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Yvonne Woon

Yvonne Woon is an American fantast, young adult, fiction and science fiction author best known for the Dead Beautiful series. The author has a good way with words, and her storytelling abilities are evident throughout her writing. Woon boasts of an MFA in fiction from the Colombia University that she puts into good use when concocting the plots in her stories. When not writing, Woon enjoys the little pleasures of life.
Dead Beautiful

Dead beautiful is the first book in the Dead Beautiful series. The book stars Renee Winters, a young lady who gets the shock of her life on her sixteenth birthday. Winter life has always been ordinary. Her free time is spent on the beach with friends, and she is fortunate enough to be dating one of the cutest boys in school. Things take an exciting twist when Winters find both her parents dead on the morning of her birthday. Her deceased parents are found inside the Red Forest, and all evidence points to a double murder.

Understandably, Renee is heartbroken. Her grandfather sends her to a Gottfried Academy, a boarding school in rural Maine. The school is nothing like what Renee is used to. Here, she finds herself learning strange subjects such as Latin, Philosophy, and Crude Sciences. It is in this school that Renee meets Dante Berlin, a handsome boy who also comes with a tragic past. The duo falls in love quickly, but strange things start to happen as soon as the lovebirds begin to know each other.

Renee is curious about the academy when she learns about Dante’s dark past. Could there be something more in this school that draws students who have undergone the most traumatic experiences? Is Dante fully human, and what secrets could the dazzling young man be keeping from the woman he claims to be in love with? Find the answers to all these and so much more in this fascinating read.

Just like most Young Adult Romance stories, the setting of the book is in a school. The protagonist is a young female who is just getting into teenagerhood. Aside from the school setup, this story is quite different from others in this category. The writing style is like a breath of fresh air, and the book comes with compelling ideas as well as building suspense that will keep you glued to the end. The book is rather big at over 500 pages, but you can be sure that you are going to enjoy every page.

This is a compelling romance story that comes with many thought-provoking ideas. What does life mean, and what is there in love and death? What secret is Dante keeping from Renee, and why is the young man so afraid for Renee’s life? Get all these answers and so much more in this interesting story. Aside from the intriguing cast, the story is beautifully written and maintains a steady pace from start to finish. The romance is on another level making this a perfect choice for romance story lovers. You will fall in love with Renee and Dante, and it will not take long before you start rooting for this awesome couple.
Life Eternal

This is the second novel in the Dead Beautiful series, where we meet a changed Renee. An older and sadder face has replaced the once youthful girl. Her condition mystifies Doctors, but Renee knows what is happening. Renee had already died, but someone who loves her brings her back to life. While most of the physical features remain the same, it is clear to everyone that there is something wrong with the once lovely girl.

The girl who died in May is nothing like the one who came back to life thanks to a kiss by her soul mate Dante Berlin. With her death, Renee learns a lot about her life. She also gets to understand the events that led her to the Gottfried Academy. Renee also discovers that she was born to be a monitor, and her main job is burying the evil undead. While Renee feels alive in every sense of the word, her separation from Dante is making her life unbearable. Dante’s second life is coming to an end. This can only mean that with every passing day, Renee’s life with her soul mate continues to dwindle.

The Nine Sisters scholars offer a ray of light in a rather sad situation. According to a legend, there is a way that Dante can use to cheat death, and the Nine Sisters are a perfect example. As Renee interacts with the Nine Sisters scholars, she gets a feeling that there is a deeper connection with the sisters. Things get thicker when she starts to get strange visions that reveal details so powerful that they can put Renee’s life and that of her loved ones in danger. Renee is sure that there are individuals who will do everything possible to prevent the truth from coming out.

Renee has always thought that she knows the meaning of life and death. The deep secret revealed by the Nine Sisters changes all that. She is glad that there is a chance that Dante could get another lifetime, and the two lovebirds could enjoy more time together. Dante is currently on the run, and the Gottfried Academy is only open to the undead. This only means that Renee and other monitors have no choice but to attend another school. Life at the Lycee St Clement school in Montreal is quite dull, not to mention the fact that Renee feels like an outsider in Dante’s absence.

Life Eternal is an exciting sequel that offers you a surprise that will catch you off-guard. The author has succeeded in creating a masterpiece that is both mysterious and intriguing. The main character is relatable, and the rest of the cast adds a lot of character to the story. If you are a hopeless romantic and are looking for a story that will melt your heart, Life Eternal is ideal. Meet two lovebirds who are determined to do everything possible to stay in each other’s lives.

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