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Publication Order of Wyndham Beach Books

An Invincible Summer (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Goodbye Again (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
All That We Are (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Wyndham Beach series by Mariah Stewart
Author Mariah Stewart (a New York Times bestseller) writes the “Wyndham Beach” series of women’s fiction novels.

The series is set in Wyndham Beach, a place where people go to start over anew. The novels each stand alone, but you will want to read each one in turn at least once. It is a three part story of three friends (Maggie, Liddy, and Emma) that grew up together and have remained close into their late 50s.

“An Invincible Summer” is the first novel in the “Wyndham Beach” series and was released in 2021. An endearing book of forgiveness, friendship, and second chances.

It was a lifetime ago that Maggie Flynn, now recently widowed, was in Wyndham Beach. Now, on the occasion of her fortieth high school reunion, she comes back to the Massachusetts coast of her hometown, picking back up where she left off with her dear friends Emma and Lydia. However seeing Brett Crawford again stirs up some other emotions inside of her. They were once the golden couple of the town that was destined for each other. He shared Maggie’s dreams, and eventually, one shattering secret which drove the two of them apart.

Buying her old family home and settling down again in Wyndham Beach means an opportunity for her and her two daughters to start over. However it’ll also mean facing her rekindled feelings for her first love and confronting (and embracing) finally the past in certain ways that she never believed possible. Maggie isn’t going to be alone. With her friends and family surrounding her, she can weather such a stormy turning point in her life and start opening her heart up to the future. As for that dream shared then lost years prior? If Maggie can possibly forgive herself, it may still come true.

Mariah delivers a fun heartwarming read with some interesting characters and solid storyline. The novel pulls you right in and keeps you engaged throughout. Readers quickly settled into this novel and fully embraced the characters, their conflicts, issues, and hopes. With all of the drama Grace faced, readers found they were rooting for her to win. It’s a lovely story, despite being quite messy at times, and fans like how it focuses more on mature characters that still lead active and vibrant lives.

“Goodbye Again” is the second novel in the “Wyndham Beach” series and was released in 2022. One woman striving to move past her devastating past in this uplifting book filled with second chances and hope.

Liddy Bryant, in the wake of her daughter’s unexplained suicide and the abandonment of Jim (her husband), is determined to move on and make a few positive changes in her life. The neglected and shuttered bookstore, in her hometown of Wyndham Beach, is also in need of some renewal, and Liddy sees the chance to get herself and the bookshop back on track. With just a little bit of help from her friends, she is well on her way.

Tuck Shelby, a local contractor, has been a friend to Liddy since forever. He has made himself indispensable in rehabbing her shop, as well as in her life, however he now wants out of the friend zone. He then returns with this long-overdue apology, hoping for some forgiveness and a shot to begin again, and Liddy has this life changing decision she must make.

Into a year when she has faced some changes and a shocking truth about a well kept secret comes not just a second chance at love, but also a second chance at life.

Mariah writes with real tenderness and is sensitive to people’s feelings regarding tough subjects, and she is a very talented writer. With this novel, she delivers a story about life’s downs, ups, happy moments, and its disappointments. These are well developed and strong characters with backbone and care a whole lot for their quaint little town. Mariah manages to develop and create place that we could picture ourselves living in now. Liddy’s story is sure to make you feel highly emotional, and it is a fantastic addition to this incredible series.

“All That We Are” is the third novel in the “Wyndham Beach” series and was released in 2022. An emotional and hopeful novel about enduring friendships, twists of fate, and life’s never ending surprises.

In the ten years since Emma Dean’s husband died, she has maintained an organized and peaceful life in her hometown of Wyndham Beach, until she discovers evidence of her husband’s long running affair. Emma wonders: how exactly can a guy that has been gone for a decade still possibly break her heart?

While Emma is still reeling from this betrayal, she has to focus on the group of artists that she has invited to take up residence at the art center which she founded, one of whom secretly looks to gain refuge from an abusive ex. Toss in one charming businessman that has returned with eyes just for Emma, and it is becoming a most interesting summer.

Biggest surprise of all is about to ring her doorbell and completely turn her life upside down once more. While Emma struggles between what was and what currently is, she finds that the life she truly wants, however unexpected it might be, is close at hand, if only she is willing to fight for it.

This is another fantastic read from Mariah Stewart, one that is both heartfelt and charming. She reaches right into your chest and grabs you by the heart. Then gives it a bit of a twist before putting it back with just a little pat, as if to reassure you it’ll all work out in the end. She has a gift for writing stories that will make you cry, laugh, hold your breath, and sigh.

Each of the three lead characters are all very likable, as they have such a close friendship, have each faced adversity, and they take on life’s challenges and hiccups together. Once again she does something not many other novels do, and that is focus on women over 50 still being active. This one kept readers up well into the night to finish.

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