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The Zoe Chambers Mystery series is a wonderful series of mystery, fiction, thriller, suspense, and cozy mystery stories. It is written by a Pennsylvania-based USA Today bestselling writer named Annette Dashofy. This series is comprised of a total of 10 books released between 2014 and 2020. Every novel of the series features the chief protagonist in the role of Zoe Chambers, who is depicted as a deputy coroner and paramedic. Annette has set the stories in the Vance Township of rural Pennsylvania, which is a very tight-knit township. Other essential characters created by the author for this series include Pete Adams, Horace Pavelka, and several others. The novels show that Zoe Chambers has come to gain knowledge of numerous local secrets, some of which are her own, over the years.

The secrets take an explosive form with the discovery of a dead body in the abandoned car of the President of the Township Board. As the shocking news spread across the township, Zoe Chambers joins Pete Adams, the police chief, to launch a hunt in search of the killer. They take this desperate step without worrying about uncovering all those secrets that could destroy both of them as well as their near and dear ones. All the books in this series have succeeded in reaching far and wide places and entertaining readers with excellent stories. The books have achieved immense popularity across the globe and have helped author Annette Dashofy in establishing herself in the ranks of the prominent authors of mystery stories of this generation.

An exciting novel of the Zoe Chambers Mysteries book series written by Annette Dashofy is entitled ‘Lost Legacy’. It was released by the Henery Press publication in 2014. The book opens by depicted a sultry afternoon in summer when Zoe Chambers gets a call for paramedic help. As she rushes to the location said to her on the phone, she finds the dead body of a farmer hanging from his hay barn’s rafters. Initially, the case appears to be that of a suicide. But, it soon turns into suspicions of murder when Zoe Chambers finds a connection of the victim to a couple of murders that happened 45 years ago. Zoe tries to take out information from her stepfather and mother about the two murders, but all her attempts go in vain. And as she realizes being deceived, Zoe Chambers begins to question everything that she knew about her deceased father. She was told that he died in a car accident when she was just 8 years old. Now, Zoe wonders if something has been kept hidden from her all these years about her father’s death.

When Police Chief Pete Adams learns about Zoe’s investigation, he fears that she is treading on dangerous waters. He worries about her emotional health, thinking that she might end up finding more reasons for heartbreak. Also, the situation that she is in at the moment is not at all safe for her and her parents. Pete Adams joins her side just to keep her safe and away from all harm. Together, they investigate the death of Zoe’s father and come up with striking evidence that could unravel the truth. The two come up with the information of a missing gun that links the crimes that took place in a span of over 4 decades. Later, they come to know that the killer has murdered two more innocent victims with the same gun. Zoe Chambers realizes she has indulged so deep into this case that it has put her family in the crosshairs of a dangerous killer. She is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her family safe and bring the culprit to justice. But first, she is required to hunt him down with the assistance of Pete Adams.

Another mind-blowing book of the series is called ‘Cry Wolf’. It was also published by Henery Press in 2018. This novel opens by showing that the police chief of Vance Township in rural Pennsylvania is short by one officer. He is also forced to deal with extra shifts and a couple of quarreling neighbors. One among them carries a machete all the time and doesn’t think twice before using it. When Pete Adams learns that a murder has taken place in the Golden Oaks Assisted Living, he does not pay any heed to it as it does not fall under his jurisdiction. But, the old-age home is the same place where his Alzheimer’s suffering father is living and who likes to call it is home. This makes the case quite personal to Pete.

Zoe Chambers has been trying very hard for a long time to get a case in which she would be leading the death investigation. Such an opportunity comes her way when the chief coroner gets hospitalized and orders her to lead the homicide case in Golden Oaks. Zoe is also given the charge of the office of the county coroner. When Zoe learns about the sudden changes in her workload, she thinks that she already has enough in her hands to worry about. Maybe it is not the right time for her to take charge of the coroner’s office along with its pile of cases. Soon after, Zoe’s long-lost, over-protective brother knocks at her door and warns her to stay away from her lover, Pete Adams. Zoe takes the threat seriously, knowing that her brother is quite hot-headed. Shortly after, another victim’s body is found, which makes Zoe Chambers think that the case might have some dark links to the past. She does not have much time left and needs to unravel the mystery or else Pete Adams might end up paying the ultimate cost.

Annette Dashofy is a bestselling American novelist of thriller, mystery, and suspense novels. She is particularly famous for writing the mystery series featuring Zoe Chambers as the main lead. Annette hails from rural Pennsylvania and has spent all her life living there. She loves being surrounded by horses and cattle. Her love for the place enabled her to set all her books there. Annette Dashofy likes to keep herself busy with her writing work. She keeps thinking about stories and characters all the time.

Whenever she goes through a writer’s block, she decides to visit her family’s farm to get inspiration and undergo a change of mood. And when Annette doesn’t roam around or play on the farm, she can be found sitting with a book of her favorite author and reading it. She always looks up to her favorite writers for inspiration and influence. Following her high school education, Annette spent 5 years working as an EMT. At that time, she used to roam around in a local ambulance and deal with car accidents, drunkards, mangled bodies, etc. Today, she is happily married and resides with her loving husband on the property of her grandparents.

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