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Publication Order of Xander King Books

Chronological Order of Xander King Books

Born and raised in Kentucky in the United States, the writer Bradley Wright is a resolutely American voice, with a strong penchant for thriller and mystery novel, following on in the tradition of writers such as Stephen King and Carsten Stroud. Keeping readers glued to the edges of their seats, he has been able to create a long and illustrious career from writing about protagonists living life on the edge. Whilst this may be a genre that has a large number of entries in it, he manages to make his work stand apart from the rest, with his highly distinctive and unique voice, that’s both idiosyncratic and refined in equal measure. Writing with confidence, he has built a reputation for high stakes action that carries the reader along with gusto, building a sense of excitement and suspense throughout. His characters are also extremely well drawn as, whilst they may be analogous to the genre, they are unique enough to be their own creation and not just pale imitations of what has come before.

This is something that many aspiring writers have found difficult with the genre, but he has managed with seemingly the slightest of ease, as he ensures that they become their own creation. Giving many of his leading protagonists their own series, he also manages to create a variety of long and highly successful franchises, ones which ensure that their readers continue to keep coming back for more. The series themselves are intricate in their style and approach, as they allow the readers to invest themselves within their worlds, something that is open to readers regardless of their background and where they’re from. Speaking on a universal level, many of his characters may originally hail from the United States, but they resonate with readers on a worldwide scale.

One particular character is that of Xander King, a character who leads his own franchise; the long-running and much loved ‘Xander King’ series of novels. Following this covert CIA agent, the books manage to chart his progress, as they see him living a dual life as a multimillionaire playboy businessman, whilst he also works undercover as a CIA operative, all whilst maintaining front for his operations. Skilled at his job, he is one of the CIA’s most valued weapons and resources, ensuring that he will defeat whoever stands in his way. This leads him into a series of adventures and missions, all of which sweep the reader up into the excitement and suspense of the over-arcing narrative overall.

With the series starting out in 2016 with the title ‘Whiskey and Roses’ the franchise has come a long way since, with a further four novels. Followed up with the sequel ‘Vanquish’ shortly after the first, the series has been released in quick succession, with novels coming out quickly and rapidly. This has also included a prequel title brought out in 2017 with the book ‘Vendetta’, along with the ‘Xander King Box Set’ series, which collected the first three novels, along with the prequel as well.

Whiskey and Roses

Initially published in 2016 on the 14th of March, this would go on to set-up the series of ‘Xander King’ novels for the very first time, establishing both the style and the tone of the novels to follow. Introducing the character of Xander King himself for the very first time too, it really works at building him up as a fully three dimensional personality who feels both real and grounded at the same time. Giving him his first mission too, it not only works at creating the premise, but it also tests him as a leading protagonist too.

Living in the public eye as a highly successful and charismatic young businessman, Xander King is harboring a secret away from all the publicity; he really works for the CIA. Having witnessed his parents murder at a young age he vowed to wreak revenge on those that killed them, the only thing is, though, that the CIA now want their most expensive weapon back. With them hot on his tail, he finds that he must wage war with the enemy if he is to survive this particular ordeal and make it out alive. Who murdered Natalie Rockwell, the Hollywood sweetheart he just spent the night with? Where will his enemy strike next? What will become of the whiskey and roses?


Released not long after the first, this also came out in 2016, with it being published on the 29th of September this time, as it would continue on directly from the previous book, it being the second in the ongoing ‘Xander King’ series of novels. Continuing in much the same vein as before, it provides him with his next mission, all whilst developing his character at the same time. Not only that, but it also works at world-building too, taking the format to an even larger stage than before, giving it a lot more scope and scale in the process.

Following a much a needed party aboard one his yachts, Xander King wakes up a week later in hospital only to find he is being tailed by one of Russia’s most dangerous and deadly assassins. Now he also has to cooperate with the CIA as well, as he finds he must deal with his team and the mistrust that he feel among them all. Tired, alone and seemingly at the end of his tether, Xander King must pull out all the stops if he ever hopes to keep ahead of his enemy and stay alive. Will he learn the truth behind it all? Can he stop his assassin? Who will he finally vanquish?

The Xander King Series

A highly popular series it’s easy to see why this particular franchise has gone on to be so popular, with a whole range of books being released in a relatively short amount of time. Clearly knowing and understanding his audience on a most fundamental level, Bradley Wright takes his readers on a long and highly fulfilling journey, by the end of which they really feel as if they know the character of Xander King both inside and out. Leaving behind a strong legacy, this is a series that will carry on into the foreseeable future, with a lot more room to continue expanding for quite some time to come.

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