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Stephen Baxter is an English author of fiction. This U.K. science fiction and fantasy genre storyteller was born in Liverpool. He has won many awards for his work, including the Locus Award. He is the author of many series and currently resides in England. He wrote the television documentary Doomsday and appeared twice as a presenter in television documentaries.

Stephen Baxter was inspired by classic authors in the science fiction genre that came before him and admires the works of such authors as Arthur C. Clarke and the writer of the famous novel War of the Worlds, H.G. Wells. Now Baxter has added a significant amount of his own work and his published fiction will be added to an already distinguished lexicon.

Baxter came into the world on November 13, 1957 and in addition to composing fiction (some of which is award-winning), he was also fully trained as an engineer. Who says that you cannot be technically talented and creatively fulfilled too? Stephen Baxter is proof that you can excel using either side of your brain. He received a degree in mathematics from Cambridge and Southampton Universities, where he received his doctorate in the incredibly complex field of aeroengineering research.

He is the author of the acclaimed Xeelee Series. It kicked off in 1991 with the publication of Raft and continued with the publication of the second installment of this popular soap opera in space. Timelike Infinity was followed by several more novels and two omnibus collections were released.

Raft is the first novel in Baxter’s series. When a hole in space and time allows a spaceship from Earth to get to another universe entirely, things certainly can be said to be strange. The crazy thing is that the crew actually does survive this unexpected wormhole; however, the place that they have ended up is just not where they started. Now they are somewhere where the gravity is actually about a billion times as powerful as the normal gravity that exists on their home planet of Earth.

While there is no reason that any of them should have survived, the ship came out of the hole in space and time into a gas cloud that somehow provided an atmosphere for them all to breathe. With incredible amounts of time passing into the future, now it is up to the children of their children to continue the important struggle just to survive.

This ultimate tale of getting marooned in space is full of twists and turns that will keep you engaged the entire time. The descendants of the original crew have now split into two factions, 500 years later in the future. The Belt is where the group that calls themselves The Miners lives. This place is a group of dwellings that orbits around a dead star’s core. They trade excavated materials from this core for food to survive.

Meanwhile, a group of scientists continue their work on a place called The Raft. Their goal is to preserve all of the knowledge that helps them to survive. The main character is Rees. His sense of adventure and his unique choices will allow him to do crazy things such as catching a ride on a flying tree that may just take him further out than he ever imagined. What will Rees find out there? You will have to read this novel in order to discover what happens for yourself!

Timelike Infinity is the exciting sequel in Stephen Baxter’s breathtakingly awesome science fiction series. If you loved the debut story in this series, you must check out this fun and fast-paced second installment. This book is really fun because like the first tale, it is set in the future. However, whereas the first was set 500 years in the future, this story takes place roughly two thousand years in the future.

When the solar system comes under the dominating force of a singular species of alien, the quadrant doesn’t know what to do at first. It’s no time at all before they continue to rally. But when a spaceship appears in this place out of nowhere, everyone is going to be thrown for a loop. Particularly when they find out the truth.

This spaceship is not the same as other ships that are around. It seems to have come from about 1500 years ago– the time when it was first launched. So what was it doing for over a thousand years and how did it come to be here? It seems that the ship was designed as part of an experiment to test whether people really could travel through time successfully.

The ship appears to be evidence that the experiments and the goal of the mission was a success. The goal of the ship was to help establish a link that would then allow the people or aliens operating it to hopefully successfully travel through time and space. This ability would give them unlimited opportunities and maybe even power– but what if the tech fell into the wrong hands?

To the people that sent the ship, this was a chance to test what they could do and see if they could establish a link in real life. To the people that are now seeing this ship, it looks like a chance to finally be able to reverse the hands of time. But will they be able to use the ship for what they want to do or will they be unable to operate it?

This sequel will have you feeling as though you plunged into a science fiction wormhole of the very best kind. The spaceship comes with a wormhole that may be able to go into the past, but can these people dare to finally go through with their intentions? Can they survive what they attempt to do?

The Qax alien race have full control of the planet Earth. It is up to a lone Rebel group that call themselves the Friends of Wigner to try and harness the power of the wormhole and ride it to the past. There they will try to save humanity by finishing The Project.

Meanwhile, in the past, the creator of this technology must make a choice that may influence everything. Can he choose correctly– or are they all doomed? Pick up this second novel in the Xeelee series to find out!

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