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Publication Order of Zack Brewer/Navy Justice Books

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The name ‘Zack Brewer’ refers to the protagonist of a series of Christian-themed legal mystery novels written by Don Brown. The books take a hard look at the legal aspects of the military.

+The Story

Don Brown was a JAG officer in the United States Navy. So he has a clear understanding of that particular field of the military. And it comes as no surprise that the Zack Brewer series, or the Navy Justice Series as it is also known, delves heavily into the legal aspects of the military.

Lt. Zack Brewer is a JAG officer in the United States Navy. When he is introduced to readers in ‘Treason’, the first book in the Navy Justice series, it has only been three years since Brewer left law school.

However, the hero is already a rising star in the military. Brewer’s name was made by a high-profile win that saw his reputation skyrocket. It helped that he also won a Naval Commendation Medal.

So when it is discovered that radical Islamic clerics have infiltrated the Navy and incited sailors and marines to commit acts of terrorism, Brewer is the first man the powers that be think of.

Brewer is assigned the task of prosecuting the culprits. However, it quickly becomes clear that the protagonist might have bitten off far more than he can chew. Brewer must face off against Wells Levinson who just might be the best defense lawyer in the country.

Because he has a clear understanding of his limits, Brewer realizes that he might require assistance in order to accomplish the objectives of his superiors. And it isn’t enough to simply acquire a competent legal mind.

Brewer needs a brilliant attorney for a co-counsel. And that is where Diane Colcernian comes into the picture. When Diane is first introduced, she and Brewer are rivals. Like blades, they have always sharpened one another.

So when push comes to shove, Brewer knows that Diane is the one weapon he needs to deliver a win. The decision changes Brewer’s life. For one thing, he is mentally and emotionally pushed to the breaking point by the case

And even after the final verdict has been given, Brewer’s problems only seem to escalate. In taking the case and prosecuting the clerics, the attorney made an enemy of a dangerous terrorist network.

As such, Brewer spends a considerable portion of the Navy Justice series fighting for his life. Because of the high profile nature of the ‘Treason’ case, Brewer’s reputation only continues to grow and that naturally sees him drawn into even more high profile cases with far larger stakes at hand.

Yet even the change in courtrooms and defendants does little to keep Brewer safe. The consequences of his actions in ‘Treason’ follow him.

Because Don Brown is a Christian author, it comes as little surprise to learn that the Navy Justice books are brimming with Christian themes. Brewer is himself a Christian. His faith is a critical aspect of his character and the plot of the various books in this series.

Brewer is always put in situations where he must defend his faith and stay true to its tenets. However, doing so typically puts him in a position where he might lose his career, his life or his loved ones.

It is because of Brewer’s Christian faith that the Navy Justice series tends to take a black and white perspective on every situation. And that is one criticism these books have received. There is no nuance.

People are either good or bad. Brown doesn’t bother inserting any neutral points of view. And Brewer pushes that idea forward. He must pass or fail his tests, do the right thing or the wrong thing.

There is no place for compromise in his life. And some audiences have suggested that such an approach makes him a boring character. Of course, Don Brown’s fans will disagree. They like the idea that Brewer stays true to his beliefs.

They also appreciate the fact that he keeps running to prayer and seeking guidance from God, especially at points of crisis. They enjoy watching him undertake rigorous emotional and spiritual journeys.

It is worth noting that while Navy Justice is a legal series, very little time is spent in military court. Rather, Don Brown prefers hinting at the courtroom drama before throwing the spotlight on all the political and religious discussions happening outside the courtroom.

There is also a romantic aspect that pervades ever Navy Justice book. The women in Brewer’s life are a constant source of frustration for him, though that is rarely their fault. Brown uses them to raise the stakes and give Brewer something bigger to fight for.


Zack Brewer is the man at the center of a case that has drawn the attention of the entire world.

Terrorism has always presented a challenge for the United States. However, their military did not realize just how big that challenge was until they learned that radical Islamic clerics had somehow succeeded in infiltrating the Navy Chaplain Corps.

They had then proceeded to compel sailors and marines to commit acts of terrorism. Now that they have been discovered, the Navy needs to see them prosecuted, and Zack Brewer is the man that will lead the charge.

While it has only been three years since Brewer left law school, he has a high-profile win on his record. And with a Navy commendation medal authenticating his credibility, the military should be confident that they are in safe hands with Brewer.

Yet Brewer will face an uphill battle when he goes up against Wells Levinson, the best criminal defense lawyer in the country. Even with Diane Colcernian, his staunchest rival, by his side, Brewer doesn’t know if his career and his Christian beliefs will survive the case.


When three Navy Chaplains were revealed to be terrorists in disguise, Zack Brewer was the man who prosecuted them. Now with the court-martial of the century behind him and all the credibility in the world on his back, Zack, and his co-counsel Diane Colcernian are called upon to work an even bigger case.

And this time failure could mean a World War. Zack cannot afford to let his guard down, especially now that he knows he might have attracted the ire of a terrorist organization.

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