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Publication Order of The Adventurers Guild Books

with Nick Eliopulos
The Adventurers Guild (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Twilight of the Elves (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Night of Dangers (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Doomsday Archives Books

The Wandering Hour (With: Nick Eliopulos) (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Lock-Eater (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Zack Loran Clark is a fantasy fiction author from Jackson Florida best known as the author of the bestselling “The Adventures Guild” series of novels. Growing up in Jacksonville, he was brought up on a steady diet of comics and nonfiction works on Sasquatch, psychic phenomena, and alien abductions. He was fortunate that his teachers and parents encouraged him to read whenever he found the time. His offbeat reading habits would eventually result in him graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in cultural studies. Shortly after he graduated from college, he got a job as an editor in New York and served for thirteen years editing children’s books. It was during this time that he wrote for several licensed properties such as “Spirit Animals” by the New York Times, “DC Super Friends,” and “Thomas the Tank Engine.” Several of his original comics have been featured in anthologies such as “First Kiss (Then Tell)” and “Stuck in the Middle.” Clark’s debut novel “The Adventurer’s Guild” was first published in 2017 and he has never looked back since. Working with his friend Nick Eliopulos, he has asserted that they found inspiration from role-playing games that they have been involved in for more than ten years.

In a recent interview, Zack asserted that playing “Dungeons & Dragons” was one of their biggest inspiration for their series. While it started as a hobby, it soon became an obsession that ultimately resulted in them doing detailed recaps and writing elaborate backstories. Their very first D&D campaign dragged on for years and as such, they spent so much time together that writing a book seemed like a natural progression. When they decided to become authors, they found that they were using the characters and elements of that first campaign as building blocks for “The Adventurers Guild” series. As for the Dangers in their novels, Zack also found inspiration from “Monster Manual.” Nonetheless, he tries as much as possible not to violate proprietary aspects. As such, many of the monsters drawn from Dungeons and Dragons are toned down versions of the real mythological creatures. Some have also been inspired by the many tropes common in modern fantasy games. Writing the series, he made sure that he wrote about a world that was familiar to fantasy fans while also creating one that he could call his own. Terryn’s otherworldly planes also have a Danger each and Zack has said this is a nod to concepts such as the Cthulhu mythos, the undead or fairies. Once he had these elements figured out, he invented monsters to flesh out the story.

Just like many other authors, Zack Loran Clark always loved reading and as a child, he read paperback horror series such as “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark,” “Animorphs,” and “Goosebumps.” He believes that his love for creepy creatures has translated into his bestselling “The Adventurers Guild” series. While looking back, he thinks “Animorphs” was fleecy child bait, he also found it to have great emotional depth, which is something that he loved then and even now. He was also a huge fan of the “Redwall” series of novels and asserts that he got into animal fantasies by reading them. By the time he got to high school, he had graduated to the likes of “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit.” Now an adult, he likes to read the likes of Diana Wynne Jones, which he believes are magical, brilliant, and fun. While “The Adventurers Guild” series are fantasy he believes that it was from the “Animorphs” series that he got his love for reading. He loved the cast of kids brought together to solve the world by solving complicated questions. He now reads more fantasy and as a hobby, he takes his delightful dog on a walk while he also does some exercise.

Zack Loran Clark’s “The Adventurers Guild” is set in one of the last cities that was left after the rest of the world was devastated by monsters. Brock Dunderfel and Zed Kagari have been best friends for years and are among the last people in the city with hopes for a bright future. Zed has always dreamed of joining the Mages Guild given that as the only half-elf in Freestone, he might be one of its most valuable members. Brock who was born to one of the wealthiest merchants in the city believes that the Merchants Guild would welcome him with open arms. Just as it seems as if they will finally join the guild of their dreams, they are thrown a curveball and find themselves in the Adventurers Guild, one of the most perilous guilds. The guild is headed by Alabasel Frond, a fearsome man whose brief is to ensure that city is protected from the unnatural and hungry beasts from another dimension. Soon the boys find a conspiracy that is a danger to the city of Freestone, Brock, Zed, and their newfound allies in the brave dwarf Jett and the fierce and noble Liza.

Clark’s “Twilight of the Elves” opens a few months after Brock, Zed and their allies saved their city from destruction though they are yet to win the fight against the Dangers. No one knows what the dark powers that forced the elves to leave the city will do next. Meanwhile, the influx of elves into the city is brewing resentment as they are straining the few resources the citizens had stockpiled. Things are also not so good between Brock and Zed as they have been keeping secrets from each other. When the tensions become unbearable, the leader of the elves one Queen Me’Shala goes to the Adventurers Guild and says that she has a mission. She proposes that several adventurers go on a covert assignment to save their city against the king’s orders. Brock, Zed, Micah, Jett, Liza, and Fel their elf friend join the mission. But to confront one of the most powerful paranormal forces that had once been believed to have gone extinct, they will need to learn to fight harder and rely on each other more than ever before.

“Night of the Dangers” by Zack Loran Clark is set after the events of the second novel of the series “Twilight of the Elves.” Zed has been isolated from his friends and hence he cannot inform them when their enemy moves against them. They had made a name for themselves in Freestone for defeating the evil forces that had banished the elves but the positive sentiment does not last long. The Dangers are back in the city and have murdered more than twelve people so far. Brock cannot make use of his underground contacts and he is frustrated, to say the least. The young adventures have to band together to save the tragedy and destruction the Dangers may bring to their city. But before they team up, they will have to learn to do whatever it takes which includes learning how to trust each other.

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