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Zile Elliven is a lesbian, gay, romance, and fantasy fiction author that is best known for the “Dreamwalker Chronicles” series of novels.
For the longest time, she always had stories in her head just like a song one cannot get away from. She published “Stillbringer” her debut novel in 2018 and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Her husband and kids have now adjusted to the fact that she is a chronic writer who will always be writing.

She is a proud member of the LGBTQ community and usually writes stories about the neurodiverse characters and tropes common in that demographic.
When she is not writing her novels, she can usually be found playing with her cats, baking, and binge-watching dramas on TV.

“Stillbringer” by Zile Elliven opens with Aeyli having escaped the prison she was kept in, when she learns that her family had been planning to kill her.
She stays ahead of her would-be killers until a stroke of bad luck leaves her defenseless, alone, and with very few options. She is staring death right in the face and things only get worse when she lands on a dangerous battlefield.

Will she have the bravery and boldness to make allies of the monsters she finds there or is she doomed to never learn that she has powers beyond the imagination?

On her trail is Agent Fourteen whose only thought is on the current mission given to him by The Company. But then there is a momentary break in his conditioning and suddenly he is yearning for freedom. He does not want to be a mindless puppet anymore.

Zile Elliven’s novel “Soulcleaver” sees Marshall’s past come back, which severely tests Aeyli’s alliance with Fire. She finds her new family under threat of crumbling if she does not do something fast.

It is a story that showcases Elliven’s talent for writing a compelling narrative. Juggling three third-person perspective narrators she still manages to give each of them its own texture ad tone.

There are some nervy moments as it seems that Aeyli’s newfound family life is about to completely crumble but she manages to save it.
It is a great slow-burn reverse harem novel that will leave its readers confused about what is scape and what is real.

“Sleepwalker” by Zile Elliven is a beautiful story that opens at a time when Aeyli has finally managed to get everything she ever desired. She has finally managed to harness her previously wild magic and now has a family and reputable name.

Fourteen has broken free from the clutches of the company but she cannot be so ecstatic as nobody knows where he is. Moreover, The Company still remains strong and may still come after Aeyli and her alliance with Fire.

They are still waiting to hear from Fourteen but as they do, the Guard is preparing to charge them with engaging in illegal magic. There has also been a very weird tension between Jack, Marshall, and Aeyli that just will not let up.

How is she supposed to rack down and bring an end to the leader of The Company given all the distractions she have to deal with?

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