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Worth the Risk (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pleasure Payback (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Every Fantasy (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Driving Him Wild (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Enemies with Benefits (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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An enigmatic writer of highly erotically charged romantic fiction, Zara Cox is an author who has been writing for a number of years now. With her scintillating tales of love, passion and seduction, she is an electrifying writer of stories that draw the reader in to their deeply romantic worlds. Reaching a worldwide audience as well, she has managed to appeal to readers from all across the globe, with her universal themes and the many events she has hosted.

Early and Personal Life

Writing since she was just thirteen years of age, Zara Cox has always had a passion for creating and producing fiction. This was something that she would keep to herself, as she worked and built upon her love for the written word throughout the years. Taking in inspiration from the world around her, she would be constantly found with her head in a book, always taking the time to progress her and her craft.

Her education was also strongly motivated by her love of English, as she would continue to work on her own writing in her free-time. This continual fascination of hers would pay-off in the following years to come, as she would finally show her work to others. Impressed by her efforts, she would finally be published, making a name for herself and amassing a large following of fans worldwide.

Working as well, she would constantly be interested in writing, nurturing and harnessing her talent over the many years to follow. Always looking and searching for new ideas and themes to write about, she would take it all and put it back into her work. Providing escapism for both her and her readers, she would allow them to take a journey with her into otherwise unseen lifestyles.

Still putting out work and novels to this very day, she has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. Maintaining a strong presence both online and off, she is able to craft unique and exciting narratives that bring her readers in, exciting and tantalizing them in the process. This won’t be stopping any time soon either, as she has already made plans to continue on into the future indefinitely.

Writing Career

It was in 2013 that she released her first novel called ‘Wreckless’, which was a stand-alone title, not being a part of any series as such. Establishing her as a name and one to definitely watch, it would propel her into the spotlight of the literary community at large. Giving her a head-start on her series to follow as well, it would prove to be a profitable and exciting first venture for her as an author.

Bringing out a number of series, she would release such franchises as ‘Dark Desires’ and the ‘Indigo Lounge’ series. It is perhaps her Indigo Lounge series for which she is best known though, as it really manages to capture a real sense of the erotic and sensual lifestyle. Each title telling a story of its own, it really brings the world to life, enveloping the reader in its dark and seductive prose.

The ideas and themes of the stories themselves are also well realised, as they loosely connect the series themselves. Knowing the craft well, Zara Cox is clearly in her element at this stage in her career, as she has managed to build a variety of novels through her idiosyncratic formula. This has also translated onto the global stage well, as it would appear that these themes are universal for scores of readers worldwide.

Creating events, she has built her own publicity with the community, along with that of her fellow writers. Setting up competitions online as well, she has managed giveaways and promotions of her new books, thus building a solid relationship with her fans. Over this time this has progressed, creating a more stable and firmly grounded career, one which her many readers have also come to appreciate.

Her work is well respected by both her many peers and contemporaries alike, as she maintains a strong presence both online and off. A strong advocate for her own craft, she has been able to ground herself firmly whilst also promoting her books to a wider audience. With a lot more to come she shall continue on into the foreseeable future, as her writing career grows from strength-to-strength.


A stand-alone title from the writer Zara Cox, this was originally brought out and marketed by the author herself. Releasing it on the 22nd of May, it was first released in 2013 to much acclaim, as it progresses in much the same vein as that of her other novels. Developing her style and her tone, it manages to create an erotic tension for the reader, slowly bringing them in with its seductive language and style of prose.

When Lexi Mayfield first met Enzo Saldana she knew that she was already well and truly his on the first look that he gave. Dancing together they find themselves craving one another, but obstacles get in their way despite her being a pure vision of beauty. With a lovelorn past, Enzo finds himself also craving redemption from his past, along with freeing himself from the woman that broke his heart. Will they ever get to be truly free from their past? Can they ever become an item? How are they going to become so wreckless?


The third title in the ongoing ‘Indigo Lounge’ series, this follows in much the same tradition as before, providing readers with more of what they want. Initially arriving on the 17th of June, this was first brought out in 2014 to an already eagerly awaiting audience of both readers and fans. Released through the Amazon platform, it would see itself being consumed my by scores of readers worldwide, as it develops the series and the brand.

The venture capitalist Noah King is sinfully sexy and attractive, something which brings him into the world of the ‘Indigo Lounge’. He holds a dark past with a variety of cravings, all of which bring into this darkened and shadowy other-world of passion and desire. It is here that he meets Leia Michaels, as the two of them come together aboard the Indigo Lounge, both with their own secrets and desire. What secrets do they hold? Can they both overcome them? Will they find themselves both further down the spiral?

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