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Publication Order of Yanik Silver Business Books

Instant Sales Letters (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Moonlighting on the Internet (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
How To Double or Triple Your Price...And Still Provide an Incredible Value (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
34 Rules for Maverick Entrepreneurs - More Profits, More Fun & More Impact (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Maverick Startup (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Million Dollar Emails (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Evolved Enterprise (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Cosmic Journal (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Cosmic Journey Oracle (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Yanik Silver

A man of many talents, the American writer Yanik Silver is an equally well regarded businessman and entrepreneur as well. With a strong voice and a confident style, he really knows how to effectively convey his message and say exactly what it is that he wants to say. Creating his own personal brand, he manages to put forwards a set of ideas that are extremely bold, giving his audience a clearly positive and powerful message. This has allowed him to become a figure currently residing at the forefront of his particular industry, attracting an audience from all the world over. Over time he has worked at building upon this brand, moving it forwards constantly, something that he will continue to do for a long time to come yet.

Early and Personal Life

Highly ambitious from an early age, Yanik Silver always had a clear idea of what it was that he wanted to achieve. Setting out to get the job done, he would embark on a career filled with promise, gaining a high level of fame in the process. Constantly looking to push himself even further, he would display this ambitious streak from early on, always looking to be the best that he can be.

Educating himself through his extensive work as a businessman and entrepreneur, he would successfully manage to propel his profile to international status. Gaining the respect of his many peers and contemporaries, he would quickly rise in prominence as one of the leading figures within his field. Over time this has evolved exponentially, as he currently writes too, which he does from his home in Potomac, Maryland, as he lives with his wife Missy and their two children.

Writing Career

Starting out as a businessman, Yanik Silver would soon embark on imparting his knowledge through various non-fictional texts. This would give his readers clear and informative breakdowns of what it was that has made him so successful in the world of business up until this point. Allowing his work to speak for itself, he has always subscribed to a forward thinking philosophy, setting out to achieve what he wants with focus and determination.

Founding ‘Maverick1000’, he would create a network of leading industry figures and top entrepreneurs, which would be invitation only. This network would span across the world, reaching all corners of the globe, allowing a number of highly famous and sought after figures to be included. With his many ventures still running to this day, Silver continues to write about them, helping others to also realize their true potential as well.

Moonlighting on the Internet

Published through the ‘Entrepreneur Press’ this was to be a stand-alone non-fiction book providing guidance and information. Collating advice from different experts, Yanik has compiled here a guide on how to make it whilst working and making profit online. Initially published in 2007 it would first come out on the 21st of November, providing a very informative and in-depth analysis of the online marketplace.

Scouring the internet searching for ways to make money on a regular basis, the marketing guru of the internet Yanik Silver has come up with some tried and tested methods. Getting to the heart of the situation, he has managed to gather a total of five different experts in the field, allowing them to impart their wisdom here. This is done through various methods, such as the selling of information, through to affiliate marketing and eBay, all of which have huge profit potential. Along with that, the experts include their own perspectives, giving the material some much needed weight, enabling them to impart their wisdom on the reader. With these tried and tested formulas the process of moonlighting on the internet is laid out in both a clear and concise manner.

Working as a non-fiction book, this really is a must for anybody hoping to break into the field of creating profit online. Put forwards in a clear and legible manner, it gets to the heart of what is available out there for the reader, and what is on offer to them. This will allow them to become a lot more proficient in achieving exactly what it is that they want to achieve, effectively making a living for themselves. As an example of what Yanik Silver is really all about, this is an ideal place to start for anybody hoping to find out more on him as an author.

Maverick Startup: 11 X-Factors to Bootstrap From Zero to Six Figures and Beyond

Published through the ‘Entrepreneur Press’ publishing label once again, this would first be released in 2012 on the 28th of February. Working as another non-fiction title too, it would also be a stand-alone book as well, providing much sought after information and advice. Imparting his knowledge in a easy going style, Yanik definitely manages to capture the attention of the reader with his bold and direct tone.

Including a list of much needed attributes for helping any budding entrepreneur create their own ideal start-up, this provides a list the much needed ‘X’ factors. Basing itself on the premise that a zero budget is required when starting a business, this looks at how the reader can make it for them-self. Taking their potential, it gives them real-world and applicable advice that they can take forth and use to make themselves money. It also provides a series of clear and straightforward examples, ones that really get straight to the heart of the matter almost instantly. Placing the onus on the individual, it shows them how they can be the ones to drive their own success, without requiring help from anyone else.

Motivating the reader essentially, this is ideal for anyone hoping to make it in the world of business and achieve their dreams. Pushing them forwards, it manages to create a sense of ambition, giving them the drive to do exactly what it is that they set out to do. Writing with a certain degree of levity as well, it really manages to propel them forwards, giving them a clear idea of what to expect too. This is a great example of what Yanik Silver has to offer as an author, and is another ideal starting point for this learning more on both him and his work.

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