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Publication Order of Wyvern Academy Books

By: Atlas Kane, Grayson Sinclair
Path of Ascension I (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Path of Ascension II (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Path of Ascension III (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Path of Ascension IV (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Path of Ascension V (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Wyvern Academy series by Atlas Kane and Grayson Sinclair
Authors Atlas Kane and Grayson Sinclair pen the “Wyvern Academy” series of GameLit novels. The series began publication in the year 2020, when “Path of Ascension” was released.

The books are a harem cultivation novel that was inspired by Japanese Light Novels as well a deep respect and love for things such as martial arts, anime, battle academy adventures, and kung fu.

These books also contain some explicit adult content, a bit of graphic and persistent violence, unconventional/ harem relationships, and some occasional lapses in decorum that would probably make your dear mother faint. Proceed at your own personal risk. As these books are not for the faint of heart, at all.

Just imagine a story that is able to combine things such as IP Man, My Hero Academia, and your favorite harem novel, and then you will have Wyvern Academy.

The series stars J and Alex, who are two students from Wyvern Academy, and are two hopeful Ascendants. Over the course of their experiences at Wyvern, they learn to open up and come out of their shells, becoming better people and gaining much more confidence along the way. And, of course, they begin improving their skills to be warriors.

“Path of Ascension” is the first novel in the “Wyvern Academy” series and was released in the year 2020. You better watch where you step while you tread the path of ascension. After all of the incursions of Demons from the other plane of existence altered history’s course, and humanity learned one undeniable truth: traditional weapons would not cut it at all. Those that were strong enough to resist, cultivated their Ki, and emerged later on as Heroes of Ascension to battle the demonic threat.

For Alex and J, who are two hopeful Ascendants, this journey starts at Wyvern Academy. However surviving in one of the world’s top battle academies is not the sole thing they must worry about. Things such as their fellow students, all of the beautiful girls, and rivals, as well as the treacherous exams are in the way of their initial steps on the path of ascension.

Fans of the novel found the narrative to be a lot fun and the characters were quite interesting. The authors introduce the readers to a world that makes cultivation believable by giving humanity a reason to develop and cultivate heroes. Readers loved the personal interactions that the two roomies have as well as their ladies. Some found themselves having a hard time putting the book down, reading through without stopping too much, as they were interested the entire time in this story.

“Path of Ascension II” is the second novel in the “Wyvern Academy” series and was released in the year 2020. Heroes can also stumble while they are walking along the Path of Ascension. After the excitement of midterms has died down, J and Alex look forward to just relaxing during their vacation. The happiness they end up finding, however, is far too fleeting.

Alex gets whisked off during the middle of the night, heading off for some challenges that are going to push his own personal limits. J accepts his new role as eager student, until he is required to contend with a past rival. Can they both overcome their mounting obstacles and emerge as Heroes of Ascension?

Fans of the novel really enjoy the interpersonal relationships these characters are developing and they are evolving as characters too, and there is a ton of adventure and action with a bit of intrigue. J starts to face his insecurities and fears, and Alex has to broaden his mind to the possibilities of what he can have. They both open up, with Alex opening up to ladies, and J is starting to open up to pretty much everybody. It is another fun, enjoyable novel that is difficult to put down for very long, getting hooked in right from the very start.

“Path of Ascension III” is the third novel in the “Wyvern Academy” series and was released in the year 2020. Leviathan Academy stands above all of the others, on the path of ascension. J and Alex have fully achieved the powers that they sought at Wyvern Academy and come out the other side alive after they faced off against their very first demon. Their success is going to mean very little, however, when they begin confronting their own limitations.

Both of these heroes are striving for even bigger heights while the annual tri-school tournament is fast approaching. Everybody hopes that Wyvern will be able to unseat Leviathan in this international competition, and they will do everything they are able to in order to win. However, there are some lines just were not ever meant to be crossed.

These characters continue to experience happiness, pain, and satisfaction in the growth of their abilities which enables them to defend against the demon invasion. The novel is both engaging and well written, the pacing is excellent, the cultivation angle is interesting with more details in this world about how it works, there is more bromance, and a kick ass tournament angle. These authors offer up a great combination of magic and martial arts in the novel. Every time readers finish one of these novels, they cannot wait until they can get started on the next book in the series, as they are that invested in them.

“Path of Ascension IV” is the fourth novel in the “Wyvern Academy” series and was released in the year 2021. There is going to be a price to pay when walking down the Path of Ascension.

J and Alex, who are currently recovering from the ups and downs of the Leviathan Global Tournament, come back to a far different Wyvern Academy. Long gone are the days when terms like First-Year or Fourth-Year meant anything. Now, just skill and Ki mastery are what matter while our heroes take the next steps on the Path of Ascension.

Combat application and cultivation are going to become all encompassing while the world’s best battle academies transform their top students into front line soldiers.

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