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A Song to Take the World Apart (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Grace and the Fever (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Look (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

The American writer and novelist Zan Romanoff is a leading author writing from a feminist perspective on a variety of different contemporary issues. Writing Young Adult titles mainly, she is a strong voice for young women, as she writes about teenagers in way that is very real and accessible, both at the same time. With a whole range of subjects that she focuses on, she keeps her material grounded at all times, making it resonate with her audience far more creatively and effectively.

Early and Personal Life

Always holding a keen affinity for the written word, the future author to be Zan Romanoff would always be found with her head in a book. Born in 1987, she was born and raised in the city of Los Angeles, America, where she grew up with a passion for both reading and writing. Nurturing this love from an early age, she would come to harness her skills as a writer over the following years to come.

Continuing this passion throughout her education, she would largely focus on subjects that were of interest to her. These included such topics as television, food and books, including a strong love of pop-culture, something which would come to heavily define her work. Over the years she kept at writing, constantly developing her ideas, strengthening them along with her own opinions and voice.

Later working and gaining experience, she would continually harness her skills as a writer, as she drew in inspiration from the world around her. Constantly feeding ideas back into her work, she would use these experiences to shape her ideas and her material. Writing for online publications such as BuzzFeed prior to becoming a full-time author herself, she would already have created a brand long before she started.

Still writing regularly to this very day, she continues to maintain a strong presence both online as well as off. This includes outlets such as BuzzFeed and on Twitter, as she still lives in Los Angeles where she puts out work on a regular basis. Not showing signs of stopping any time soon either, there’s a lot more to come from her as an author yet, as her writing career continues to grow.

Writing Career

Creating her first book in 2016, Zan Romanoff made her grand debut on to the literary circuit with the title ‘A Song to Take the World Apart’. With elements of fantasy, it would feature a young teenage siren, as it would tell of very real contemporary modern issues. Later following this up with ‘Grace and the Fever’, she would write another book just over a year later, capitalizing on the success of the first to great effect.

Not writing any series as such, Romanoff prefers to focus on stand-alone stories that are self contained and complete in their approach. This allows her to make bold statements through her work, something which she has become famous for, as she has an extremely distinctive outlook on the world. Saying something that is important to her, she uses themes and ideas to back her otherworldly themes and concepts.

Relating the growing pangs of adolescence in a relatable way, she would take imaginative concepts and juxtapose them with adolescence. This would, therefore, create a compelling and engaging narrative that allowed the reader to be drawn into the story and the characters. Speaking to readers directly, she was able to give them what they wanted, whilst also remaining true to herself and her own ideals.

Working at publications such as BuzzFeed for some time she gained a first-hand experience of interacting with a young audience. This would also allow her to tailor her material based on the feedback that she got there, creating a far more effective style. It would also enable her to expand her brand, creating a name for herself in the process, whilst also building a strong reputation.

Continuing to write regularly, she has far more to come as an author yet, as she continues to achieve a level of fame and popularity unlike any other. This has lead to many all over the world flocking to her work, all thanks to its timeless quality, as well as its universal appeal. With her writing career growing from strength-to-strength, she has a lot more room to grow, something that shall carry on into the foreseeable future.

A Song to Take the World Apart

Brought out through the ‘Knopf Books for Young Readers’ publishing label, this was to be the debut novel from Zan Romanoff. Not a part of any series, it’s a stand-alone title as it tells the story of adolescence, with elements of magical realism in there too. Initially released on the 13th of September in 2016, this would pave the way for an exciting and impressive new writing talent.

Lorelei is faced with difficulty as she has been told she is never allowed to sing under any circumstances by her grandmother. Gifted with a talent that’s been passed down she can make anyone fall in love with her just by singing to them, meaning that all forms of music have been banned from her household. Being friends with Chris she hopes to regain some normalcy in life, as he plays in a band and potentially teach her about music. How will being a siren affect those around her though?

Grace and the Fever

Released through the ‘Knopf Books for Young Readers’ publishing label once more, this would provide another story from Zan Romanoff. First published in 2017 on the 16th of May, it saw her develop her style and tone even more than she’d done previously. Telling another story of growing up, it once again capture the pangs of adolescence, whilst heightening them with a slight sense of magical realism in order the highlight certain issues.

Telling the story of a young girl named Grace, she is facing her high-school graduation whilst still being the fan of the band ‘Fever Dream’. With everyone else having apparently moved on long ago, she still secretly frequents online communities, enamoured with these teenage idols. That’s when she gets to meet band member Jes, along with a subsequent romance, as she’s thrown into a murky world of stardom and celebrity where nothing is as it seems. Will she overcome her obsession? Where will her romance end? What will become of Grace and the Fever?

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