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Xio Axelrod is an award winning and USA Today bestselling author who has made a name for herself writing contemporary romances with twisted and strange stories.

The author grew up in the recording industry and at a very young age, she started performing, which perhaps lay the foundation for her future career. Because of this, she has an encyclopedic knowledge of popular music.

The completely unapologetic fan fiction writer, badge wearing girl usually gets her inspiration from everything she experienced in life. Right from the lyrics of her latest favorite songs, quirky neighbors to the latest clips from SKAM, her favorite TV stories, all find their way into her novels.

When she is not writing her novels, she can usually be found in her home studio which incidentally is in her bedroom. She currently lives with her husband, a very patient man who takes all her eccentricities and a supremely pampered outdoor cat.

Axelrod was born in New Jersey but spent much of her time growing up in Philadelphia. After a childhood in Philadelphia where she did a lot of music, she moved out of state after graduating from high school. She went to college in Maryland and afterwards did some things in London before she came back home to Philadelphia.

Writing is something that Xio Axelrod always loved doing. As a child she was involved in songwriting but it was not until 2013 that she penned her first story. It turned out to be the turning point that she needed as the serial which she published on her blog went viral.

Her first ever published novel was “Calum” that she published in 2014 that went on to become a bestseller. She has never stopped since as she now has more than ten novels to her name across more than five series and several single standing novels.

Axelrod first considered herself an author when her first novel began to pick up a lot of sales on Kindle. She never thought anyone would be interested in what she wrote and was pleasantly surprised when it picked up several awards and great reviews.

She was inspired to pen her debut from the fandom that sprouted from the Diana Gabaldon Outlander series.

Since Xio Axelrod is quite the reader, she has been inspired by many novelists across the genres over the years.

Some of her favorite authors include Robin Covington, Sarah Hegger, Sierra Simone and Susan Scott Shelley. Most recently she has been loving the work of Roan Parrish for their striking poignancy, the love and hope which always blow her away.

As opposed to other authors, Xio did not get much support from her family as she did not tell them that she was working on becoming a published author. It was only when she had her novel published and getting reviewed on the blog at USA Today that it became harder to hide.

Her journey to publishing was driven by the support of Dena Heilik, a friend and librarian who read her first viral story. She was responsible for creating the book’s Goodreads profile.

Another friend that was instrumental was Denny S. Bryce took her to a conference where she was introduced to the Romance Writers of America.
Even though she does not write full time, she hopes that she can one day call herself a professional author.

Xio Axelrod’s novel “Falling Stars” is a thrilling novel that introduces Sam Newman and Val Sanders. They are two Hollywood actors at opposite extremes of their acting careers. Val Saunders is experiencing exponential growth in her career while Sam’s never really took off.
They are brought together by fate when some director casts them as lovers on the most popular television series in town. They find themselves having some off the charts chemistry that spills over into their everyday lives.

He is an honorable man that has been faithful to a woman that has been toxic for nearly half his adult life. He has never been unfaithful and does not intend to start now even though he is falling head over heels for Val.

On her part, she has worked hard to become an A-list actor and she is sure a scandal may bring everything crashing down. But her brain and her heart seem to be reading from different scripts.

Romance is an ideal that most people are always looking for in love and this story explores that idea. Sam has a second chance at love but before he can take the opportunity, he has to ask himself hard questions about life in the public eye, what it takes to be happy and duty.

The novel is the start of an emotional, sensual and sexy roller coaster ride that asserts that love is always worth it even if not always easy.

Starlight by Xio Axelrod is an interesting novel that continues from where “Falling Stars,” the debut novel of the series, left off. After dancing around each other for months, Val and Sam are finally going to see each other again.

As stars of the We the People the new and very popular hit TV show, Val Saunders and Sam Newman have been blazing a trail. Cooler conversations all over town have been dominated by the chemistry between the two actors.

But their success and talent is not everything people are talking about. There is now talk of a secret off screen love affair between the two. The young ingenue and the married man wave these off and assert that they are just good friends.

What they are not yet ready to acknowledge is that they have deeper feelings for each other. As the lines between reality and fantasy become increasingly blurred the rumors fly and they find it harder to deny the accusations.

They still have some smoking hot chemistry and even if they deny it so hard it is clear to everyone that what exists between them is more than a deep friendship. How long can they keep up the charade since they cannot seem to resist the other.

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