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Publication Order of Wyndham Werewolf Books

MaryJanice Davidson is an awesome American author who is known for paranormal romance, non-fiction and young adult literature. She was born in August 1969, hence she is now approaching her 46th birthday. She is a great writer who had done marvelous work in her writing career that has greatly impressed most of her readers. She is married and has two children with her husband. They resides in Minnesota together with the family. Since the father was a soldier of the United States Air Force, she always stayed in the military bases, though she moved at times. Her inspiration to become one of the best sellers was due to her innate storytelling ability, humor and skills with dialogue. She was always determined in life and through this, she is now one of the top rated American female authors. She has done several books. One of her top selling series is the “Undead series” that is the best sell in both USA Today and New York Times. In her writing career, she has won several awards like: being the choice award winner of the 2004 Romantic Times. She got to win the same price in 2005 once again. Besides the “Undead series”, she has also written other series like the “Wyndham Werewolves series”, “Fred the Mermaid”, “The Gorgeous Series”, and the “Alaskan Royals” among others. These are some book that you will always love reading. All her books are available online, hence you will always find them online for more reading. The books are also available locally at the nearest bookshop or libraries.

The Wyndham Werewolves (Series by MaryJanice Davidson) has five different novels that you can always read and follow the smart story. The first two books are known as the “Love’s Prisoner or the Secret 6” and “Jared’s Wolf or Secrets 8”. These two books were published in 2000 and 2002 respectively. The last book in the series is known as the “Speed Dating Werewolf Style” also known as “Ow, I Think You Broke The Bone” that was done in 2008. These books are very smart and you will always love the story. You can always find her books locally in case you want to find out more about Wyndham Werewolves (Series by MaryJanice Davidson). Get these novels today and you will be amazed by the great writing skills employed besides the fantastic story.

Love’s Prisoner

This is the genesis book of the Wyndham Werewolves Series. The novel was published in 2000 and up to date, it has highly been rated by its reader. It is a 1919 American silent drama crime film that was directed by John Francis Dillion. The protagonist character in the book is known as Nancy (Olive Thomas), who is a young poor girl. In the novel, we find that Nancy has just left to take care of her younger siblings known as Jane (Dolly Dare) and Sadie (Ann Forrest). This occurs at the time when the father known as Walter Perry dies in jail after being sent to prison for committing a crime. A Good Samaritan comes in their life and through the aid of a quaint philosopher, Jonathan Twist, Nancy is able to find a job as a seller at the Cocoa Climax. Jonathan was also a neighbor who always worked at the watch shop repair also as a part time fence. After working for a while, Nancy meets the love of her life, Lord Cleveland who is a British business man. After being married to Cleveland, her name changes to Lady Cleveland. Unfortunately, the marriage does not last as Nancy would expect because the husband passed away just after sometime in their marriage. Nancy is left without anything she can inherit from her late husband who died without leaving any will. Due to this, the relatives of the late inherit the estate in England that belonged to her late husband. She is quite lucky and she is given the palatial home in America. Despite keeping the sophisticated home, she has no support. It is during this period that “The Bird” is mystifying the authorities and therefore, the activities of the crook is called upon by the police. There happens to be a very heavy theft of diamond during the night of reception that takes place in her house. Due to this, Jimmie Garside is detained so that he can catch “The Bird”. In the process of investigation, Jimmie learns something about Nancy. She realizes that their neighbor Jonathan is the fence for the stolen jewels while Nancy herself is “The Bird”. She also learns that the money has always been given to the poor in the society, something that really motivates him. She therefore decides to continue offering charity whole serving her jail terms out of prison. Finally, they get married.

This is just a small overview of the smart novel that you can always read more about it when you go online. You can also find the book at your local library and you will definitely love it. Besides these, you can opt to watch the story as directed by John Francis and you will find it very interesting.

Jared’s Wolf

This is the second book of the Wyndham Werewolves (Series by MaryJanice Davidson). It is one of the novels in the Secrets 8. In her book, MaryJanice Davidson, talks about Jared Rocke who is the main character in the novel. Jared is very stressed about the death of her late sister and he is ready to do anything to avenge the death of the sister even if it means believing in the werewolves. On the other hand, he doesn’t not actually believe that he is very attracted to Moria Wolfbauer who has even sworn to protect her pack. For them to bring to a halt of the killing, they must have two enemies joining forces. It is at this point that they also learn that love can really defile all boundaries.

This is just a summary of what is happening in the novel. You may be very suspicious to know whether the two enemies really joined forces and even if the two felt in love. To get the answers to these questions, you just need to get a copy of the book and you will be impressed by the great romantic story in the book. They are always available both locally and online.

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