for his novels in the genre of crime fiction.

His first official work of full-length fiction came out in 1987 and follows the life of an ordinary man named Robert. The book shows him when young and then as he grows up. He goes to college and even gets married. Along the way, he must try to seize the chances he has in life. But will he shy away from them or meet them boldly? You’ll have to read this book to find out.

The Stencil Man was his second novel and the momentum continued from there. Disher would go on to write countless standalone novels throughout the entire period of the nineties and then through to the new millennium. If you are looking for interesting stories with enjoyable characters and interesting plots, then look no further than the collection of the many fictional books written by celebrated writer Garry Disher.

Disher has written more than just some well-received fictional novels as well! He has had the distinct honor of his work being put into collections. The first collection was released to the public in 1981 and had the interesting title of Approaches. There would be for more collections to come. If you love this author’s work and want to read more of it, these collections of his short stories and creative works are a great place to start.

Disher has also penned a few novellas. His first to come out was titled Maddie Finn. It is the story of friendship and how troubles can come into a relationship and cause people to struggle as they attempt to maintain a connection. Maddie lives above a converted stable along with her mother, but will she be aware that trouble is headed her way? Pick up this novella to find out and also check out Disher’s acclaimed second novella, which is more animated and designed to be read to or with young children. They will love it!

Garry is a prolific author and has not only written his own work but contributed to series and edited a total of three anthologies. He wrote five made-for-t.v. movies that aired in Australia and is also the author of several interesting nonfiction books on a variety of subjects, from writing to the times and other aspects of the great land of Australia. He is also the author of Peninsula Crimes, a popular mystery series for adults or anyone who loves suspense stories with plenty of twists.

The Wyatt Series is a unique series in that the novels are set in the Australian outback. This incredible landscape and the natural wonder of the land down under. The books all feature the same main character, Wyatt. The series is intended for adults and is fictional and made all the more authentic and vividly descriptive by Disher’s own firsthand experience of the place that he has called home for so long.

He is a man that has made a career out of being a criminal and has always specialized in robbing banks. It’s a lucrative calling that continues to be profitable as Wyatt is always able to avoid getting caught due to his obsessive neatness and ability to leave zero trace that he was there. Without any evidence, the police and even their finest detectives are not able to come up with any leads or suspects.

He uses the money to fund his extravagant lifestyle and lives the high life thanks to doing about two big jobs a year. However, things have been running smoothly for a long time– a little too long. There’s bound to be some bumps in the road down the line, but Wyatt has no idea. Fortunately, he has a cutie by his side in the form of the gorgeous Anna Reid. Whether it’s a hit man being hired to kill him or just a heist that goes wrong, check out the first book in this series with Kickback and keep going until you’ve finished all eight exciting stories!

Kickback is the first novel in this mystery series! Check out the thriller novel that does not stop once it starts going. This debut story focuses on the adventures of the main character for which the series is named: Wyatt. He is a guy with a special set of skills that allow him to burgle and steal regularly and never get caught. In short, he’s good at what he does for a living.

Wyatt is organized to a fault and a competent planner. He is the best of the best and is always careful. Because he only ever works alone, he is always able to control what he does and never be caught or even suspected by the authorities.

As much as the police would love to know who is behind the thefts, Wyatt always manages to avoid detection. But when he meets a lady named Anna, his track record just might change for the worse. What will happen? Pick up the debut novel in this fun series to find out!

Paydirt is the second novel in the acclaimed and suspenseful Wyatt series by Garry Disher. This thriller sees the return of a master criminal who plans his gigs in the heart of South Australia. This time he is on the run after a job gone bad. He’s laying low for a while in a town that isn’t that populated. However, avoiding any detection or trouble might end up proving difficult to do when someone’s out there looking for him.

In the meantime, this criminal is going to have to find a new job in order to make up for losses incurred on the old one. The old job is still haunting Wyatt, and now with a bounty on his head and Wyatt having no idea about it– let’s just say that things are about to get interesting. What will happen? Make sure to pick up the fast-paced sequel of the series to find out!

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