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Publication Order of Xenoworld Saga Books

Kyle West is an accomplished author of fictional novels that mainly could be classified into the science fiction genre. While his stories usually have grand themes, they also incorporate elements of horror and fantasy. He was born in Lake Jackson, located in Texas, February 12, 1988.

This author currently resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He is the author of the Xenoworld Saga series as well as The Wasteland Chronicles. West likes to write books that are not only inclusive of science fiction elements but packed to the brim with action and adventure. Writing page-turning novels that have countless twists and keep readers on the edge of their seats is what he enjoys most.

Kyle West is the creator and the author of the Xenoworld Saga series. These series of fictional novels kicked off with the release of Prophecy, the debut novel in this series. West followed that up with Bastion and then the third novel in the series, which was titled Beacon. Sanctum is the fourth book in the series, followed by Kingdom.

The Xenoworld series is closely related to the Wasteland series as it is set in the same world. However, not only is it set in a different time but the plot and the characters within it are totally different. If you read the first novel or all of the novels in Kyle West’s exciting science fiction series, the Wasteland Chronicles, this is a natural companion to that series.

Although it’s a great idea to read the Wasteland Chronicles before reading The Xenoworld Saga, it is not required. You can simply pick up The Xenoworld Saga and dive into a science fiction and fantasy novel full of action and adventure and creativity. This series and the Wasteland series are a breath of fresh air and a series unlike any other!

Prophecy is the debut novel in the science fiction series by Kyle West, The Xenoworld Saga. The book is set nearly four hundred years after the events of the Ragnarok War. Even though it was a great battle, now what transpired there has all but faded, lost to the legends of time and fallen into myth.

What used to be called The Wasteland is now an area that is totally dominated. Control belongs to the Annaran Covenant, and the iron fist of this theocracy enforces its rule across the land. The Red Wild lies to the east of the Convenant, and it is there where the human Elekai lives.

Each of the sides shares the same Goddess, the one that they acknowledge by the name of Annara. They both think that the goddess has called upon them to exterminate the other. But when each side has the same prophecy and the same goal, one of them surely has to fall.

It is said that the prophecy will come to pass during the period of time known as the end of days. This time will be called the Second Darkness, and when this time comes each side will have to do their best to take out the other. All in the name of their sacred Goddess, Annara.

Shanti Roshar is just seventeen years of age, but she may have a bigger part to play in this world than she could ever have imagined. She lives in Colonia, the capital of the Covenant’s land. One day she is utterly surprised when she finds out that she has been gifted with the language of dragons. Shanti Roshar can do what so many others cannot; talk to dragons and understand what they say back.

To be sure, this is a rare gift. But rare gifts like these often attract attention, even when it is unwanted. When she attracts the attention of the Hunters of the Covenant, things are certain to be changed forever. Can Shanti avoid being used for others’ goals, or will her gift get her in trouble? You are going to have to pick up Prophecy, the exciting first book in Kyle West’s Xenoworld series, to find out!

Bastion is the second book in The Xenoworld Saga series by acclaimed writer Kyle West. When we last left Shanti, she had discovered that she had a unique ability that no one around her seemed to have; she was able to converse with dragons, the mythical and powerful creatures of old.

Now following a reversion, it has been two months’ time that has gone by. Shanti continues to train at the Seeker’s Sanctum and works to try and become stronger. Along the way, she is distracted, as visions of Anna’s past constantly come at her. The visions seem to the teenager to be concrete proof that she and the divine goddess are intimately connected in a way that no one else could really ever truly understand without experiencing herself.

The trouble is that it is a bold claim indeed to claim that you are connected to a goddess, particularly one as revered as the goddess Annara. Shanti has spent her whole life in awe of the goddess that everyone else seemed to hold in such high esteem.

It seems that her time spent training is also starting to pay off. When it comes to her progress, Shanti is flying along at amazing speeds. She’s picking up things far more quickly than anyone ever expected her to. The progress is so unique that the entire Sanctum is starting to perk up their ears and pay attention– there’s something unusual about how fast this prodigy is making her way through her training.

Shanti is not concerned and barely notices how well she is doing. It’s all coming so naturally as she makes her own way and decides to risk it all by daring to come back to Colonia, the capital of the Covenant. She must risk it all because she knows deep down that the prophecy of Annara and her parents may very well hold the keys to understanding the past.

It may just be that she has a role to play in the prophecy. Can Shanti be the one to stop the arrival of the Second Darkness before it is too late? Pick up this thrilling sequel, the second in the Xenoworld Saga by Kyle West, to find out!

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