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Publication Order of Wyman Ford Books

Wyman Ford Series

Wyman Ford is the main character in a series of archaeological thriller books by bestselling author Douglas Preston. Ford is a retired monk; CIA agent who’s hired by different organizations to save the world from imminent danger. The stories revolve around archeological finds and feature plenty of mayhem, murder, and suspense.

Wyman Ford series features the return of Tom Broadbent the main character in Douglas Preston’s standalone novel The Codex.

Tyrannosaur Canyon

The Tyrannosaur Canyon is a remarkable novel with plenty of subplots, and each subplot is equally riveting. It can be read as a follow up to Preston’s solo novel Codex to allow you to get a better understanding of the character Tom Broadbent. The author touches on some real-life science to maximize plot richness and suspense.

We meet Tom Broadbent, a local veterinarian riding on his horse in the desert when he hears the sound of a gunshot from the canyon. He follows the sounds and finds a man lying in a pool of blood after being shot several times on his back, his identity- Mr. Weathers

Earlier, the man was trying to escape Northern Mexico; he felt that someone was following him, but he seemed less concerned since he had already found what he saw as his treasure, his lifetime dreams coming to reality. Mr. Weathers, a scientist whose ambition is enough to kill, is a great hunter in the country who he does not have the value of honesty though he insists that he obeys every law of the country. He’s a free man until he realizes that the land where he found that treasure is government property and everything in it belongs to it.

Weathers give Tom a notebook and instruct him to give it to his daughter and keep it a secret. Nevertheless, the killer is coming hence no time to waste with Tom. The notebook has many numbers, a code which tom is not able to interpret. The killer is afraid that the notebook might be taken somebody else before he reaches the body after being paid to find it at any price. On reaching the body, he finds a rock sample. Tom comes back to the scene with the police, but they did not find the body

Mr. Weathers had found a Tyrannosaur fossil worth one hundred million dollars if he sells in the black market. Tom’s wife, Sally, tells him to give the notebook to the police because they are already suspicious but he decides to keep Mr. Weather’s promise. But little do they know that this will cost them a lot; the murderer was clever enough and hid the body so that the police would not find it. In the canyon where the murder took place, no signs of a body found except a pool of blood on the sand.

Wyman Ford is an ex- C.I.A, living in an isolated monastery in the desert. His wife died while on duty, and he was the aimed victim, but after three years he becomes restless. He likes wandering on the dry land alone, watching the canyons, Mesas and the sun scorching on the lonely and hot desert. Wyman has to think of his future; Tom goes to meet him because he was a code breaker in his last occupation.

The resistant Wyman feels bored and is in need of some excitement of his previous life. This will cause him a lot of trouble; the criminal will pause to take the notebook which will reveal the location of the dinosaur because the police are also watching.


The United States has built a Torus which is a potent machine. The machine is several miles long and has certain atoms and particles to bring light nearer to collide with some special particles to create incredible energy. It is the most costly machine ever manufactured by a human being and is buried deep in Arizona Mountain. The importance of the machine is to find out what has been happening since creation took place, but the fear is that it might end up sequencing the earth into a tiny black hole.

A team of 12 scientists headed by a brilliant physicist, Gregory Hazelius, is pressured to demonstrate the projects’ money value. Also, there is a Christian fundamentalist, Russell Eddy, hears rumors about this and begins speaking angrily about it on the media saying that it is a sign of end times. He says that is a sinister plan to disapprove the first book of the Bible, Genesis. A group of religious leaders concludes that the Hazelius, the head of the scientists is an Anti-Christ and they must unite to destroy that Machine before it kills everyone. They plan all this through emails and website postings.

There seem to be no constraints in putting Torus on work and Wyman Ford is on one of the secret spies who should go and find out what the scientists are doing then report back to the government authority on what is happening. Things run out of control immediately when the Evangelical leaders storm the machine causing it to overload and eventually explode destroying the whole facility and causing mega killings. The remaining people escape through the mines into the mountain. The explosion leads to the formation of a cave-in that kills two of the scientists. They then capture the remaining scientists and burn their leader, Hazelius. As they are almost killing Ford and the remaining survivors, they are rescued an American native who moves them on a horse. The guards arrive in time to save the survivors.

The last explosions cause the whole area to form a cave killing Eddy and most of the mob. We later learn that the leader of the scientists imitated the communications while trying to start the science religion. Douglas Preston has done a wonderful job in crafting Blasphemy a thriller mainly focusing on science and religion where each is seeking public opinion. None the two show superiority because each one fails in various ways. If you enjoy reading archeological thriller, then Wyman Ford series is a recommended series for you.

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