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Pandemic (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Black Flowers, White Lies (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Careers for the Twenty-First Century - Publishing (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Avril LaVigne (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Yvonne Ventresca is a young adult writer and writes in the genre of suspense and thriller. Levittown, New York is the place where she grew up and the suburban homes at that time were famous for their similarity. Their designs were same and the names of the street were given in sections (astronomy, birds, random). When she was in middle school, she asked the librarian to give her the information on how to create book physically on your own. This is where she found her love for books. Author Yvonne always thought writing was fun, but in what way can you get those words made into a book? The materials that were required for that were not present in the small library at that time. It took Yvonne many years to achieve her goal of finally publishing her first written book. Author Yvonne Ventresca has an unusual combination of education; a major in English and Computer Science. She says that when she gets stuck on some literature assignment and doesn’t know what to do, then she would start debugging her programs, and when gets bored of doing that, then she would write an essay. She applied this strategy and it paid well for her. She graduated from Hofstra University with honors and later did MBA from the Stern School of Business at NYU.

There were two phases of author Ventresca’s post-college life. The first phase of her life was in the corporate world as a computer programmer, compensation analyst, recruiter and technology trainer; and the later or other phase was a life as a writer. Phase two was what she always loved and preferred. In her career as a writer, she has written a nonfiction book about pursuing a career in publishing for teens, a number of articles for adults and children, instructional video scripts related to technology, and a biography about Avril LaVigne, who is a singer. Though she has written many such books, fiction is her first and real love. Author Ventresca tried multiple times for writing a novel, but couldn’t succeed. At last she wrote about a story of a pandemic of bird flu. The spread of an actual pandemic is quite possible. To give an example, in the year 2009 swine flu pandemic was widespread across the world. Fortunately, the virus was not particularly lethal and the death rate rates were minimal, but what if there comes a virus that is mutated and is extremely lethal? What if the virus causes a high death rate? What if it originates from the US and not from Asia as many experts believe? For her novel titled ‘Pandemic’ the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators gave her a Crystal Kite Award in the year 2015. ‘Escape to Orange Blossom’ is a short story written by author Ventresca and it was selected for ‘Prep For Doom’, the dystopian anthology.

Author Ventresca has written many novels in and one of it includes the biography of the singer titled ‘Avril LaVigne’. It was published by Lucent Books on 13th December in the year 2006. The name of Avril LaVigne always comes in the list of amazing singers. This book contains her history, about how she became a famous singer and got to know more about her life. Avril dreamed of becoming a great singer ever since she was a little girl. When she was in her fifth grade, she performed in front of everyone for the first time and all the people were truly amazed by hearing her voice. Avril performed a musical a musical production at the age of twelve and took part in a movie at the age of fourteen. She signed her first contract at the age of sixteen and this was the way of making her dream come true. She writes a song named ‘Why’ in the year 2000. Avril dropped out of the school since she cared more about her career than her education. Avril releases ‘Let Go’, her first album in the year 2002. Three successful albums were released by her after dropping out from school. Avril LaVigne was recognized in the fifth grade only for her voice and not only this, her acting is also very good and because of this many roles have been played by her throughout the life. She was also recognized by her dressing style. Deryck Whibley are in a relationship since 2004. Fan not only consider her as a talented singer, but also a fashion icon and an actress.

Another book written by author Yvonne Ventresca is titled ‘Pandemic’ and was by Sky Pony Press on 6th May 2014. High school can be a confusing and painful time, even under the circumstances that are more normal. Lilianna is having a tough time in her high school. She has become a withdrawn pessimist student from model student and what caused her to change suddenly, only a few people know. The worst fears of Lil’s are realized when a quick-spread illness breaks out that even doctors are not able to cure. Before the illness hit her parents were called away on a business trip – her mother is in Hong Kong and is not able to get a flight to New Jersey and her father is in Delaware. Soon her town is hit by the illness and she is now more alone than she was after the incident that happened to her months ago at school. Lil’s neighbors and her friends start to die and she is doing all possible things to survive. Her tension keeps on increasing when she is stuck between her new love interest and her ex. When her problems are at its peak and she thinks that nothing could be worse than this, her original trauma shows up. A fantastic book written by Yvonne Ventresca, Lil does everything to survive the outbreak as well as the demons inside her. The consequences of the real-life are also becoming a big trouble for her and she has to go through all these circumstances. This book was Yvonne Ventresca’s debut novel in the young adult category and it won the Crystal Kite Award in the year 2015.

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