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May the Best Man Win (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Acting the Part (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
No Better Than Beasts (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Out There: Into the Queer New Yonder(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Z.R. Ellor is a famous American writer of fantasy, gay & lesbian, young adult, contemporary, and romance stories. He has penned several popular single novels, including his immensely popular debut novel called May the Best Man Win. Ellor’s second YA contemporary novel, Acting The Part, is also widely recognized for its unique content.

To write his third book, Out There, he collaborated with authors Sandra Mitchell and Kayla Ancrum. In addition to writing his books as Z.R. Ellor, the author sometimes writes adult fantasy books as Zabe Ellor.

Before giving a fantastic beginning to his writing career with his first book, Ellor obtained his bachelor’s degree in biology and English literature from Cornell University. He intends to write as many exciting novels as possible in the times to come and achieve more heights of popularity.

When Ellor is not busy with his writing projects, he likes to indulge in playing video games, running, and trying to find the best brunch restaurants in Washington, D.C. Along with being a writer, Ellor also serves as a literary agent. He has helped many noteworthy authors in getting their works published through popular publishing houses.

Ellor has even succeeded in finding attractive book deals for some of his writer friends. When the thought of writing a story came to his find, Ellor first started by trying his hand at SFF. He succeeded in making his debut with a contemporary story and claims to have been inspired by his high school’s Homecoming festivities.

As Ellor found the school party quite over-the-top, he wanted to make it believable and fleshed out to readers when he included it into his book. So, he decided to add his main character, Lukas Rivers, to the Homecoming Committee. He has shown him working hard and with a dedication to bringing the annual celebration to life.

The decision of including the school’s annual event in the story helped Ellor develop Lukas’ character and depict his genuine enthusiasm as well as his perfectionism. Through the story of Lukas and Jeremy, Ellor has tried to show how schools in the modern days say that they want to help and support trans students, but they often leave them to figure out things on their own.

By doing so, he has made his point by saying that school’s allyship often ends up becoming more about them instead of the people they claim to be helping.

Ellor has picked up this observation from his own experiences in school life. He knows how such behavior of the school authorities exposes the trans students to harm and also makes them unable to put their trust in others.

By giving dual narration to his debut novel, through the viewpoints of both the lead characters, Ellor explains how things never happen in a vacuum. Both Jeremy Harkiss and Lukas Rivers seem to be influenced by one another in ways that neither of them initially understands.

However, things begin to get clear to them as well as the reader as the story moves forward. The school and families members of both also influence them by not providing the much-required support to them in times of need.

Ellor believes there is always a reason behind a person’s sudden change in behavior. Through the description of things that drive his main characters, he hopes that readers will try to look beyond the outer layer when their close ones are struggling.

Most of the events shared by Ellor in the first book are based on his personal experiences in high school. He had a good time talking about all those experiences with his editorial team. They also shared their personals stories of school adventures and it allowed Ellor to make necessary changes in the prose to make it look even more convincing.

The central theme of Ellor’s book is all about self-love and the expression of one’s identity and relationship with their family and the community. He has mentioned how trans people struggle to get accepted by the same people who used to welcome them with all their hearts.

A typical writing process for author Ellor includes drafting two to three chapters well in advance. He first starts with an idea and then goes on to adapt as and when required.

Ellor is satisfied with the amount of success he has achieved in such a short time in his career and hopes to achieve more in the times to come. He also intends to increase his fan-following to a large extent so that all his future books can get a good opening and easy publicity.

The debut book written by author Z.R. Ellor is entitled ‘May the Best Man Win’. It was released by the Roaring Book Press in May 2021. This book is based on the genres of LGBT, contemporary romance, gay, queer, transgender, adult fiction, and young adult.

It features the primary characters in the roles of Lukas Rivers, Jeremy Harkiss, and several others. The story follows the life of a trans boy with enters the Homecoming party of his school to compete for the Homecoming King title with his former lover, whom he left last summer.

Initially, Jeremy Harkiss is introduced as the president of the student body and cheer captain. He has recently come to terms with being transgender and has openly accepted his state. He has made up his mind to prevent his senior year from getting ruined because of the revelation of his sexual orientation.

So, instead of bending in front of the outdated administration and bigots, Jeremy decides to challenge his former boyfriend for the Homecoming King title. This way, he will be able to make some noise and present himself as a strong person.

Jeremy’s ex-boyfriend, Lukas Rivers, is Homecoming Committee’s head and a football star. He has recently lost his brother and faced a breakup from his long-term girlfriend, who shockingly revealed herself to be a boy.

Lukas is trying to find ways to bring back order in life. When he learns that Jeremy has openly challenged him for the title and has planned to steal the crown and break his heart again, Lukas comes up with a plot to bring his shame by sabotaging his campaign.

When the school administration learns that the boys have taken their rivalry very far, they decide to cancel the dance competition. So, the boys come forward to make a compromise to save Homecoming from getting canceled.

They still carry the pain in each other’s hearts and seem to be having the feeling of love still lingering in their heart. This novel was highly praised for its rich content and unique storyline.

Critics across the globe appreciated Ellor’s efforts in creating such a wonderful story. They praised his writing skills and claimed that he has all the talents to establish himself as a top-ranked author someday.

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