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Fake Plastic Girl (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fake Plastic World (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Baby's First Apocalypse (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Zara Lisbon is a published American author that specializes in fictional novels and poetry.

Lisbon was born in a place known as the West Village. She grew up in the Venice Beach area. Today she dreams that she will one day have an apartment in London that sees over Hyde Park.

The author likes Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift and even loves Lana’s performance on Saturday Night Live. She also enjoys abstract impressionism, air conditioning, winter wonderlands that are artificial. and listening to an owl hooting outside of her window as she falls asleep.

Her articles have been published in a variety of places, from The Observer to Hitflix and Hello Giggles. She has also had short fiction be featured in places such as Able Muse, Cheap Pop, FOURTH Magazine, Attic Salt, and La Miscellany. She attended the Vermont College of Fine Arts, where she graduated with an MFA in the field of creative writing.

Her first novel to come out is titled Fake Plastic Girl. It was released in 2019. The sequel is titled Fake Plastic World and came out in 2020.

Fake Plastic Girl is the first novel in the Fake Plastic series by Zara Lisbon. This is a world where everything ordinary bumps its way up into the extraordinary. This includes parties filled with celebrities that go on long after the sun has gone down. Designer clothes everywhere paired with the flashing of cameras. On top of that, the canals of Venice Beach are the stunning site where a body is found.

Going back to the start, readers get to meet the main character of Justine Childs. She’s the same as every other young woman in her teens, but then one day something changes. A girl named Eva Kate Kelly who is a former child star moves in just across the street.

Eva Kate seems to have everything. She’s beautiful, knows the power of seduction, and has every intention of inviting Justine to come be a part of her unique world. They become friends fairly quickly. At the same time, the two have things that they aren’t sharing with the other.

Things start to heat up quickly, and in the middle of all of that chaos, someone is dead. Eva Kate is certainly not coming back to life, and as one of her closest friends, Justine is a likely suspect. Justine knows that she is innocent and wants to tell her side. Will she be found guilty for a crime that she says that she did not commit? Find out by picking up the first novel in the Fake Plastic series!

Fake Plastic World is the second novel in the Fake Plastic series by Zara Lisbon and the sequel to the first. Fame and all of its trappings combine with beauty and the allure of youth in this enticing second story of the series.

Fame is a fickle friend, but some people want to be famous more than anything. They want to be a household name. But when it comes to getting to that level of fame, just how bad do some people want it? What would they give up to get there?

Justine Childs is in the middle of her life being forever changed. She is the central suspect when it comes to Eva Kate Kelly’s murder. It only makes sense, since they were close friends. Eva Kate was the former child star that took Justine under her wing and into her world. This was all before she was found dead in a canal in Venice Beach.

Justine has since become a star on social media but that doesn’t mean that she is cleared of suspicion. The general public along with prosecutors have a strong desire to find out whether Justine was the person that murdered her best friend. One possible motive could be jealousy that her friend was such a big celebrity and she was just hovering in the orbit. But is that enough for a teen girl to kill someone?

The truth is out there, and it’s now up to local law enforcement to find it. Whether people are telling the truth themselves or not remains to be seen. Justine knows that she wanted to get famous, but she didn’t want her name to be out there quite in this way. It appears that when it comes to fame, not all press is good press.

Can Justine prove to the public and everyone that wants to know that she had nothing to do with this murder? Or will she be the one to take the fall regardless of innocence or guilt? Find out by picking up a copy of Fake Plastic World and reading to the end to find out!

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