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Zepphora is a romantic suspense novelist who is best known as the author of the “Bastards of Grove Hill” series of novels.

She published “Reckless,” her first novel and debut novel of the “Bastards of Grove Hill” series in 2021 and has never looked back since.
Zepphora has since penned at least half a dozen works of fiction including titles in the “Bound By Blood” and the “Twisted Love” series of novels.

“Reckless by Zepphora” is the thrilling romance story of Finnick O’Reilly and Francine.

Finnick had become her dark prince when he rescued her from being beaten by some bullies.

She now lives in the hope that he would one day come back but she was left heartbroken. But it does seem that he saved her to torment her just like he does everyone else in the small town.
He is feared in Grove Hill as he is a criminal and thug who belongs to the Bastards of Grove Hill. Francine is increasingly glad that she has managed to avoid attracting his attention since the day he saved her.
But then he sees her once again and is determined to make her his. She happens to be the only person who is not afraid of him and this seems to be something he loves about her.

Finnick is a manipulative, controlling, and possessive man that you do not want to fight but Francine wants to do just that.

Nonetheless, she falls into his trap and agrees to a bet that she should never have. She agrees to let him try to seduce and sleep with her in six months, or else he should leave her alone forever.
Francine is sure she would never sleep with a man she does not love but then Finnick is a different kettle of fish.

Zepphora’s novel “Careless” tells the story of Rian and Sorcha. The latter has been in love with him for years given that he is the best friend to her brother.

Rian is a member of the five families known as the Bastards of Grove Hill who for the most part sees her as the sister to his best friend and nothing more.

However, whenever they are together, they are flirty and are always whispering words and touching each other so it is no longer possible to deny that they have some intense chemistry.
What she never knew is that Rian has a possessive and dominant side to him and cannot stand when she is around other men but him. Recently, he has been giving off the touch her and I will mess you up vibes.
Rian is the typical handsome, dark, tall mysterious man who will do anything to protect the people he loves and cares for

On her part, Socha has a reputation for being a strong female character and is known for not being one to take anybody’s crap including Rian.

They certainly do have a scorching hot attraction which will always keep you on the edge of your seat from the first page to the last.
Overall it is a work full of possession, emotions, darkness, drama, angst, and some forbidden love and bullying moments..

It makes for a book full of space that comes with a twist and cliffhanger in the end.

In “Restless” by Zepphora we find out more about Francine and Finnick. We get to learn a lot about Fran’s family and how bad she can get when she needs to be.

Finnick has been her first prince who turned into her dark passenger and ultimately just a dark presence. Following their fallout, newer friendships had subsequently become stronger while old alliances had been renewed.
At some point, she was a good girl known as Francine but then she would become his Joker’s Harley Quinn. She now needs to figure out how to make it in the world once Joker leaves.

Finnick and Francine have an explosive relationship full of turns and twists alongside their friends such as Rian and Sorcha. Being a member of the Bastards of Grove Hill, Finnick once again showcases his protective nature over Francine.
Given the nature of the work he does, violence to protect his loved ones comes easy but sometimes this only serves to push away Fran. This protectiveness results in a lot of drama, and chaos as the author really spices it all up.
It is best described as a red chili pepper hot work with a large dose of dark romance and a touch of crazy psycho thrown in.

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