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Publication Order of Yukon Quest Books

Treasures of the North (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ashes and Ice (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rivers of Gold (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Yukon Quest book series is a widely popular series of Christian fiction, historical fiction, romance, adult fiction, and historical romance novels. It is written by a reputed American writer named Tracie Peterson. The series is comprised of three books in total, released between 2001 and 2002. In all the three books of this series, Tracie Peterson has described romantic stories set in historical backgrounds. The stories take place in different regions of the United States. Some of the essential characters mentioned by Tracie Peterson in the books include Grace Hawkins, Peter Colton, Karen Pierce, Adrik Ivanov, Miranda Colton, and several others. The stories usually revolve around the lives of these main characters as they are seen indulging in romantic relationships while undertaking adventurous journeys. Each book as well as the series as a whole became immensely popular in all the places of their release and helped author Tracie Peterson achieve more fame and popularity in her writing career.

The debut book of the Yukon Quest series is entitled ‘Treasures of the North’. It was released by the Bethany House Publishers in 2001. Tracie Peterson has set this novel in Alaska and has created the central characters in the roles of Peter Colton and Grace Hawkins. Initially, it is depicted that Grace Hawkins finds herself in a difficult situation when her father decides to give her away in an arranged marriage. She is driven by desperation and realizes that she must come out of her comfort zone and challenge her upbringing in order to stop the marriage from happening. In spite of the insistence of her father, Grace Hawkins makes a plan to run away and save herself from falling into the sinister hand of the man chosen by her father.

On the other hand, Peter Colton looks forward to the gold rush of Alaska as a chance to establish the shipping of his family. He falls into a partnership unexpectedly and sets himself on the course of pursuing those dreams. It also leads him to get acquainted with Grace Hawkins, who has made up her mind to take the passage up north. Peter and Grace get drawn to each other due to circumstance and need, thereby enabling them to form a friendship of sorts. Grace takes a sigh of relief knowing that she has saved herself from the unwanted marriage. But, she also wonders what her course of action will be when her evil fiance begins manipulating his family into bringing her back.

Another mind-blowing installment of this series is called ‘Ashes and Ice’. It was also published in 2001 by the Bethany House publication. The primary characters depicted in this novel include Adrik Ivanov and Karen Pierce. This book is also set in Alaska. The book opens by showing that the carefully ordered life of Karen Pierce gets invaded by loss and heartache, leaving her devastated. All her dreams and plans of the future begin to seem unattainable and distant. To add to her misery, Karen is bound by the promise of caring for a couple of young adults, who seem to be struggling with losses of their own. Karen Pierce and the 2 adults decide that the only option they have is to head north in the direction of the gold-fields of Alaska. Adrik Ivanov accepts their request to guide them on this journey. Due to certain unavoidable reasons, they begin the journey a little late. Adrik Ivanov fears that the winter would hasten their pace and begins to question their decision to take up the journey in the unfavorable weather. However, he does not say anything in order to prove to Karen that he is fully committed to guiding them throughout the journey.

Another important reason for Adrik Ivanov behind agreeing to join Karen and others in the journey is that he is deeply in love with Karen and cannot let her travel alone on the dangerous paths of the journey. He has tried to express his feelings to her in the past, but Karen has never allowed him to come near her. Karen is motivated to thrive under the trek’s difficult conditions by taking inspiration from the rugged and beautiful landscape. All the while, she keeps thinking about whether she did the right thing by rejecting Adrik’s love for her. This thought also makes her wonder if she is going to get someone else to love her the way Adrik loves her or not.

Tracie Peterson is a renowned American writer of Christian fiction stories. She has penned numerous book series in her career, which total to over a hundred in number. Over the course of her career, Tracie Peterson has collaborated with numerous other authors, including Michael Landon, Judith Pella, Kimberley Woodhouse, Judith Miller, Allison Bottke, Dianne O’Brian, etc. Tracie has written several of her novels with the use of the pen name Janelle Jamison. Besides writing popular novel series, she has also penned several standalone novels. As of today, Tracie Peterson resides in Montana. She is married and has three children. The Peterson Ink, Inc. is owned by her and her husband Jim. In addition to publishing her books under this label, Tracie uses it to publish the works of other authors as well.

It was in 1995 that Tracie made her debut with Bethany House. Since then, she has published many of her books under the label of this publishing company. During the earlier days of her career, she was associated with Heartsong, a book line of Barbour Publishing. The highlight of Tracie’s writing career is winning the Lifetime Achievement Award from ACFW and Career Achievement Award from the Romantic Times in 2011 and 2007 respectively. Additionally, she has won any other popular literary awards. Tracie is known to have attended numerous writers’ conferences and fulfilling the role of a guest speaker in most of them. She is often accompanied to the writers’ conferences by her husband. Tracie looks to motivate the upcoming authors through her kind words. As she is one of the prominent authors of this generation, numerous aspiring writers look up to her for guidance and she always does whatever she can in her capacity to motivate and inspire them. Nowadays, she enjoys her peaceful life in the company of her children and grandchildren in Montana and spends some time writing new material every day.

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