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Young Sherlock Holmes Books In Order

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Publication Order of Young Sherlock Holmes Books

Sherlock Holmes’ written by Arthur Conan Doyle is a widely read series. Holmes is a private detective character created by the author who has a strong observation and is an expert in logical reasoning through which he can solve any case which involves murder or mystery. Guinness World Records has listed him as the most portrayed movie character’. However, the mystery series depicts Holmes being an adult only.

In the year 2010, there was a need for a series which would inspire teens and would bridge the gap between Hardy Boys and Sherlock Holmes. Andrew Lane thought of writing a series where the character of Sherlock Holmes is depicted when he was a young adolescent. This Young Sherlock Holmes series tries to explore the early life of Sherlock Holmes. It is a series widely followed by teens that look forward to reading books with strong protagonists. Robert Kirby, the UK agent for Conan Doyle Estate was a great support for releasing these books. Andrew Lane was selected in order to write this series for Conan Doyle as he had a great collection of Holmes books.

The author, Andrew Lane, always wanted to write a series of books which would be a prelude to the Sherlock Holmes series. Hence he created a character who was Sherlock Holmes himself but only at a younger age. This series shows the roots of Holmes and how he turned out to be the drug-addicted bipolar character. However, the central character of this series is Mycroft, the brother of Holmes. Virginia is the female character who somehow relates to the disinterest of Holmes in women. Two father figures, Amyus Crowe and Rufus Stone play an important role in carving Holmes young and tender age when he was just learning to be a detective.

Sherlock Holmes was a highly talented man. He had several hidden talents like boxing, wrestling, playing the violin and more. Andrew Lane’s series on Sherlock Holmes tries to throw light on how he got these character traits. He took inspiration from the original novels and portrayed the school days of the detective. He takes up from there right up to the first novel of Arthur Conan Doyle in which Sherlock Holmes has grown up to become a full-fledged detective.

As of now, there are several books released in this series. Here is a short review for two of the most read books, Death cloud’ and Night break’.

Death Cloud (June 2010): In this book, Sherlock is fourteen years old and he is sent to live in Hampshire where his uncle and aunt stay. There he tries to solve a mystery about the deaths of two people which is related to the black cloud. He has a new tutor matty Arnatt who guides him to solve this mystery. Here the true education for detection begins as he discovers the criminal side of the villain who is brilliant yet sinister. Jane portrays the character quite well and has packed the book with action. This book is the first one in the series and the author has tried to give a prelude to the great Sherlock Holmes series by providing a gripping story.

Night Break (September 2015): Night Break is probably the last one printed in this series as of now. In this book, Sherlock’s mother has died and his father has gone missing somewhere in India. He has a sister who has started acting quite strange. This is a gripping story about how the Holmes family falls apart and even his brother Mycroft cannot save it. Mysterious occurring leads them to Egypt and also to the Suez Canal. The finale is sad as they all fall apart and thereby starts the strong character of Sherlock Holmes as a detective. This novel was a brilliant novel where inSherlock Holmes investigates a new crime and had to deal with several criminals and villains.

TV shows based on Young Sherlock Holmes

There are no TV shows made as yet which are based on this series. However, considerations are underway to produce a teenage series based on these books.

Andrew Lane has explained some of the complex behaviors of the Holmes character with the help of these books. They portray his teenage where he is scientific and analytical at one side and artistic on the other hand. The development of the great world class detective is shown within a detail-packed series which gives us an insight as to how this magnificent character was created.

Some of the tiles which may be published within the next year are’The Giant Rat of Sumatra’ , ‘The Segregation of the Queen’ and several others.

The series was given several positive reviews and was received quite well by the die-hard fans of Conan Doyle’s, Sherlock Holmes. The author has tried to throw some light on the famous detective and justified his behavior in many ways. This leads to more people following the teenage series as well as the original one.

Andrew Lane was a British author and journalist. He has written several novels and also audio dramas for the fictional series of Doctor Who. He had shown an extensive knowledge of the Holmes series and hence he was selected for writing the series which focused on the early life of Sherlock Holmes. Hence he released the first book the Young Sherlock Holmes’ series which was the Death Cloud in June 2010. This was short-listed for the 2010 North East Book Award. He has written other books which are detective novels too.

Everyone knows about the original Sherlock Holmes series and millions of people must have read the original series by Conan Doyle. The young life of Sherlock Holmes is equally intriguing as it lays the foundation for the original series and those who are already Holmes fans would be glad to lap in more information about the famous detective. All said and done, Andy Lane has tried to adapt Sherlock Holmes for the modern generation and has tried to bridge the gap by showing his teenage life. He shows the fans of Sherlock Holmes, how exactly was the mysterious teenage life of their favorite detective.

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