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Publication Order of Young Bond Books

By: Charlie Higson, Steve Cole

Publication Order of Young Bond Graphic Novels

SilverFin: The Graphic Novel (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

Charlie Higson is an English author of fiction. He was born in the United Kingdom on July 3, 1958. He first became a published author in the year 1992 thanks to the release of his first full-length fictional novel.

In addition to writing plenty of popular works in print, he has also contributed to many series– both original and collaborative. He has released a graphic novel and worked in entertainment for a long time. He currently resides in London along with his family.

Higson was well-educated in his youth, attending the prestigious Sevenoaks School. He went on to study at the University of East Anglia. Interestingly enough, he met several fellow friends there, and his brother went on to teach there for over a decade. While studying at school, he formed a band with two friends of which he was the lead singer for six years. They even released two recorded singles.

Charlie also worked in different fields and jobs before moving onto writing full-time. He worked as a plaster worker and even turned to writing and performing comedy on stage. He achieved some measure of success and recognition when he became not only of the writers but performers on a popular sketch show airing on the BBC Two. The show aired for six years and was called The Fast Show. It ended in 2000. He also wrote a book on it along with his friend Paul. The book was nonfiction and was released in 2006.

He also collaborated on a radio comedy, with his friend Paul Whitehouse. He has been in the business and public eye quite a bit due to his success on the sketch show, gaining him attention, credits, and reputation. He also co-wrote a screenplay for a film titled Suite 16 in 1994.

He has worked in television extensively as a writer, producer, star, guest, director, and more. He has appeared in television and movies and wrote television adaptations based off various works.

Charlie also took some time out from writing for adults with a new series that would focus on the school days of the character attending the private school Eton. That is how he became the author of the Young Bond series, which kicked off with the debut novel in 2005. As you may have already guessed by the title, the series is an interesting and creative look at the adventures of the famous British character and spy, James Bond, in his younger years.

Silverfin is the exciting debut novel in the Young Bond series. This exciting first chapter in the story takes the reader back to the days before the spy became such a legend, far before he grew up to become one of the Crown’s most talented protectors. This is the story of the man before he became the man– the boy who would grow up to be the legendary spy known by the name of Bond.

While Bond is destined to become one of the greatest spies in the world and go down in history as one of the most famous characters ever to be featured in movies, Silverfin focuses on the spy before he was even aware of who he would grow up to be. Instead of worrying about women and villains and super plans to take over the world, James’s biggest problem was how he was going to fit in with his classmates at a new school.

While he will one day work for one of the most prestigious and secretive top-level organizations in England, right now Bond’s biggest task is to make new friends and get used to his new school. This will involve trying to blend in, meet new people, find out what the rules are, and even square up against a bully or two while trying to adjust.

However, Bond has little idea that his difficulties may extend beyond the range of everyday school boy challenges. He may just come to find out that there is something out there lurking and waiting for him to appear. Could this be the mysterious SilverFin– and what can it do? The reader and the main character of this story are about to find out. Pick up this exciting debut novel and see why this series has grown to be so popular with audiences!

BloodFever is the engaging second installment of the Young Bond series. After some adventures abroad, the young student has returned to Eton. He’s made a few friends and now he is trying something new. The Danger Society is not your average group, but they enjoy taking risks and so does Bond, so here he is.

With the prospect of summer vacation tempting him, he’s excited to go on an upcoming school trip. The trip will take them to Sardinia, a gorgeous Italian island. On top of that, he is looking forward to the chance to get to hang out with his cousin Victor. Not everything is as it appears at first glance on this island, however.

Bond finds out quickly that Sardinia is more than just an exotic destination for tourists and students. It also seems to be hiding some secrets of its own. When his cousin’s home is turned upside down and some of Victor’s most priceless art have been taken, the two don’t know who to suspect. But eventually they find out that the heist may be thanks to some of the most covert groups of all time– far more underground than his own secret society could ever hope to be.

To his surprise, James finds out that a society from Roman times may still be quite active. Long thought to be totally defunct, the Millennaria society is alive and well. Bond thinks that there may be one villainous millionaire in particular behind it all, but with some of his professors acting weirdly, he has far too many suspects at the moment.

Has the young student stumbled into a conspiracy to rival all conspiracies? You will have to pick out this sequel in the Young Bond series to find out! Check it out and see what so many Higson fans love about his writing for yourself.

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