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Zamir Akhtar is a fantasy fiction author from Dubai that is best known for the “Gunmetal Gods” series of novels. Like many authors, Zamil Akhtar draws on his upbringing to pen his novels.

He has Pakistani roots and spent much of his childhood in the Middle East. Aged thirteen he moved with his family to Western Massachusetts and he makes use of his varied upbringing in the writing of his fiction.

In the United States, he loved reading novels and watching TV shows and movies in the fantasy fiction genre. He particularly loved watching “Game of Thrones” and reading “A Song of Ice and Fire” by RR Martin.

“Gunmetal Gods” is the first novel of the series and his debut into fiction writing that was first published in 2020. The work went on to become very popular and would be a semi-finalist for the SPFBO award.

Akhtar would later publish several more works of fiction in the series and has shown no signs of slowing down ever since. After achieving much success with his fantasy fiction novels, he tapped into his love for JRPGs and penned “Lightblade” in 2022.

While he had become an author in his own right, Zamir Akhtar studied business in college. He went to the University of Massachusetts for his BBA in Marketing and then to Johns Hopkins University where he got his International Relations master’s degree.
Still, Zamir has always been a huge lover of video games, fantasy, and science fiction novels. The fact that he despised the cold and used to spend much of his time indoors on his keyboard playing games, reading “A Song of Ice and Fire,” and watching “Game of Thrones” would influence his later career as an author.

In fact, it was not surprising that “Gunmetal Gods” his debut novel was described as “Arabian Nights” meets “Game of Thrones.”

As a person that was familiar with the fantasy stories in “A song of Ice and Fire” and the “Arabian Nights.”

He has said that he took the fantastical elements from the simurghs, djin, and general feel of the Arabian nights and combined them with the wars, politicking, and historicity of “Game of Thrones” to pen his novels.
He also finds inspiration for his novels from the historical period of the “Gunpowder Empires” in which the Mughal, Safavid, and Ottoman Empires dominated South Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe.

Zamir currently makes his home in Dubai where he lives with his wife and their pet rabbit. He tries to write every day no matter what as he believes writing is like a car battery that goes dead if you don’t use it making it very difficult to start the car.
As such, he unusually writes as soon as he has had his first cup of coffee. He usually writes at least 2500 words a day but sometimes he has been known to go as high as 7000.

When Zamir Akhtar is not dreaming up fantastical and dark journeys for his novels, he loves binging on fantasy and science fiction novels, playing video games, watching HBO dramas and horror movies, traveling to exotic locations across the globe, and sometimes arguing endlessly about international relations on Reddit.

His favorite reading genre has to be cosmic horroR and in fact, he has been inspired by the likes of Stephen King, Jinjo Ito, and HP Lovecraft in the writing of his novels.

“Gunmetal Gods” by Zamir Akhtar tells the story of a man named Kevah was a hero that performed the impossible. His legend was born when he killed a magus but a decade later, he is old and does not like anything to do with warfare until it comes to his doorstep.
Meanwhile, a man named Micah has been on a quest to spread his faith by conquest. He has managed to conquer a lot of territories and now intends to take Keva’s home city of Kostany.

He is determined to do everything in his power to achieve his dreams of conquest for the faith. According to Micah, the people of Kostany have taken his daughter and he will get his revenge by conquering their city and kingdom.

He is coming against the kingdom alongside fifty thousand paladins with some powerful guns. They believe they have received baptism in angel blood and are thirsty to take out sinful unbelievers.

The only people who can stand against the army are the janissaries. However, the leader is the legend Kevah who has long since retired and prefers to spend his days writing poetry and smoking hashish.

If the janissaries are to save the kingdom, Kevah will need to become the legend he once was by conquering his grief. However, he will be coming up against one of his most formidable adversaries yet. Micah his foe believes in righteous conquest and just like him writes his legend in blood.

It makes for an epic page turned full of surprises, intense political intrigue, and amazing battles at every turn.

Zamil Akhtar’s novel “Conqueror’s Blood” is the follow-up to the first novel in the “Gunmetal Gods” series. The work is told from alternating perspectives of Cyra and Zedra two women at the center of happenings that are sure to change their kingdom forever.
Cyra and Zedra are friends that are connected to the Alanya throne. Zedra is a very influential and powerful woman that can bend events to her will but Cyra is stronger, even though she does not know it.

The decision these two women will take will decide not only their own fates but also those of their loved ones. It will also have a huge impact on their home kingdom, in addition to deciding the fate of all humanity.

While it is not necessary to have read the debut work of the series to enjoy this novel, having read it provides a deeper appreciation of the events in this work.

It makes for a hugely enjoyable read in a world that feels alive and complete, full of in-depth characterization, with terrifying and magnificent creatures and tons of political intrigue and action that will keep readers engrossed from the first page to the last.

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