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Zach Jenkins
Author Zach Jenkins was born in the Midwest and he stayed local until the military sent him from one coast to the other and even overseas for four years. After he experienced some wonderful places in this tiny world, he eventually settled down back in the Midwest to be close to friends and family.

Zach spends a lot of his free time catching up with TV series on Netflix and chasing his own barking dogs away from the windows so that the mailman can continue to deliver the frequent packages that Amazon continues to send him.

Zach writes the “Firefighters on the Fox” series, the “Fox River Romance” series, the “It’s Complicated” series, the “Love and Gridiron” series, and the “On the Strip” series. His work is from the romance genre.

“Chance For The Win” is the first novel in the “Love and Gridiron” series and was released in the year 2015. Chance wants more than just a great life in the NFL. Chance is the rising superstar quarterback for the Chicago Bears. He is gorgeous, talented, rich, and has got one amazing child. The one thing missing in his life is the one thing that might cause him to lose all of it: a guy to share it all with. He keeps on telling himself to just focus on the game, the lifestyle, and the money until he retires, and then he can come out and find a guy.

Manny needs the one crazy job that fell into his lap. That last kid’s book of his has yet to land a publisher, and is unable to find the right words for the one that he is working on, however the bills continue piling up. Right when he begins thinking about a life in a cubicle, one famous and sexy quarterback asks him if he’ll be the nanny for his son. The salary would solve every single one of his issues. The child is a dream to look after. However the biggest shock’s when they begin falling for one another.

Passion leads to problems. When one old friend from Manny’s past threatens to tell their secret unless Chance pays him, is it going to be the last straw that rips them apart, or are they going to work together to give themselves an opportunity for a win.

“Love on Fire” is the first novel in the “Firefighters on the Fox” series and was released in the year 2016. Firefighters do not date other men. The only thing Clay Brown’s always wanted is to be a firefighter. He already has the girl of everybody’s dreams, until she dumps him so she can chase her own career. Clay, now single, bumps into the one guy that made him feel alive. And who he almost kissed during high school, before he lost his nerve.

Ezra Kaufman might be lonely, however he’s not stupid enough to go and make the same mistake twice. When Clay saves his mom, Ezra’s smart enough to keep his distance. Clay might put out all of the right signals, however Ezra knows from experience the hot firefighter is not willing to go public with an openly gay man like he is.

Some fires just refuse to go out. Once the sparks fly, however, there isn’t any going back, however could there potentially be a future when both guys fear commitment, or is it going to take a fire’s heat to forge something brand new?

“Truth on Fire” is the second novel in the “Firefighters on the Fox” series and was released in the year 2016. Coming out was supposed to fix it all. Once David Newsome, a firefighter, found enough courage to admit his sexuality, he expected his life would get better. Instead, studying to become an arson investigator is beating him down, his dad’s critical voice plays on his mind ruthlessly, and he is still unable to get to first base with another guy. Scoring a date at some charity auction may have meant things were starting to look up. If only that guy that won him was actually gay.

Love is guaranteed to break your heart. Quinn Harper has just two concerns after he lost his wife to a drunk driver: finding a job and raising his son. When his sister pawns the date she won at the charity auction, he is definitely not looking for love. Especially not with another man.

As the holidays bear down on them both, they put together a plan to fake a relationship with each other. Keeping well-intentioned and matchmaking family and friends off their backs seems to be a great idea, however is this lie they have trapped themselves in deny them the opportunity for real happiness?

“Choice on Fire” is the third novel in the “Firefighters on the Fox” series and was released in the year 2017. Why can everybody find love except Brick? Firefighter Brick Swan, a firefighter, has watched his friends at the station find their Mr. Rights, one after another. Why can’t he? Possibly a sexy and short fling is going to shake him from his dating funk, and who better to do it with than Maxwell, his hotter-than-sin military pen pal?

On-the-job dangers are all in a day’s work, but the idea of settling down with somebody? Horrifying. Maxwell Hope works pretty hard, and plays even harder. When he isn’t busy kicking doors down in Afghanistan, photography gives him the opportunity to see a calmer side of the world than his eight year stint in the Army showed him. When it comes to guys, Maxwell’s family history has left him convinced him that serious relationships only wind up hurting everybody involved. But no-strings sex is something he’d enjoy.

With one homophobic arsonist on the loose and casual sex turning into something a lot deeper, Maxwell and Brick are forced into taking a hard look at what they truly want from each other. Sticking together might not just be what their hearts are burning for. It might also be the one and only wa

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