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Publication Order of The Misadventures of a Drunk in Paradise Books

Drunk on a Plane (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Drunk on a Boat (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Drunk Driving (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Drunk on the Job (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Meet the Drunks (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Drunk Overboard (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Drunk in Recovery (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Zane Mitchell is a retired newspaper columnist and the author of Misadventures of a Drunk in Paradise series. Now married, Zane splits time between the Caribbeans and the Midwest.

Zane was raised on a sheep farm in the Midwest. She was the only child and was raised immersed in the adventures of Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and the Dukes of Hazzard. Her father was a fresh-water fish biologist and dedicated his work to the Missouri River. On the other hand, her mother transitioned from a teaching career to becoming the principal of the local school. Zane’s grandparents played a significant role in their upbringing, with the grandfather owning a Case IH dealership, mirroring the character of Al in the “Drunk in Paradise” series.

Zane was married twice. The first marriage, though considered a mistake, resulted in four children. The second marriage added two stepchildren to the family. Prior to switching to fulltime writing career, Zane’s journey included a stint as a newspaper columnist and a brief period in journalism school, which was not completed.

A return to academia saw her graduate with a teaching degree, although it was soon discovered that teaching was not the best fit, as staying disciplined proved to be a challenge. Zane lives in the Midwest with the love of their life, life revolves around managing a household of teenagers and young adults, enjoying superhero movies and Dateline, and passionately supporting the Kansas City Chiefs. Annual trips to the Caribbean offer both relaxation and a tax deduction. Writing now fulfills a lifelong dream.

Drunk on a Plane is the first novel in Misadventures of a Drunk in Paradise series. This series is a thrilling mix of adventure, mystery, and humor. It’s not only fun and exciting but also well-crafted, with a story that moves smoothly and is full of unexpected twists. The author does an excellent job creating characters that feel real and engaging. The protagonist is a witty and appealing ex-police officer who moved to a Caribbean Island after a dramatic end to his engagement. Despite trying to move on, Danny seems to find himself in the middle of trouble, often involving beautiful women who need his detective skills.

Danny is surrounded by a memorable and charming group of friends, including: Al, his 87-year-old best friend, who is just as lively as anyone younger. Frankie, a local police officer on the island. There’s a hint of romance between her and Danny, adding another layer to the story. Artie, the always sweaty owner of the resort where Danny oversees security.

The series debut novel title might make you expect a wild ride of partying, but it’s not quite like that. The main character’s last name is Drunk, but that doesn’t mean he’s always in a drunken state.

Daniel Terrence Drunk is a police officer whose wedding plans are shattered when he discovers his fiancée cheating with a friend just before their big day. Feeling betrayed and angry, Drunk embarks on what was supposed to be their honeymoon solo. Trouble starts before he even lands, entangling him in a murder mystery where he’s the prime suspect. Now, Drunk must track down the true criminal to clear his name.

Drunk is a compelling character with an equally interesting supporting cast, like his friend Al. There’s a notable dynamic and tension between him and Natasha, his adversary who’s not afraid to throw a punch. The story is packed with believable twists, action, and suspense. Drunk is consistently underestimated but remains within the realm of what’s humanly possible.

The narrative is engaging, presenting a protagonist who embodies the phrase “a stray bullet” in Spanish. This means he’s unpredictable and not expected to achieve much. True to his name, Drunk loves to indulge in drinking, partying, and living freely, which sums up his life in a nutshell.

The second book in Danny Drunk’s series keeps the humor coming as Danny stumbles from one misadventure to another. This time, kidnappers have taken his unfaithful ex-fiancée. At first, Danny thinks about leaving her to her fate, but his better side prevails, and he ends up planning a rescue mission. It is an indicator that he’s starting to mature, at least a little.

Danny Drunk might just be the most fitting name in literature. He’s a charming yet irresponsible man who loves a good party, now living on an island aptly named Paradise. His wild lifestyle is his way of coping with a broken heart, thanks to his former fiancée, Pam, who betrayed him right before their wedding.

Pam’s unexpected arrival in Paradise triggers a series of events that are both hilariously sad and mysterious, leading Danny to some personal revelations. This rollercoaster story takes the reader through a maze of emotions, mystery, introspection, and plenty of laughter.

Zane Mitchell brings to life a cast of unique and compelling characters who share Paradise with Danny. For those who appreciate a story filled with action, humor, quirky characters, and yes, a bit of drunken chaos, this book is a perfect pick.
Drunk on the Job is the fourth novel in Misadventures of a Drunk in Paradise series. After several freelance adventures Drunk has settled into a more stable job as the head of security at the Paradise Isle resort, which he now calls home. This change might mean his adventures are less widespread, but they haven’t lost any of their excitement or humor. Danny is as wild and colorful as ever, this time getting involved in playful battles with a neighboring resort owner and trying to ensure his own boss’s wedding goes smoothly, despite the bride’s dubious reputation.

These tasks might keep Danny closer to home, but they’re filled with the typical troubles and chaos that seem to follow him. The events he gets wrapped up in are as wild as you’d expect. In addition, the island is bustling with new, vibrant characters that are as lively as Danny himself. Amid the serene beauty of the island, Danny finds himself at the center of attention, called upon to fix everyone’s problems once again. This latest story in the series shows a more refined writing style, which signals a growth in the series and its characters. Danny Drunk’s adventures continue to stand out as some of the best in tropical-themed fiction, offering readers an engaging, humorous escape into his larger-than-life world.

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