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Publication Order of Zack Taylor Books

A Memory of Grief (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Fall From Grace (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Shadow on the Wall (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Certain Slant of Light (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Sharp Medicine (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Darkened Room (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Zack Taylor is the main character in a novel series written by American author, Dale T. Phillips. Zack is an ex-conman who travels to Maine to find out the nature of his friend’s death but instead finds a new world and transforms into a good person. Now a good man and helping people, he regularly runs into trouble and danger.

A Memory of Grief

A Memory of Grief is the first novel in Zack Taylor Mysteries by Dale T. Phillips. This series debut novel introduces Zack Taylor; a former con man turned a good person. He is haunted by the death of his brother that occurred years before. His guilt and anger have pushed into a life without meaning, a life of few attachments and with little purpose. Fortunately for Zack, his purpose in life is rekindled after he finds out that his good friend had been murdered- he has to know what killed his friend and this mission becomes an obsession.

Zack travels to Maine where his friend was killed. But in Maine, Zack has no connections, no information and the worst of all is that he has no credibility. To add to his troubles is the fact that the people of Maine don’t want to talk about the death of Zack’s friend, Ben, this makes him more frustrated, gets him more adversaries, fights, and soon Zack finds himself going against the law in search of truth.

What the only best part about Zack stays in Maine is the potentials for a relationship with a compassionate nurse- but only if he can control his violent nature. To bring the killers to justice, Zack offers himself as the bait, without a single weapon to defend himself. He must rely on his physical skills and his wits to survive the dangerous game of illegal drugs and death, and through taking into consideration a measure of justice, Zack is transformed in the process and must adapt to live in a world very much different from what he knew before.

A Memory of Grief is a brilliant series debut about a man who has drifted through life in a cloud of self-grief and recrimination until the day his best friend dies and Zack denies accepting the allegations that it was a suicide. Determined to find out what killed or who murdered his good friends, Zack embarks on a journey to Maine and starts his investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of his friend. His studies see his always clashing with the local police department, a gang of bikies, martial arts experts, and a drug dealing operations.

This is a hardboiled mystery with noir-ish edge features plenty of action, but also the author also explores other deeper themes such as redemption, guilt, and there is also a touch of romance, humor amongst gritty realism of violence. The story is fast paced, features a broad range of supporting characters that enable the readers to understand the main character, Zack Taylor fully. Zack is an interesting lead character. At first, his life is in ruin and has been dominated by violence, alcoholism, and a wide range of questionable associations. It is Ben’s death that finally gives him a purpose and sense in his life, and Zack initiates his investigations with an aggressiveness that has long been part of his life. Despite the main character’s rough edges, he is a very likable character who wants to do the right thing and ensure that justice is served. He is quite a persistence guy, and through the choices that he makes, we can see the exact definition of his character.

A Memory of Grief is an exciting and brilliant series debut by American author Dale Phillips whose writing experience is vividly showcased in his well-crafted prose.

A Fall from Grace

After a single mother is falsely accused of murder, Zack must work his way through this case and make her name. However, it is not a downhill task because everyone in Maine town thinks that the single mother is not innocent. But according to Zack’s investigations, he discovers that there were indeed a plenty of people who wanted the victim dead and also finds out that when small town big time ambitions mix with politics, this combination can be lethal.

A Fall from Grace, the second installment in Zack Taylor series by Dale T. Phillips is an interesting read. It cascades like a growing avalanche through greed, revenge, corruption, illicit sex, murder and the tough choices that must be made. There are those people who do the right thing in life, and there are those who commit to horrible and desperate acts.

Zack’s girlfriend, Allison requests him to help her cousin Bonnie who has falsely accused of killing her boss. Allison doesn’t believe that her cousin, who is a single mother, is capable of killing a fly leave alone a human being and she suspects that Bonnie has been made a scapegoat. Zack’s investigation reveals plenty of suspects including family members to business partners all with suspicious motives. However, the police seem determined to accusing Bonnie and opting for the easy way out of this case.

Fortunately, Zack can spot injustice when he sees it, and he does his best to make Bonnie’s name and through the minefield of greed, revenge, corruption, sex, fraud, selfishness that he unravels, it is not doubted that his client is completely innocent.

A Shadow on the Wall

The past has a way of haunting the present, and for Zack Taylor, he can’t seem to escape his past. One of the notorious biker gang, Ollie Southern has struck a deal with the Fed to get out of prison and has now made his way back to Portland, Maine just to let Zack know that the past must be avenged.

Zack is then approached by a young actress to be a part of what is going to be a blockbuster film. But Zack is shocked when he discovers that the movie is actually about his past and when someone in the business ends up dead, the blame falls on him.

Zack’s desire to leave the past behind him is challenged by the suspicious Hollywood ties to an internationally organized crime, a new flame, an old flame, a cop with an agenda, suspicion of murder, and a big bag of money. In this third installment in Zack Taylor Mysteries, the author Dale T. Phillips delivers a high-octane thriller that moves from dilemma to dilemma as the main character navigates the lethal mysteries surrounding him.

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