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Yulin Kuang is a director, a screenwriter, and an author.

Yulin was born in China in Guangzhou. She grew up in a variety of different places in the United States, such as New Jersey, Kansas, and Pennsylvania. She would study creative writing and film at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Today she works as an independent filmmaker. She also has YouTube channels that include her channel YulinIsWorking as well as Shipwrecked Comedy. She also uses transmedia storytelling to try and tell her stories, which she usually used via Tumblr.

She has been on everything from I Ship It on The CW to Dollface on Hulu. She was also fired off of a Hallmark movie for the reason being apparently too hip for the channel. She has also adapted the screenplay for People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry. She has also been a writer director of the Beach Read film from 20th Century Studios.

Her debut novel How to End a Love Story has been well-received and featured in places such as NPR, Elle, Vogue, People Magazine, and others.

Yulin is married. She lives with her husband in Pasadena along with their orange cat.

Yulin has been a writer on a variety of projects. These include two episodes of the television series Echo Chamber, the short First Kiss, the short Emily Dickinson’s Guide to Spending the Holidays Alone, the short The Perils of Growing Up Flat Chested, the television mini series A Tell Tale Vlog, the short Bertha’s Attic Song, the short Steel Town, twelve episodes of the tv series Kissing in the Rain, the short Irene Lee, Girl Detective, the short I Ship It, the short Meet the Artist, the short Angie + Zahra, three episodes of the television series Tiny Feminists, the short If Women Ruled the World, the short Belinda, one episode of the tv series Love Daily, sixteen episodes of I Ship It, and the story and the teleplay for the 2020 television movie Love on Iceland.

How to End a Love Story is the debut fictional novel from author Yulin Kuang. This novel first came out for readers to enjoy in 2024. If you love a good new novel and want something unique when it comes to romance and a story, then give this debut a try from a new voice in fiction.

Helen Zhang and Grant Shepard are both writers and they have a complex history with one another. When they both end up landing jobs and working for the very same television show, it remains to be seen whether they will end up clashing or be able to pen a whole new ending for themselves.

This is the type of romance that brings the passion as we see a classic trope of enemies turned to lovers. This book might even end up making you feel things as you experience all of the fun of this ride from Yulin Kuang, a great and talented new voice in the literary world.

Helen has not encountered Grant since the over dozen years ago that they weren’t through a horrible accident that ended up bonding their lives to the others’ for eternity. Now things have changed some. Helen has become a best-selling author who has given just about everything that she has to further her career. The good news is that it has definitely paid off.

Helen has even gotten a spot working in the writers’ room for a television adaptation of one of her novels for young adults. It’s great that her popular stories have been converted into something that is going to actually be able to be on the screen and be shared with audiences. The only problem is that Helen definitely has a bad case of impostor syndrome. She doesn’t feel like she’s made it and feels like she’s just faking her way through being here, even though she’s definitely qualified.

That’s not the only problem that Helen is contending with, however. She thinks that if she could just get over the writer’s block that she’s going through, she would be able to have the rest of her life come together too for a fresh start that rocks. Of course, she’s going to have to get that start going herself, and decides that she’s going to move to Los Angeles to do it.

Then there’s Grant, someone who has done everything that he can to get over the past. This extends to moving across the country and starting up a life from scratch. The panic attacks that he has had haven’t really ever subsided, but that’s okay. He’s known around town as a screenwriter and people seem to like him for it.

Grant knows that Helen’s show is the last place that he probably should have accepted a job, but he couldn’t resist. Taking this job would end up helping to open up various doors that could help him with developing his personal projects. He can’t pass up the chance to get that ball rolling, not when he’s so devoted to his career.

When Helen sees Grant, she’s surprised to find that he’s exactly the same person that she remembers him to be. He’s popular, lovable, funny, and charming. Just the way that she has never managed to be. But he sees her and it’s just like he remembers her being. Helen is still gorgeous, closed off, and brilliant.

The two of them working together is electric, and messy at the same time. Her parents have never managed to forgive Grant and don’t even have any idea that he is around at the moment. If so, they likely would not approve of the romance that is slowly growing between them.

As the various secrets that they are entertaining come to the surface, they’ve got to deal with the fact that they may not ever have been destined for a true love story. However, if they want to put the past to rest and get some peace along with it, the answer might just lay in each other’s arms. What will happen? Read this love story from Yulin Kuang to find out!

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