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Lindsay R. McKenna was born in 14th April in 1989. She is a daughter to Brian and Laura McKenna. She had a brother known as Dan, a soccer player at Villanova. He was actually a captain both as a junior and a senior. Lindsay is an award winning writer. Lindsay has continued her interest in the test piloting and also training as a researcher for her military romance novels. In her pursuit of authenticity, she has gone through high-altitude hyperbaric chamber king of training at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base at Ohio. She has flown an Air Force T-38 (chase plane) out of the Edwards Air Force Base at California. She has done 2 missions (a twelve-hour day mission and a 5-hour mission for the night) in the Air Force Strategic Air Command of (SAC) B-52 bomber out of the K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base at Michigan; she has flown inside a Falcon Coast Guard jet from the Coast Guard Miami Air Station at Florida. Lindsay has also participated in a search-and-rescue helicopter and also training missions out of the Coast Guard Port Angeles that happened in in Washington. Typically, the military experience of Lindsay is her writing’s backbone. In addition to getting credited with writing the 1st military romance genre novel -Captive of Fate in 1983-she has established a thriving sub-genre in the romance section. It is, thus, not a surprise that her several experiences of the U.S. Navy are a backbone for her writing career.

With over 145 titles to her credit and about 23 million books that have been sold in over 33 countries worldwide, Lindsay is indeed among the most distinguished authors in the genre of women’s fiction. She has received many awards which include 6 RT Book Reviews awards and the best author for military romance and also an RT Book Reviews Career Achievement Award. In the year 1999, Lindsay became the 1st best-selling author for women’s fiction to release a new title with digitally. In her status’ recognition as among the establishers of the military romance genre, she is affectionately referred to as “The Top Gun of Women’s Military Fiction.” She writes using her military knowledge as well as interest. By continuing the family tradition by serving in the U.S. Navy, her father instilled a steady sense of patriotism and duty in her. After graduating from high school, Lindsay who was already a pilot student went on with the family tradition by enrolling in the U.S. Navy and serving for 3 years from 1964 to 1967 as a meteorologist.


As one reads all McKenna’s books, they will not help getting entirely involved within every story and keep turning every page waiting to see what happens next. Each of the books is informative, exciting and filled with some human characters that are very real who love and live to the fullest. She skilfully brings the reader into her story and let them read, feel and also sense the humanity and drama experienced by all protagonists. Her protagonist’s descriptions in her stories and their surroundings are so clear that a reader feels that they are part of the plot of the story. In her series Wyoming, Lindsay has brought out the characters greatly and the story in the book series flows. She has written books such as ‘Shadows From The Past’ and also ‘Deadly Identity’ which are pioneer books of the series Wyoming. She has captivated the readers with the plot of the story and all of the characters which have been brought to perfection in the character play.


This is the first book in her series, Wyoming. The story features a photojournalist known as Kamaria Trayhern who goes undercover at the family ranch of, she hopes to find her real father and not romance. However, having everyone in the place convinced that she is what she claims to be is more difficult than she expected. This is especially where there is one sexy ranch hand who is concerned.

After all he has gone through, Wesley Sheridan does not want to ever tangle with anymore lies and heartache. Therefore the last thing that he needs is his attention drawn to this new pretty caretaker, Kamaria Trayhern. However, with a jealous killer planning to rewrite the Mason family history forever, 2 lonely hearts have to learn to trust one another, if they are hoping to survive the season.


In the second book of the series by Lindsay McKenna, Deadly Identity, there is Rachel Carson, who has a past that she would love to forget and the only way to forget is to die. She struggles to make a new life and finds herself in the Jackson Hole, Wyoming. While there she meets with Cade Garner who is a local deputy. In a turn of events that may be regarded strange Rachel becomes the nanny for Garner’s new daughter. The story then goes from predictable to totally ridiculous. The two people are so much in love that they are barely unable to stand being in the same room because of sexual tension and yet still, they are managing to raise Cade’s daughter together for six months without accidental touches or even stolen kisses. The description of the on-going tension between the 2 is somewhat repetitive. In the story, one tragic decision ruined the plans of Rachel Carson and even scared her of her own shadow. She ends up on the run and has to forever give up the hope of finding love or even a baby. But with the new identity, she is able to help in caring for the motherless little girl who is left in the handsome Sheriff’s protection. Cade does his responsibilities with seriously. He will do anything necessary to protect his baby, Jenny and also give her the life which she should have had. However, his sharp instincts tell him that there is something up with the new mysterious nanny who just swept into their lives. This alluring blonde has been able to arouse his senses and heart. The sheriff seeks to uncover her secrets as a lawman. He believes he is able to protect her as well as the baby, but only if she will ever dare to trust a man again.

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