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Publication Order of Wyoming Frontier Books

Chronological Order of Wyoming Frontier Books

The Wyoming Frontier series is a series of historical romance novels written by the bestselling American author Dorothy Garlock. There is a total of six novels in the series published between the years 1989 and 1997. Author Dorothy Garlock began writing the series in the year 1988 and successfully published the first novel in the following year. Throughout the course of the series, Dorothy has given the descriptions of a number of exciting characters and sensuous plots. With a string of huge success in each of the novels of the series, author Dorothy finally concluded the series in the year 1997 in order to focus on the novels of other successful series’ being written by her at that time. Each novel of the Wyoming Frontier series features a different set of character and gives a wonderful account of the love and romance between them. In the first novel of the series, Mara Shannon McCall is depicted as the main character, who returns to Wyoming in order to reclaim the ranch of her father. The plot of the novel moves ahead with a number of learning experiences for Mara Shannon McCall as she tries to keep her life on track and fight for the ownership of her father’s ranch. This is followed by another exciting novel, in which a girl named Katy is introduced as the main protagonist. The plot of the novel is set in a ghost town situated in Montana and shows Katy and her family as the only living people in the town. Soon, a stranger comes to the town with a plan to resurrect the town back to its normal life and also has some special plans for Katy. The series ends with the sixth novel written by author Dorothy Garlock, in which a character named Kristin Anderson is shown returning to the town in Montana. Being described as the main protagonist of the novel, Kristin Anderson has to the town in order to take the possession of the ranch that she inherited from her father. The ranch was called as Larkspur and requires Kristin Anderson to protect it from local thugs. Over the course of the plot of the novel, Kristin Anderson has to deal with several land grabbers and gunslingers in order to have the ownership of the Larkspur ranch of her father.

The first novel of the Wyoming Frontier series written by author Dorothy Garlock was published under the title ‘Midnight Blue’. It was published by the Grand Central Publishing house in the year 1989. The plot of the novel is set in Wyoming and depicts the life of the main character Mara Shannon McCall. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Mara Shannon McCall is introduced as leaving behind her finishing school in order to move back to Wyoming, where she had a ranch which was owned by her father. The ranch was considered as a legacy of her father and since he was no more with her, she decides to reclaim it. But, it does not seem an easy task as it appears. She described as having an unhealthy relationship with her husband Pack. At one point in the plot of the novel, Mara Shannon McCall passes some infuriating comments about the sordid past of Pack, when he used to work as a male whore. Another character named Travor informs Mara about her husband’s blonde whore at a saloon and tells her that the two are close to each other. When he tries to teach the blonde a lesson, Pack comes to her defense. But, when he notices the presence of Mara Shannon McCall and finds her disgusted and mad about, he is not able to explain himself. However, Pack tells her that she will never understand a woman like Candy as he thinks of her to be a snob. He supports his decision of having a relationship with the whore, Candy by saying that he was scrounging to keep his soul and body together.

Mara Shannon McCall becomes very much hurt and feels insulted by Pack. She decides not to forgive him for his shameful act. But, after a bad dream, Mara leaves the matter behind and begins to live with Pack again. Then, the author describes the circumstances in which the two got married. Mara Shannon McCall had dared him to marry her with the intention of protecting her father’s ranch. After some time, Pack decides to take a ride into the town and tells Mara that she cannot come with him. Then he goes to the salon to say goodbye to Candy forever, as he had become a married man. Candy seems very much disappointed to see him disappear from her life as she had plans of a marriage with him. Pack asks Mara and Candy to forget about the past and become friends, to which they oblige. Then more character named Ace is introduced into the plot of the novel, who seems to be an admirer of old Mara Shannon McCall. He slaps her for ditching him and going on to marry Pack, and also threatens to kill him in order to get her back into her life. Mara becomes very much frightened by the warnings of Ace and eventually locks herself in a room to get over the fear. Pack comes searching for her in the dark room and thinking that it was Ace, Mara scolds him for his death warning to Pack, due to which Pack comes to know about the matter.

Later, Mara comes to know that Pack has one more whore in his life, who is known as Nan and lives in town. When Pack and Mara visit the town together, Nan clings on Pack and begins kissing him in front of his wife. Nan literally insults Mara by saying that she does not have the guts to stop her. And instead of stopping Nan from insulting Mara, Pack stands there doing nothing but getting kissed by Nan all over his body. He tries to rubbish of whatever Nan said by telling Mara Shannon that Nan just thinks of him as an elder brother. The second novel of the series was published under the title ‘Nightrose’. It was published by the Grand Central publishing house in the year 1990. The plot of this novel deals with the life of the main character Katy. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Katy is shown realizing the fact that she is the only person left in the desolate and ghostly town of Montana along with her sister and niece. She takes the help of a stranger, who comes to the town with the plans of reviving it. After learning that their plans and intentions about the town are same, Katy decides to team up with him in order to bring the town back to its life. However, she does not realize the fact that the stranger has some personal plans for Katy as well.

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